New video is up!

This time it’s a DIY Flower Crown Tutorial!
Learn how to make the very crowns pictured here! :D
(And as a bonus, see my lazy eye peek out of hiding in the beginning).


Tadaaahhhh~!! ♥

Today is a kind of momentous day for me. For the first real time, after wandering around in fashion limbo for two years, I have finally, properly dressed up again.

I wore this out to apply for a job. I was aiming for a quaint “fairy queen” look. (Slightly ironic, perhaps, given the name of my former style).

Everything I’m wearing was thrifted!


New video up!
This video is an experiment for a new sort of video “series” I’d like to start doing. For full details, please see the video description!

Would you believe me if I told you this is my backyard?

In one of my sister’s design classes she was assigned to style and photograph two different outfits on a model. As with most things in life, we ended up doing the assignment together.


This was my favorite place to go to before I moved.
Off the bank of the river, tucked away in a little glade was the trickling remains of a waterfall. If you were willing to get your feet wet, you could climb up a dirt bank off to the side of it and dart up a path worn into the cliff. A small climb up some thick tree roots at the top would put you above the falls, and moss covered paths would lead you right into the stream that fed them. These pictures were taken there.
The first picture was taken Summer of 2012. Second picture was taken Summer of 2013.