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Controlling Crabgrass

Crabgrass spreads quickly during the summer and can turn your yard into an eyesore. Build your best defense with these simple tips.

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Control Your Lawn’s Length

Mow frequently to keep grass a consistent length. Check the recommended mowing heights for your type of grass and cut your lawn at the highest recommended setting. Crabgrass requires plenty of light to germinate, so keep the grass thick as long as possible to create shade near the soil surface. Cutting your lawn too close produces patches where crabgrass and other weeds can grow.

Remove no more than one-third of the grass blade at one time when mowing. Removing more not only allows more light to reach weeds, it also can injure the grass.

Water and Fertilize

In an established lawn, water in long, heavy intervals rather than shallow, frequent ones. Watering on an irregular schedule and only when needed promotes deeper root growth that’s essential to healthy turfgrass.

Most established lawns require about one inch of water per week from rain or irrigation. If your lawn is newly seeded, water in shallow, more frequent intervals until the grass gets established.

Fertilize your grass at least once a year, following the package instructions. Apply a crabgrass preventer to your lawn at the proper time to keep crabgrass from getting started.

Kentucky teens are helping their community in a major way: mowing people’s lawns for free.

Kentucky mom Barbara Wilson said that she tried to punish her son Travis Durham by making the teen mow lawns. Travis ended up loving the job so much that by the time Wilson returned home, he had cut eight yards. In fact, Travis loved it so much that he got his two brothers and a cousin to join him, and the four of them decided to do a free lawn-mowing service for their community. 

“I haven’t had a car in about two months. We’ve been renting a car,” Wilson said. “They have two lawn mowers right now, the rent-a-car; we’ll load them up, drop them off to a community in the morning, pick them up at lunch, take them to a different community, pick them up when I get off work.

The four boys, all around the ages of 14 and 15, go door-to-door to offer their services to people. However, they aren’t always met warmly. 

The boys are also accepting donations through a GoFundMe, which will be used for equipment, maintenance and fuel. As of Monday morning, the boys had far surpassed a $6,000 goal set on GoFundMe, raking in $71,285.

Love this, I’m tire of reading about black youngster dying everyday. instead of killing - clean up your neighbor hood. Stop killing and robbing so we can get decent black business, banks and malls in the black community.


Light Globes

Light Globes

Materials: Beach ball, Fencing wire, Wire cutters, Mini bulb string lights, and Chain/wire/string (to hang)

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Say Hello to my new push mower

Soon the winter season will end and the gardens will be looking up to you for their maintenance. There, people rush over in the shops to buy lawn mowers of different styles and techniques (depending on individual’s requirements). But I believe you must always consider a couple of tips before choosing the best mower for your lawn because it is not a daily item to shop, you buy it for once in a year or two. Following things are to be considered:

  • Suitable needs of your lawn
  • Area of your lawn
  • Interruptions in your lawn
  • Grass type of your lawn

My lawn is not huge in size and I grow grass for improving environment. That is why, I chose push mower which does not release any gas or unhealthy fuel from its machinery to pollute the environment. It rather helps in maintaining the grass with proper mowing.  Others do mow the grass but the side effects are far more irritating. There are three very basic and simple reasons why I bought a push mower:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Less noise pollution
  • Light weighted  

As I mentioned above that shops and markets near you come of dashing with people for shopping a mower. But this time, I got over the situation and ordered it online. Honestly, it was beyond my imagination that it could have been that simple to buy a push mower. I read the features of different mowers and reviews. Instantly, the best suitable push mower was right in front of me. I just had to made few clicks and in no time, I was delivered with my push lawn mower.  These online markets, I tell you, are amazing for everyone out there.

You must be wondering if the mower is delivered fast and I ordered it online, then how would it be working perfectly. Actually, it is very simple you know! Once you receive your order, you are supposed to check it properly if everything is in working condition. Secondly, if you are not satisfied with the mower, you can always ask for a replacement.  Luckily, I didn’t have to face the later part. Mine was received as it should be and with complete code of instructions for its maintenance. 

It is very easy to start and I feel very comfortable with the way it works; less noise, no gasoline refilling issues etc. I do take proper care of my mower in order to keep it working for longer period of time.


Altogether, my decision for buying a push mower didn’t turn out to be a complete hopeless case; rather, to my surprise, I feel hundred times luckier than others to have it delivered at home and see it performing flawlessly in my lawn.

In situations like if you have a huge space for mowing or the grass is too thick or you have less time to spare, than it may not be a very good suggestion for you. But for all those who have a lawn not too huge to mow, push mower is highly recommended!

People should realize we are in a new era. The idea of your nice little green lawn getting watered every day, those days are past.

Mailbox Tool Organizer

Mailbox Tool Organizer

Materials: Screwdriver, Screws, and an old mailbox

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