I did a doodle stream last night and ended up drawing characters from an AU comic I make with Zack. This was the first time I’ve ever colored these characters, and I’m pretty happy with how they came out!

In order this is Lawrence, Kennedy, and Fishburne!

Lawrence and Fishburne are robots, and Kennedy is the head mechanic at the company they all work for. Lawrence is a big pain in the ass, Kennedy’s a hot head, and Fishburne is chill all the time.

I love them all very much :’0

Dude Soup 31: Alcohol @ Dude Soup Live
  • Adam:I was surprised how much fun I had without alcohol in my body. That was a first
  • James:You guys have problems
  • Adam:I know, the problems is I dont have alcohol in my blood right now
  • Lawrence:Listen I wouldn't have gotten /drunk/. Believe me I can anymore
  • Bruce:We need an intervention
  • James:Have I told you guys about the high you get from praying? Because Heaven is the higher than any drug

Castle by Halsey x Mockingjay | ignited-everdeen