Except I really really really need a Life as We Know it DeanCas!AU where Sam and Jess perish in a car crash, leaving their daughter Mary in the care of Sam’s brother, Dean, and Jess’s best friend, Castiel. Though the two loathe each other from the start, Mary worms her way into both their hearts… and teaches them a little something about loving each other.

Staying Underground prsnts,
COLLABORATOR 013: Jetia Deity
w/ Mistah Rapsey on the B Side.

Want to know what an erotic DJ is? Listen to this.

A Side: Jetia Deity
1. oriJanus - I Want You
2. Flying Lotus - Medication Meditation (Ft. Krayzie Bone)
3. Pantyraid - Our Second Chance
4. Bashar - You Chose to be on Planet Earth
5. SINGULARIS - Heat Wave
6. No Tv No Radio - Essence
7. NeguimBeats - All Gone Love
8. Drake - Legend
9. Sam Gellaitry - Temple
10. LSDXOXO - MindFxvk (Ft. BBYMUTHA)
11. MaryGold - Candy Paint #freegold
12. Purple Ferdinand - Through Your Eyes (Sango Remix)
13. Frank ocean - You Are Luh 

B Side: Mistah Rapsey
1. a l l i e - Remedy [Prod. by Nick Wisdom]
2. KidGhost - Jungle
3. Oh No - Pussy
4. NeguimBeats - Drop a Bundle
5. Dexter Brandon - Lady Lady
6. Zuzuka Poderosa - Crunk [Prod. by Burt Fox]
7. Gravez - Where We From
8. Danny Breaks - Jellyfish
10. KAYTRANADA - All We Do (Ft. JMSN)
11. Abhi//Dijon - Young  (Joseph L’Étranger & Shaunic Remix)
12. JUNGLEPUSSY - Want Some Mo’
13. Suff Daddy - Suff Gucci (Mane Remix)
14. Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On
15. ben hixon - showmi - kidink(bix_crs])
16. benjamin hixon - interactions (1mPSH3.3)
17. KELELA - Do It Again [Prod. NA

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anonymous asked:

Okay, so I've read your latest update on the Life As We Know It AU (LAWKI AU) as well as the Body Swap AU. The drama in LAWKI AU was so well-written! The Body Swap AU, on the other hand, was so damn hilarious, I can't stop laughing! 😂 I just wanna say you made my day better, and thanks for that. I hope you continue writing because you are very talented. Hope you have a good day!

Glad you enjoyed them! I had a rainy day so I got to sit down and write. Kinda was in the mood to do both humor and drama so both got an update.

Your message made my day! :) thank you!