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“He [Dana Brunetti] threw me a birthday party in England that was on the scale of ridiculous. It began with me walking out of the dressing room of the Old Vic after a performance of The Iceman Cometh. While I’m signing autographs I look to the right, and there’s this stretch MINI Cooper waiting for me. There are only two in the world, and this was driven down from Scotland just to escort me to a helicopter. It flew me to the country, where we circled this ridiculously palatial estate. As we got closer, I could see many people standing on the lawn, holding up letters that spelled “Happy birthday.” When they flipped them, they said, “You wanking prat.” In America, that would be comparable to “Son of a bitch.” It was one of the greatest parties I have ever been to.”

“When will all this sexism stop?” said Tyrone, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “I mean, women go on and on about stuff like wage gaps and body shaming and sexualisation and rape and glass ceilings and all that, but really, who are the real victims of sexism today, eh? You tell me that.”

🌻 TIPS for sorority marketing online & in-person! 🌻

Q: I’m my chapter’s new marketing chair, so basically I’m in charge of social media and marketing our chapter to the rest of our school community, which is especially important for fall recruitment. It’s a new position in my chapter so I haven’t really had anyone really tell me what to do or how to do my job. Do you have any tips or advice? I also have a small budget to spend on Marketing and I’m not sure what to spend it on!

A: Marketing is becoming more and more popular with sorority chapters. For ease, break it down into two categories ~ electronic and in-person. Below are some examples of things to become involved in to promote your chapter to other greeks, your college community and PNMs. Some things don’t cost anything but time. I would spend the budget on promotional give-aways, tent & tabling equipment, displays, a quality banner, and other visual necessities.

 🌻  Chapter Marketing ONLINE: 🌻 

  • A chapter website updated annually. 
  • A page or listing on the Panhellenic Council/Greek Life portal on the University website.
  • Listing and information on the Panhellenic Council website.
  • Listing and information in the Recruitment Handbook.
  • Chapter Facebook page updated regularly.
  • Chapter Tumblr blog with creative photos of your sisterhood.
  • Chapter Instagram with occasional photos.
  • Chapter Twitter with membership & recruitment announcements.
  • Inclusion in any campus-wide websites or social media where you can reach non-greeks too. 
  • Submit photos and content to your National organization to be included on their social media and magazine.
  • Interact with your National facebook page. 
  • Make contact with local media, to get your sorority noticed in the community for your big fundraiser or gala event. 
  • Consider a electronic newsletter for your chapter through a site such as Constant Contact. 
  • Maintain several chapter email date bases for communicating with other chapters, members and PNMs.
  • Update your sorority graphics and social media images. Make an attractive Facebook cover photo, Tumbler icon and  "go greek" designs. Get creative! Browse the sorority sugar blog and Instagram for ideas.
  • Encourage your members to personally promote the chapter online, be guest bloggers, pin photos on Pinterest, post photos on Facebook and become individual social media ambassadors for the sorority. 

🌻  Chapter Marketing IN-PERSON: 🌻 

  • Host a display table at any/all Freshman Preview events. 
  • Hold open houses when other chapters do.
  • Be a part of Freshman Orientation. 
  • Volunteer to help with Move In Days (in your greek shirts).
  • Host a display table at Meet the Greeks.
  • Host a “give-away” table on campus several times a year where you give away donuts, popcorn, or cookies for positive PR.
  • Partner with the Dorms on spreading chapter information.
  • Advertise in the school newspaper, magazine and other campus publications. 
  • Join the Panhellenic Council in advertising in the Alumnae Magazine. 
  • Organize highly visible fundraisers that create buzz and get noticed. Include all students in raffles and contests. 
  • Volunteer for campus-wide events, serving as ushers or helpers in your greek apparel.
  • Hand out promotional materials like sorority pens, stickers, decals, buttons, magnets, plastic sunglasses, foam fingers, etc…
  • Wear sorority buttons for tailgating and game days.
  • Purchase a sorority tent with your chapter name printed on it for tabling events. 
  • Freshen your large lawn letters with new paint. Display them at every opportunity.
  • Update your chapter apparel and make sure everyone is maintaining sorority standards while in their greek letters. 
  • Attend sporting events and competitions in your chapter apparel. 
  • Wear your letters on campus every Wednesday.
  • Extend an open invitation to alumnae to participate in chapter activities and help spread the word about everything your sorority does. Enlist them to spread positive word of mouth. 
  • Make announcements on the campus radio or TV station. 
  • Partner with other greek chapters on fundraisers to elevate your profile. 
  • Hand out flyers and/or treats where female students congregate on your campus, or around campus. Don’t forget the favorite off-campus hang-out spots.
  • Hang banners and signs where your target audience will see them. 
  • Host bake sales, holiday sales and other small events throughout the year to keep your name visible. 
  • Get local sponsors for your next philanthropy fundraiser and include their logos on your event tee shirts and banners. Share the shirts with your community partners. 
  • Always have sorority promotional favors ready to hand out at every luncheon, event, or project. Give them to your charity partners as well. 
  • Have a presence at greek sporting events and fly your sorority flag proudly. 
  • Accept social invitations from other greeks and ATTEND, Keeping your social obligations and being involved in the greek community is very important for your chapter reputation. Isolation is not viewed favorably by other chapters. 
  • Support fraternity events and cheer them on.
  • Compete in greek week, greek sing, lip-sync, marathons, etc…
  • Establish a roster of member’s High Schools. Use the HS list to network with incoming freshman who might be qualified PNMs. Use your sister’s connections to their best advantage. Same goes for alumnae. 
  • Work with your members who are Campus Reps to hold trunk shows at your sorority house. Welcome all shoppers warmly. Invite non-greeks too. 
  • Partner with your local Lilly Pulitzer store (or other favorite dress shop) for a girl’s shopping event. Invite non-greeks and/or other sororities.
  • Capitalize on your philanthropy connections and the national marketing they can offer. Make sure your volunteering is publicized as well as your fundraising. Tap into any PR resources your charities have. 
  • Utilize your national headquarters’ publicity connections as well. Get your Advisor involved with your new marketing efforts.
  • Partner with your Panhellenic Council on some marketing efforts to save money. If all the chapters participate, everyone spends less.
  • Encourage individual members to represent the sorority when they are serving as campus tour guides, working in the book store, attending club meetings, singing in the choir, playing sports, cheerleading, serving in student government, competing in pageants and everything else they do outside the chapter. Each activity is a chance for positive chapter promotion. 

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my sorority bucket list!

Q: I’m a senior and will soon be graduating. I’m composing a bucket list type thing to give to my little. It is filled with things I think every sorority girl should do before she graduates. I was wondering what things would be on your sorority bucket list? ~ adriennemintz

A: the sorority sugar  • greek life bucket list: 

  • Attend a college with a large and active greek community.
  • Participate in a fun & fabulous formal recruitment filled with singing, chanting, skits, decorations and meeting lots of wonderful girls.
  • Receive a bid from one of my top pick sororities. Preferably my #1 choice. 
  • Experience the joy of a happy bid day complete with running to my favorite sister, bid day gifts, festivities and lots of celebrating.
  • Learn all I can about my chapter’s history and rituals. Figure out what the real meaning is behind the years of tradition. 
  • Fall in love with my sorority symbol, flower, mascot, jewel and crest. 
  • Overdose on sorority gear! All of it please. 
  • Attend as many mixers, socials and parties that I can. Preferably with lots of customs and fun themes. 
  • Run for chapter office and win! My choice: Recruitment Chair. 
  • Participate in a large scale philanthropy event and break all fundraising records. 
  • Run for Panhellenic Council office and win. Connect with other greeks on campus and promote greek life. 
  • Be matched with a terrific big and do fun things together. 
  • Be blessed with a fantastic little and spoil her to death. 
  • Live in the sorority house for at least one or two years and soak up all the benefits 24/7.
  • Enjoy being serenaded by a fraternity. 
  • Participate in at least one greek prank like stealing lawn letters, painting a rock, or kidnapping a mascot. 
  • Design a really popular sorority tee shirt that everyone loves. 
  • Be chosen as a fraternity sweetheart.
  • Participate in a large greek event like Greek Week, Derby Days, Watermelon Bust, or Thon. 
  • Paint a really amazing greek cooler for a fraternity formal.  
  • Craft the best paddles, plaques and picture frames. 
  • See my photo in the national sorority magazine. Cover girl?
  • Be recognized as a Sister of the Month and/or receive other awards from my chapter. 
  • Organize a new philanthropy event and have it become a ongoing tradition for the chapter. 
  • Order the fanciest badge available, money no object! 
  • Attend a classy greek formal with a dream guy, not just a fix-up date. 
  • Meet my future bridesmaids and have them in my future wedding.
  • Be lavaliered or engaged while in college and experience the candlelighting ceremony for it. 
  • Experience the most exciting big/little reveal possible. 
  • Perform in a creative rush skit that becomes the talk of recruitment. 
  • Plan and execute a memorable bid day theme that blows the other chapters away. 
  • Successfully recruit my rush crush and welcome her to the chapter. 
  • Make strong connections within the greek community, which help me later in my career and my personal life. 
  • Have a blast tailgating and enjoying gamedays with other greeks. Wear gameday dresses and sorority buttons. 
  • Run for homecoming Queen and win! 
  • Construct a winning sorority Homecoming float and participate in the parade. 
  • Enjoy a sisterhood retreat in a fabulous location. Disneyland would be nice, or a mountain top resort. 
  • Experience spring break with my sisters, but not the super trashy version. (I have my limits.) 
  • Spend time with my sisters just hanging out. The non-planned times can be some of the best. 
  • Actually learn and recite the greek alphabet without cheating and remember it in proper order. 
  • Design and paint awesome lawn letters. 
  • Design and paint a really cute bid day banner. 
  • Attend one national convention. 
  • Be an ambassador for my sorority on campus. By being a role model for greek life I can defeat the negative stereotypes. 
  • Vacation abroad with my favorite sisters.
  • Have a fraternity big/little brother and be their big/little sister. 
  • Create and staff a dramatic table display which attracts lots of PNMs via my design and expert salesmanship. 
  • Be a part of having my chapter being recognize for achievement by the college administration and/or greek life department.  
  • Take the long view. Stick with my chapter through thick and thin. Realize that my membership is for life and there are good things to come after a bad experience. 
  • Leave my chapter in a better place than I found it. 

That should take at least 4 years to complete!! As an alum, I am happy to say I achieved MANY of the things on my dream bucket list. Maybe not all, but enough to forever think fondly of my college sorority days and all the memories I made there. XOXO ;)

🎬 TOP sorority recruitment video features! 🎬

Promoting your sorority through an attractive video is a fantastic way to show the best of your sisterhood to PNMs. Get creative and include many of these elements in your chapter’s recruitment video!

🎬   14 Things to Include in a Chapter Recruitment Video: 🎬

  • Catchy music which emphasizes friendship, good times, or coming home is a must. 
  • Video footage of sisters having “everyday” fun, dancing and goofing around.
  • Still photograph slide-show of sorority events throughout the year ~ bid day, reveal, fundraisers, formals, volunteering, retreats, greek week, sports, etc… Use photos from your chapter Facebook page and share highlights of all the best events.
  • Interviews with sisters speaking about the chapter and their personal experiences. Sisters can talk briefly about why they love the sorority, what the chapter means to them, or why they joined the chapter. 
  • Graphics of key words such as loyalty, sisterhood, friendship and meaningful words from the sorority creed. 
  • Sorority logo, crest and/or greek letter graphics.
  • “Behind the scenes” shots of sisters painting bid day notifiers, hanging a banner, or tying balloons to the front of the sorority house. 
  • Sorority slogans, mottos, key phrases, and/or quotes graphics.
  • Shots of the interior and exterior of the sorority house. A view inside one of the bedrooms is also nice. Sisters posing in front of the chapter composite, or in front of the house shows what living there is like. 
  • Chapter chanting their best recruitment chants. Or sisters singing part of a meaningful sorority song.
  • Show off the chapter's sugar such as signs, lawn letters, crafts, decorations, celebrations, buttons, hand signs, fashions, etc…
  • Share emotional moments either in video footage or still photos ~ the hugs, the tears, the smiles and the cheers which will touch the hearts of the viewers.
  • A call to action ~ encouragment for others to “go greek” and join the most wonderful sorority on campus.
  • The date of the recruitment, the name of the college and other vital facts. 

A short video is about 2 minutes. A good average length is approximately 3 ½ to 4 minutes. A full length maximum amount of time is about 7 minutes. Happy filming! xoxo ;)

As many of you guys know, recruitment season is here. And with that, many things have to be done. Like those giant letters in front of the house. And if your sorority has any curved letters (like me), you’re out of luck trying to get Home Depot or Lowe’s to cut it for you. After contemplating for a while on how to get this done, I decided I could do it myself. Since I usually I have only painted them before, and being a perfectionist, I decided I would look online for any template or advice. The only thing I found was “ask a fraternity gentleman.” I don’t know about you, but I found this slightly annoying. So, I gave this whole letter making a go. Not too bad for my first time to use a jig saw. Anyways, after a lot of hard work, here is the final product!

anonymous asked:

If you want a computer so badly, just get a job.. It doesn't even need to be an actual job, it can just be doing random shit like babysitting or mowing lawns. When I was your age, and I wanted something, I worked for it.

> When I was your age

annathepreppy-deactivated201703  asked:

i'm doing a research paper on sorority stereotyes and i was wondering if you could mention some and say if they are correct or incorrect. thank you :)

I feel that sorority sugar is a 100% anti-stereotype site! If you follow my blog you will see sorority members of all shapes, types and appearance doing all kinds of good deeds for fun and philanthropy. I don’t dwell on the negative, but I can give you a list of all the positive things that sorority members do. Most of them go against the stereotypical media portrayal of greek girls.


  • Get the highest grades on campus and must maintain GPA standards within the chapter.
  • Are most involved in leadership on campus.
  • Spend lots of time crafting and giving gifts to each other.
  • Hold offices within their chapters and on the panhellenic council, which gives them terrific leadership experience.
  • Raise amazing amount of money for philanthropy!
  • Donate a stunning amount of volunteer hours to help the needy.
  • Enjoy socializing and partying ~ especially in costume.
  • Exhibit responsibility and commitment by attending weekly meetings and many mandatory events. 
  • Focus on recruiting the next generation of sisters to keep their chapters going strong and their traditions in practice. 
  • Live their creed and take extreme pride in their organization. 
  • Come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, orientations, personalities and financial backgrounds. They range from wealthy to others who work to pay their own dues.
  • Spend time singing, clapping, chanting and cheering.
  • Support their sisters in activities outside of the chapter, such as vying for homecoming queen, competing in sports, or running for student government. 
  • Love to socialize with their favorite fraternities and have a blast attending fundraisers, formals, weekends away and other special greek events. 
  • Let their creativity blossom through rush decorating, painting lawn letters, graphic design, tee shirt design, theme creation, creating banners, etc…
  • Learn to work with sisters, advisors and a national organization to accomplish their goals. They gather invaluable people skills and learn all about how to master chapter politics,
  • Are paired up as bigs & littles which provides many opportunities for friendship and well as challenges in how to get along with others.
  • Develop discipline, respect, good character and decency. All of the NPC chapters work hard to empower their members and help them become the best they can be. 
  • Just hang out together being friends. Nothing fancy. Nothing wild or risqué. Just being there for each other and enjoying loyal girlfriends for life! 

To learn more about “real” sorority life for your research paper, I would encourage you to go to the National Panhellenic Conference website and start reading about what membership is really like and what values they promote within their 26 chapters.

After that, please visit the national HQ websites for each NPC chapter (use the link below) and browse the mission statements and creeds of each chapter. Only then can you start to get a more well rounded picture of what these organizations stand for.

Sororities develop leaders, they dedicate themselves to philanthropy and they enhance the best qualities of every member. Most sororities were founded in the 1800s with the highest principles, which are still practiced today. There is a whole world of sorority life out there that you probably know little about! If you can speak to “real” members in person, that would help as well. I get the feeling you don’t know many greeks first hand. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to learn all about it! Enjoy your discovery! xoxo ;)

🍭 BID DAY preparation checklist... 🍭

Q: So myself & 2 other sisters are in charge of bid day. I was wondering if you have a plan/document/template to follow of all the things that need to be done, or that are needed? Any advice on how to make a list would be amazing! Thank you!

A: I am very happy to make a TO DO list for bid day planning! For complete recruitment planning from A to Z check out the sorority sugar Formal Recruitment TO DO Checklist!

🍭   Preparing for Bid Day Checklist: 🍭 

  • Pick a fabulous theme! 
  • Order bid cards & envelopes for each new member. These are filled out when your final new member list is confirmed.
  • Order bid day tee shirts/tank tops for actives and pledges. 
  • Make notifiers/name signs for each new member. 
  • Make name tags for all the active sisters and the new pledges.
  • Craft flower headbands, or other “accessory” that brings your theme to life.
  • Make several hand-held ‘photo frames’ for pictures. 
  • Create 'door decor’ for each new member’s dorm doors if needed. 
  • Paint posters to welcome your Rho Gammas back. 
  • Order fanny packs if your chapter uses them on bid day. 
  • Spruce up your lawn letters for display. 
  • Craft hand-held sized greek letters for photos. 
  • Order helium balloons, streamers and other decorations. 
  • Coordinate how everyone is going to get from the bid announcement site back to your sorority house. Book transportation if needed. 
  • Plan a big social for after the bid announcement!
  • Plan a buffet of food & drinks for the party. Order catering or determine who will cook the food. Have plenty of water and soft drinks on hand. 
  • Consider offering a candy bar for dessert. Cupcakes or a themed cake are also wonderful. 
  • Order tables and folding chair rentals if needed. This includes basic linens as well (paper or cloth tablecloths). Decorating folding chairs with fabric bows looks cute too. 
  • Order all of your paper & plastic goods such as plates, cups, utensils and napkins. 
  • Plan props for your party area, such potted palm trees, or large Tiffany boxes that match your theme.
  • Determine the trash capacity for your party. Make several XL 'lined’ trash cans available though out the event space.  
  • Order new member tote bags and small bid day gifties to place inside. Typical gifts include: decals, cap, key fob, stickers, magnet, tumbler, koozie, etc. 
  • If your sorority has a tradition of a cap, lei, feather boa, single sorority flower, or other special item to present on bid day ~ order those.
  • Order flowers and decor for your celebration room, a centerpiece for the buffet table and plan centerpieces for additional tables. 
  • Paint signs & posters for the bid announcement and your party room.
  • Paint a backdrop banner for your photo booth. 
  • Set up a photo booth with fun props.
  • Purchase props for your party such as inflatable animals or sorority symbols. 
  • Order a balloon arch for the front of your sorority house.
  • Paint a large bid day banner to hang on the front of your house. 
  • Arrange for a photographer for group photos and photo booth shots.
  • Plan any interior table displays for your sorority house on bid day.
  • Invite alumnae and other special guests if it’s your chapter tradition. 
  • Arrange for music, a serenade, or entertainment for your party.
  • If your chapter does an activity like bid night roller skating, book the venue. 
  • If your mascot makes an appearance on bid day, confirm who is going to wear the costume. Make sure that the costume is in good shape, or make repairs. 
  • If the chapter President, Rush Chair and New Member Chair give speeches, plan and time their presentations.
  • Coordinate the 'look’ for all the actives. Everyone wears matching shorts or white pants for example.
  • Plan lighting if your party is held at night outside. Candles, portable lights, twinkle lights and walkway lights might all be necessary. Keep safety in mind. 
  • Rent several portable heaters if it’s going to be cold outside. 
  • Determine if you need a sound system and microphone for speeches and announcements. 
  • Schedule a deep cleaning of the sorority house right before bid day. Stock up on lots of extra toilet paper, kleenex and feminine supplies. Place some fresh flowers and air freshener in all of the rest room facilities. Make sure plenty of paper towels are available for hand washing. 
  • Make a TIMELINE in 30 minute increments to keep yourself on schedule and keep the pace of the event on track. 
  • Double check that there is a stocked first aid kit handy for emergencies. 
  • Assign duties for everything that needs to be done, from carrying your lawn letters to the sports field ~ to who sets up the food on the buffet table. 
  • Instruct the chapter to welcome all of the new members on facebook immediately following bid day. Encourage the members to promote bid day on their social media and share photos. Time to brag. 
  • Communicate with your chapter about what to wear, when to arrive, who should help set up & clean up and all the details of pulling off a spectacular bid day. Schedule everything in your timeline. Have sisters assist in every area of your bid day extravaganza. Delegate! 

sororitysailor  asked:

If you had a sorority time capsule for your daughter, what would you add?

I would put in a representation of all the popular sorority items of the day. While some things stay the same ~ the gifts, accessories and fashions change. Those would be the most fun to look at 50 years from now…..

Some of the goodies I would include in my VERY BIG sorority time capsule: 

  • Bid card
  • Chapter Bid Day photo with the lawn letters
  • Notifier
  • Bid day tote bag
  • Fanny pack
  • Sorority koozie
  • Assortment of small trinkets like a button, magnet, key fob…
  • Sorority magazine
  • Copy of the chapter composite or chapter portrait 
  • Paddle or plaque 
  • Big/little picture frame
  • Piece of sorority jewelry 
  • Bid day tee shirt
  • Greek stitch letter shirt
  • Photo of the sorority house 
  • Sorority headband and/or socks 
  • Songbook 
  • Favorite chants
  • Greek life mementoes ~ exchanges, greek week, derby days…
  • Piece of sorority glassware 
  • Philanthropy publication 
  • Keepsakes from sorority formals
  • Sorority awards, certificates, or trophies 
  • Weekly menu, price of dues and other “normal” things that will change over time
  • Sorority ornament
  • Lilly Pulitzer Sorority print item
  • Sorority water bottle or tumbler 
  • Assortment of fun sister photos 
  • Tickets, invitations, program books and other paper mementoes from special events
  • Panhellenic Recruitment Handbook 
  • Ritual & Initiation keepsakes 
  • Dried and pressed sorority flower
  • Mascot plush toy 
  • Sorority notepad or note cards 

And probably a few more things I’m not thinking of right now….. haha

🍭 How to get rid of a negative chapter reputation! 🍭

A sorority can get off track and quickly develop a bad reputation on campus. Slipping into a negative place is possible for any chapter. A chapter revival can be accomplished with strong guidance and a commitment from all the members. These are some of sorority sugar’s positive steps to take for correcting course and getting your good name bask. 

🍭  11 Ways to Bounce Back from a Bad Chapter Rep: 🍭 

  •  Analyze and admit what has given your chapter a bad reputation. The first step to getting better is admitting what went wrong and why. Some of the criticism may be false, but many times a negative rep is based on fact. Is your sisterhood into destructive partying? Are they considered flaky and unreliable? Are they the bottom in academics or recruitment? Assess the real story and write it down in black and white. Everyone should face what needs to be worked on. 
  • STOP the bad behavior. When the problem has been accurately defined, it must stop immediately. Standards should get involved if necessary. Repairs to a negative reputation can’t begin until the offending actions are halted. If your sisters are sleeping around with every frat guy on campus, it must stop. If your chapter has been dirty rushing, it can’t happen any more. If your sisters have an alcohol abuse problem, standards must step up and crack down on the harmful behavior. The bad-old-days are over. Time for a re-set!
  • Making friends should be the first goal. If other greeks on campus think poorly of your chapter, the most basic thing you can do is reach out in kindness. Send flowers or cookies on every chapter’s founder’s day, schedule more socials and mixers, attend and compete in every greek wide event. Take every opportunity to show with ACTIONS that things have changed. Talk is cheap. Only by doing respectable things will others see that your sisterhood has reformed. Become known as the most honest, genuine and friendly girls at school. Change your reputation by changing your behavior. 
  • Philanthropy heals. Doing good deeds is an excellent way to mend a bad reputation. Being seen on campus hosting fundraisers, volunteering and working hard in the service of others will go a long way to change your chapter image. But giving must be from the kindness of your hearts and totally sincere. Don’t fake philanthropy involvement and expect it to change your bad rep. Publicize your fundraisers and the positive PR will help replace the negative image others have of your troubled chapter.  
  • Not all “negative” reputations are bad. Don’t let others define your chapter completely. If you are known as the serious or studious sorority ~ that’s not a bad thing! Embrace your down to earth reputation and don’t worry about superficial greek rankings. If your sisters love to play board games and read books, there are many other girls who also love to do those things. Differentiate between a truly bad reputation and just personal preferences. Dress the way you like, do the sisterhood things you enjoy and be personally proud. As long as your chapter culture is not illegal or immoral, you are free to be yourselves. 
  • Put the past in the past. As your sorority mends its ways, members may be asked about prior scandals. Rehashing controversies only slows down the healing. Stop gossip in its tracks by having a response ready. When questioned about past deeds, sisters should laugh softly and deflect the inquiry by saying “That was just a stage we were going through," or "That was a hurtful time in our chapter and we’ve moved on." Statements should quickly correct the negative perception and halt continued conversation on the topic. Bottom line: the bad times are something your chapter would rather forget and things are much better now. 
  • Take the high road. If other students call your sorority names, don’t stoop to their level. Responding with name calling, gossiping and trash talking is never a helpful in countering a negative image. It only makes your chapter look worse. Others will take pleasure in seeing your members get hysterical. Remain cool and calm at all times. Never let them see you sweat. By putting your best foot forward, you will squelch any rumors that swirl around your sorority. Keep those heads held high no matter what. 
  • Sparkle & shine. There are amazing things about every sorority. Let them shine. If you’re feeling low, it’s time to dig your way out. Design fresh lawn letters, make your meet-the-greeks table the most attractive ever, paint banners, order colorful new tee shirts, handout treats to PNMs, sing songs, redecorate your chapter room, design a new member message center, etc… Visually uplifting your sorority is important if everyone is feeling down. Don't underestimate the power of looking good to help members feel good too. 
  • Try something totally NEW. If your house has never competed in intramural sports, start a team immediately. If you don’t normally host a parent’s weekend, schedule one for this semester. If you always wanted to host a dressy gala, start planning one. The new event or activity doesn’t need to be connected to your "problem” at all. It’s purely for giving your sisterhood a fresh focus. A new experience will give everyone something positive to talk about and look forward to.  
  • Seek help. It’s okay to ask for help from your advisors, alums and national headquarters. Sometimes the sorority “adults” don’t know what’s really going on. Clue them in and get their guidance on how to fix things. As active members you’re not alone and you are not expected to face every crisis all by yourselves. 
  • Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t beat yourselves up too much when you loose your way. It happens to the best of chapters. Poor judgement is not the end of the world, as long as bad behavior is stopped before someone gets hurt or worse. Sororities have been around for hundreds of years and will continue for hundreds more. Take the long view when worrying about reputations. Pretty soon no one will even remember what happened and they will be absorbed in their own problems. Learn from your sorority’s missteps and work hard to not repeat them. Put it all into perspective. 

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