I can finally get to post this!

Meet Lawrence! My dear werewoof son.

Despite his serene, classy appearance, he’s got the personality of an angsty teenage boy. Seemingly hard edged but sweeter than might be expected. He’s a sassy, occasionally flirty, hot headed, fine gentleman with a soft filling.

He carries his werewolf powers with a bit of pride but is also cautious about it. His temper and his powers are not always a good mix, since it may lead to a bad case of frenzy and might turn anyone into his next meal, or perhaps just as a chewing toy. Reason why a couple of his past relationships didn’t really work out. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

Lawrence is bisexual and currently single. Though refuses to start a new relationship for obvious reasons. He’s ok about it. Ah yes, he seems to be 24 but actually he’s much older than that. Lawrence is not exactly immortal, his powers simply force him to age slowly. Veeery slowly.

He prefers to be called Lawrence rather than Lorenzo. He feels it gives more seriousness into his personality. He’s capable of speech while transformed, but just to a limited extent. He cannot form full sentences, sort of a caveman type of speech.

And that’s about it, for now, that you may know about this loveable guy.