Yee, got my box of Mary Kay from Paige today! It made a pit stop with theassassinnox first (thanks again, so much, for being my go-between!), to get around the fact that Mary Kay doesn’t ship outside the US. And then it made its way alllll the way to Denmark!

The box itself is just the cutest thing! I wish all boxes had sweet messages inside the lid!

I wanted in on the Satin Hands craze, and decided to go with the peachy one, because I’m a sucker for nicely scented things (and this stuff really does smell yummy!). I’ve always just bought really cheap hand cream, and I decided now would be a good time to start pampering myself a little. My hands are one of the few parts of my body I actually like, so dangit, I wanna take care of them! And $10 really isn’t that much more than what I paid for the not-half-as-nice cream I’ve been using!

…And then while I was at it I decided to grab an eyebrow pencil. I’ve been dying my hair various shades of red for years, and I’m naturally brunette, so my eyebrows totally don’t match my hair. For many years I didn’t bother doing anything about it, then I started using eyeshadow on them, because I could never seem to find the right colour brow pencil in shops. But MK had one in “soft auburn”! Bottom picture shows what a difference it makes :) (I apologize about the gross leftover eyeliner from yesterday! :P)

Also, it seems to have become a tradition to take a picture of your stuff with your pet, but I currently have none, so… Have some dinosaurs in stead!
(I’m also totally wearing a Doctor Who shirt in your honour, Paige, but you can’t tell in the picture! xD)


Here you go Paige! One of my best songs, I hope you like it!


Just got my Mary Kay order from the lovely Paige Law. It actually came in on Friday, but I had to wait until today because it had to ship to my grandmother’s house (I have a PO Box). I got the TimeWise Miracle Set, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! My face felt sooo much better after just one use! A bunch of neat samples also came with my order, including some Satin Hands lotion. That stuff is amazing too, and they have the approval of my cat, Teddy.

tl;dr: One satisfied customer!