Monday Mantra 57

“Do or do not. There is not try.” – Yoda really knew what he was talking about when he stated this very simple, yet perfectly apt statement to Luke. In life one must either choose to do or to not do. Two choices, two paths, two decisions. Do or do not. You choose to live or not live. You choose to pay attention or to ignore. You choose to be or not be. You have the power to do or do not. It’s…

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Word Nerd: Sophrosyne

Word Nerd is an on-going feature that shares and highlights unique, whimsical and sometimes forgotten or overlooked words. It’s dedicated to the logophile in us all.

Sophrosyne (pronounced soh-froh-soo’-neh ) is an ancient Greek concept that characterizes a healthy state of mind that is brought about by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one’s true self. Sophrosyneis the idea of…

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Asbestos - What is it Good For?

Asbestos – What is it Good For?

Absolutely nothing! Well, that really should be the answer now that so much is know about the dangers that accompany this naturally occurring mineral fiber. I was recently approached about spreading awareness about Asbestos and Mesothelioma (The first week of April is Asbestos Awareness Week) and while I was a bit aware of both, I was truly amazed at just how much there is to know!

Asbestos, A…

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Monday Mantra 56

Much like Monet, I must too have flowers, always, and always. Flowers are such delicate, delightful, magical gifts from nature, whether they be the grandest rose or the most humble dandelion. Flowers are art, love, color, scent. They enchant the senses as they enrich the soul. Flowers can appear almost anywhere, from decorative gardens, to cracks in sidewalks and walls, to vacant lots or vast…

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Monday Mantra 55

Sometimes it can feel like I have a serious case of the busies – yes, it’s truly an issue, and a very real one at that. To have the busies means that you are caught in a cycle of constantly doing, moving, working. Task after task, always going, going, going, yet you really couldn’t say just where you’re going or what you’re accomplishing, and I mean really accomplishing. Being busy and being…

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Earth Day 2015

Earth day truly is every single day, since without the Earth we would be nothing, nonexistent. The Earth is our Mother, our friend, and one of the most precious gifts we could ever be custodian of. Care for it, love it, cherish and delight in it, and do your very best to leave it in a better condition then you found it in so that others will have the same chance to discover and share and care for…

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