September 1995 Now Available

“I want to fall asleep just like this for the rest of my life,” Tennille whispers.

“Drunk?” Tennille can hear the sarcasm playing in his tone.

“No, silly,” she giggles, “wrapped up with you so much that it’s like we’re practically one person.”

Harry lets out a content sigh. “Me too.”

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Life As We Know It AU where baby Junhong doesn’t appreciate his daddy (Himchan) touching his appa (Yongguk).

July 1995 Now Available

Harry laughs quietly. “Well they’re just as smitten with you as they are with each other, so expect to hear from them more often when you get back to London.”

“I’ve only met them once,” Tennille squeaks out.

“That’s all a person needs to realize how amazing you are. I mean when we met all you did was say hello to me and I was immediately enraptured by you.”

Tennille’s cheeks flame up to an ungodly shade. “I thought you didn’t like me! You made it seem like I was bothering you.”

“The prettiest girl in the office was talking to me, I apologize but I was a bit tongue-tied. I hadn’t any idea why you came over to me.”

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