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This Week, Self-Care

Today was a good day. Had fun playing with the kiddos, enjoyed a bunch of outside time, danced around the house to music; and thanks to a combination of beautiful weather, a little one willing to nap, and of course coffee, I was able to get a bunch of stuff done. Finally getting caught up on laundry, got the lawn mowed, got a repair project done, and a few other things. Between today’s efforts and some solid cleaning and organizational work the last two evenings, I’m finally getting a little ahead on my to-do list. Awesome.

The one major “to-do” that hasn’t gotten done: taking time for me.

Earlier this week that took its toll. The little one had a couple of bad nights of sleep and between lack of rest, other things piling up, and not taking the time to do anything for myself…I hit a wall. Exhausted and crying in bed at 3:30am is no fun. Oof. Navyy gave me a good check on that and reminded me that I needed to both get back on a plan for sleep-training with Squishy and more importantly that I needed to be better to me. It’s advice I often give to others, and am notoriously bad at following myself.

The latter half of the week was easier (on the sleep front and otherwise), and I’m feeling better in general. But I didn’t make the time for that much needed self-care. But, the kids are down this evening, I’ve got the house pretty much to myself, and I’m planning on just doing some things to take care of me.

In any case, if you (like me) haven’t been taking the time for yourself lately consider this a reminder to make you a priority. You deserve it.

The Marble Machine

((Not a prompt, just something I felt like writing based off of this video. (Y/F/N) stand for Your Full Name. This also takes place in the GTA!AU. -Mod Kim))

The Marble Machine

Michael Jones only took one day off of work every year. He never requested time off for if he was sick or injured or extra vacation days. Every year he would request a single day off and every year Geoff said yes without thinking much of it. But after five years of Michael being in Geoff’s crew and asking for the same day off every year Geoff is bound to get curious so when Michael came up to Geoff with the customary “time-off” form filled out, Geoff asked about it.

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