fics: servamp & magi

heya! so i have two ficlets for today… one for a completely new fandom (i hope i did servamp and the greed pair justice! somehow) and one for a favorite otp ♥♥♥

servamp • lawless/licht • redefining greed (@ my ao3)

Lawless celebrates the eve of his Eve’s birthday (which is on Christmas Eve).

alternatively: How the Greed Pair celebrates Licht’s birthday with style

magi • judar/hakuryuu • newest order (@ my ao3)

a JuHaku reunion where Hakuryuu is just smacking, hitting, punching Judar while crying—(what do you mean I wrote something like this already, nope, I don’t know what you’re talking about)

as always, feedback = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


alicein mikuni || “ Don’t look a handsome man like me with lustful eyes.

servamps : kuro || lawless || tsubaki || lily || hugh || jeje                                     eves :         mahiru || licht || misono || tetsu || mikuni                                         subclass :   sakuya  || belkia || otogiri

SDCC 2016 Link Roundup!

I’ve got a bunch of edited pics in the que that chronicle Bruce’s time at SDCC this year, along with the second panel he attended, but here’s a fairly comprehensive round-up of worthwhile interviews from the event.  

All links contain spoilers for Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2


Dread Central  (Roundtable with Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert)

Bloody-Disgusting (Updates on referencing abilities for AOD; possible ED4 plans)

io9 (General AvED Season 2 Plot Spoilers)

Den of Geek (Major character appearance spoilers)

The Wrap (Bruce shares his Comic Con Survival tips and fondest memories)


Blastr (With Dana, Ray, Ted)

Yahoo (With Dana, Lee Majors, Ted, Ray, Rob Tapert)

AvED Facebook (With Dana, Ray, Ted, Lucy)

IGN (with Lucy and Rob)

EW (with Lee, Dana, Lucy, Ray, Ted, Lucy)

IMDB (with Lee, hosted by Kevin Smith)

you even outright said “SHOULD have no bearing on real life” like… alright… it Shouldnt encourage real life freaks but it does. it literally does. yall want to deny it but seriously it does i dont know why thats the hardest thing in the world to accept. fandom is not a lawless place where people can loudly jack off to literally anything they want. maybe it used to be but it isnt anymore and if you think thats a bad thing youre a fucking creep