Hey everyone! Firstly, the next month of lawki should be up sometime within the next few hours!! Secondly, I don’t know if anyone knew this, but I actually created a playlist of all the songs Tennille listens to my spotify back before the story was even published!! I had it linked on the story page, but I never actually announced it so I don’t know if you guys realized it was there or not!! Anyways, this is what I usually listen to when I’m writing out a month to get me in character, so I will be linking it below and i hope you enjoy!! :) (PS I’ll probably make a Harry playlist too so I’ll post about it when it’s up!!)

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Except I really really really need a Life as We Know it DeanCas!AU where Sam and Jess perish in a car crash, leaving their daughter Mary in the care of Sam’s brother, Dean, and Jess’s best friend, Castiel. Though the two loathe each other from the start, Mary worms her way into both their hearts… and teaches them a little something about loving each other.