lawrence & leigh


Forthcoming movies to get excited about in 2017.


With a loud click and an even louder buzzing sound, the very bright fluorescent lights come to life, lighting up in rows, starting from Lawrence’s end and moving towards Adam. As they come on, Adam is nearly blinded by the sudden change from pitch black to bright white and squints in pain, holding up his arms to cover his face. // THE SAW SCRIPT //


Written, recorded, and produced by my good friend Andrew Kalleen.

You might be familiar with his name from the video of him performing within a New York subway station, and being wrongfully arrested by a police officer, even though Andrew had the right to be there.

He’s a very artistic soul, and I’ll be sharing alot of his material, as me and Andrew have just got in contact with each other. Look out for more, please spread this around as much as you can! It’s phenomenal.