lawn mower races

StevePop HC\\

🌺They make up their own games in road trips
🌺Have Lowkey insults for socs and rude customers at the DX
🌺Stupid nicknames like “peanut”

🌺 steve cannot stop looking at soda’s abs??? he just can’t???

🌺Steve sometimes spits in sodas drink
🌺Steve backwashes
🌺Sharing is caring. Unless it’s really good
🌺Wet Willies when one is almost alsleep
🌺blindfolded games. Where they have to guess whatever what is
🌺Soda slaps steves ass to make him mad tbh
🌺platonic cuddles or aggressive wrestling. Nothing in the middle
🌺Steve gives random piggy backs
🌺platonic pet names
🌺Petty Competitions
🌺soda has filled steves water bottle with toilet water
🌺Soda once got a hot chili candy in his nose with Steve. And Darry made him wait til it melted out
🌺Steve once tased Sodas butt
🌺pour grease on each other
🌺Soda did the thing where you put his hand in water and steve peed the bed
🌺Secrets. Many.
🌺they tell each other EVERYTHING
🌺once rolled bowling balls down the street and broke someone’s head light
🌺Steve and Sodas worse fight was over food
🌺Soda is the reason Steves teeth are messed up
🌺lawn mower races
🌺They once got stuck on the roof of the tallest building in Tulsa.
🌺Once. Steve accidentally pushed Soda into barbed wire so if you see a scar on his butt. That’s why
🌺they go to mcdonalds to make a scene
🌺soda threw a sandwhich out steves truck once and it hit the windshield
🌺they go night walking a lot
🌺Soda gave Steve his first blade
🌺They do the thing where if they see a snake they whip it and the head pops off
🌺once Steve almost died from the cinnamon challenge
🌺the banana and sprite killed them.
🌺One Steve and Soda were walking in the woods and holding each other’s hands platonically and Steve tripped in mud and brought soda with him
🌺once they played the ouija board and talked to Sodas parents.
🌺Soda bawled the most since the accident that night
🌺Soda has nightmares about his parents but don’t tell anyone except Steve
🌺They do every challenge ever
🌺and honestly never do too bad
🌺Steve and Soda has left a condom filled with lotion (to look like nut) in the DX bathroom

(All of us did this)

The Prince and Me AU~
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a fashion student studying abroad in the United States. The son of France’s top fashion icon, Adrien Agreste, heir to the multi-billion dollar company Gabriel, regularly shirks his duties by acting recklessly.
  • Adrien announces his intentions to attend college in America. While his father do not want him to go, Adrien tells him he will go with or without his consent, and that he does not want any help or money. Gabriel agrees, but dispatches Adrien’s assistant, Nino, to chaperone the trip to America.
  • When Adrien arrives at the university, he orders Nino keep his identity a secret, and to call him “Chat.”
  • At a bar, Chat sees Marinette, where he flirts with her. Marinette angrily drenches Chat with the drink hose.
  • To Marinette’s annoyance, she and Chat are also assigned as partners for one of her assignments.
  • Marinette is goaded by a friend, Alya, to invite him to her homestay for Thanksgiving. While there, Chat takes part in a lawn mower race. After the race, Chat and Marinette kiss.
  • Back at school, Chat and Marinette sneak off to the library stacks to make out. While there, the paparazzi ambush them. Once away from the mayhem, Marinette learns of Chat’s real identity as Adrien Agreste. Feeling betrayed and accusing him of lying, she leaves.
  • At the end of the day, Adrien is notified by his father’s secretary that Gabriel is very ill, prompting him to return. When Adrien returns to France, Marinette realizes that she’s in love with him, and goes to France to find him.
  • Upon her arrival, she gets recognized by Nino in the crowd and he takes her to the Agreste mansion.
  • Gabriel objects to Adrien’s choice to marry Marinette, but Adrien proposes anyway and Marinette accepts.
  • Marinette remembers her dream to continue studying fashion, so she tells Adrien that she does not want to sacrifice her dreams, and that she cannot marry him yet. She then returns to the US and graduates from college, and is accepted to the Elite Fashion Academy in LA.
  • Adrien, now CEO of his father’s company, arrives after the graduation, where he expresses that he wants to marry her and he is willing to wait until she completes school and achieves her dreams.

The full version of Kimi,MBrundleF1, johnnyherbertf1 & antdavidson racing lawn mowers