OG Eddie Guerrero

I used to be
the kid in the back who didn’t usually
talk too much, they never got through to me;
Labelled an introvert, I found it wouldn’t work
and I was only silent because the language was new to me.

I used to be
the florist round these parts, I had gold pieces of jewellery,
an English degree in progress and they just called it coonery.
Alright, it’s fine- while you cultivate the goon in me
the Beckies lust and fetish but each snowflake is loose to me.

If I’m a bigot now I guess it’s just the goose in me
that loosens tongues and lips to make a man honest
in his wedding tux and Louboutins standing on the Onyx
altar, proclaiming ‘I do’ from out the closet.

I used to be
doting endlessly for my bride to be,
wrapped in white lace toasting ’you, me and Hennessy’.
A splash and stain, though I’d been sipping carefully,
my baby caught me slipping in that sloppy infidelity.

I used to be
cuffed to my lady friend,
a rock encrusted left hand, I hoped that it would never end.
Now she gets that alimony, now she’s got to pretend
she never felt a lick and she will until the money’s spent.

I used to be the kid who wouldn’t, usually,
but lying, cheating and stealing is how Eddie tutored me.