The knee grope scene
  • Sherlock: JAWN is really fuckin drunk lol maybe he'll bang me lol please bang me I'm desperate
  • John: sherlock. Sher-lawk heh he's so gorgeous. I wonder what would happen if I just...
  • John: OH. SORRY.
  • John: lol smooth. That was really good he thinks it's an accident
  • Sherlock: holy fucking hell John Hamish Watson is GROPING my KNEE oh god okay okay play this cool. Play this down. Look in your mind palace for "how to flirt" and "how to have sex" calm down this is going to be fine. Whew. Okay. Oh no he's leaving i have to erm
  • Sherlock: ANYTIME.
  • John: ok ok ok ok ok ok calm down. Sherlock is right tHeRe and he's ALLOWING this. Okay how to proceed. Okay okay um just say something. Um. Get him to the couch yes okay good
  • Hudders: THERE IS A CLIENT
  • Hudders: oh for fucks sake sherlock and John were FINALLY going to get it on and now they have a client oh-just fuck it all. I've tried. I'm tired. Just fuck it.
  • Sherlock: who the fuck is this I think she's trying to make a move on John
  • John: wow sherlock is so possessive that's so hot
  • Sherlock: lol there is a case lets get arrested