Let me tell you about how broken the Canadian Senate is:

In my Canadian Politics course, for most of today my teacher detailed all the ways in which the Canadian Senate is horribly broken. I must have face-palmed like 5 times.

This is straight from my notes:

Original Vision for the Canadian Senate:

1. Provide Regional Representation to offset power of large populations in Ontario and Quebec (which makes up 60% of MP’s in the House of Commons).

2. “Sober Second Thought”. Respected individuals review proposed laws to improve, or power to stop implementation of bad laws.

The Good:

-A minority of Senators take work seriously (about 20-30 out of 105). They review legislation, do research on important issues to aid government.

The good news is that only about 30% of Senators actually do their job as senators. Let that sink in.

The Bad:

-Senators are usually chosen as a reward for past loyalty to governing political party or P.M. (and therefore don’t defend regional interests).

-There are ‘no conflict of interest’ guidelines. None. Many senators hold paid positions on corporates boards and are lobbied heavily by banks and corporations. Because to pass a bill the senate has to agree, if you tried to legislate actual ethical rules for the senate, the senate would likely kill the bill. This goes with just about any kind of senate reform you can imagine.

And the Ugly:

-Job pays $132,300 per year (base salary) and the position is for life (or at least until old age). Senators are also appointed by the PM (not elected). Senators have no legal obligation to do any work in the senate (again the lack of rules).

-Not until early 1990′s did the senate even take attendance, and senators don’t get in trouble unless they miss several months (this is mostly done to check if senators have died or not). This came about as a result of a senator who vacationed in Mexico during the sitting hours of the senate and came back to Canada in the summer (after the Senate closed).

I just discovered this food app and it got so many persian and indian recieps.  I love that food. Makes you wonder why we dont use fruit and herbs in our dishes. Food could be so delicious and healthy. You could say that’s the climate and stuff doesnt grow here. Youd be suprised. My mother in law knows a damn lot about plants and their use in the kitchen (and as meds). Same goes for grandma. Taking a walk with them you’d think you can eat almost every living plant ever (unless its poisoned i guess haha) all you need to know is what parts have a unique, somewhat spicey taste.

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Who is your favorite DC Comics character?

I can’t choose one single character so I will list 5.

1.  Barry Allen (The Flash)

2.  Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

3.  Billy Batson (Shazam)

4.  J’onn J’onzz (Martian Manhunter)

5.  Jessica Cruz (Power Ring)

I am always attracted to characters with a strong moral compass and Barry has always been either True Good or Lawful Good.  Diana has a connection to Greek Mythology, which was what I was into before I read comics.  Billy always feels like an anacronism to me like he still is in the golden age of comics and I like that.  J’onn’s powerset is one of these most formidable in the DCU (minus his weakness to fire) and despite that he is very kind and unassuming.  I like that contrast.  Jessica is a very new character but I am already a fan.  I used to struggle with panic attacks and I can relate to her.

Dear People Cancelling Shows, Concerts, Etc. In Indiana Because Of The Religious Freedom Act, 

First off, people can’t just randomly discriminate because of this law. They have to go to court and state why their religion keeps them from serving gays and/or lesbians. I’m not saying that this law is a good thing, because it isn’t. A lot of people just seem quite misinformed about that. 

Secondly, it is not fair to residents of Indiana because unless I was just very unaware of it we didn’t get a say in whether or not this law got passed. If a lot of people bought tickets to your show or whatever it is you are doing, they are paying the price for something they couldn’t help. I understand that you probably wouldn’t want to play in a state where such things are legal, but imagine if the tables were switched. 


A Person From Indiana


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ALSO TALK TO mizufallsfromkumo cuz she is awesome and is STILL HOLDING A CANDLE TO COMMON LAW AND THE ACTORS

About Tadashi

  Tadashi Hamada

Age: Nineteen years old.
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Dark Chocolate almost black.
Height: 5′6″ ft {170.68 cm}
Weight: 135 lbs {61.24 kg}
Birthday: December 31st
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Residence: Above the Lucky Cat Cafe
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: San Fransokyo, California.
Education: Currently attending SFIT
Personality: Tadashi is someone who many can describe as selfless and considerate of everyone. He has a major tendency to put others before himself, never even stopping once to think just how this will affect him or his progress. He is genuinely a helpful person, always persevering to make people achieve their goals, though he will make time for his own projects. 

  He’s protective as well, since he’s the oldest sibling and the only other male in the family (Other then Hiro) Taking on the role of protector and “man of the house” he makes sure everyone is safe and secure inside before he actually goes to bed AFTER that. He took to raising Hiro as well as making sure he’s done his own work as well. (Trying to set a good example.) As such though, Tadashi hardly every get’s a break to do something for himself. 

  The ever resilient hard worker, but he does still have fun..just more regulated and timed to fit into a schedule that he’s got in place. It’s how he fits everything in, even though now he’s got more time since Hiro’s a little older and doesn’t needs AS MUCH super vision, he feels he’s allotted more free time, but since he’s always timed and scheduled it it’s what he’s use to do doing. 

  Though he’s not swayed at all by unknown surprises, he goes with the flow as he knows he needs some down time to relax and with friends like Fred, Wasabi, Go go and Honey, there’s really no certainty that things will always go how he plans. So he doesn’t get undeterred, just smoothly goes along with it and enjoys his time with them.  
  He is reliable, honest and good natured, he’s the type that people would be have to be too callous if they crossed him and upset him. It’s been described as those who do that might as well go out and kick a puppy. As such, his friends are so protective over him and look out of him as he does for them constantly, though he tells them not to worry about him he’s got everything under control…it still doesn’t stop them though.

  Even tempered, so much so that people find it hard to make him angry, but he does have certain buttons you can push to make him angry. Though he doesn’t truly stay angry, but his major hot button is his younger brother. No one messes with Hiro, no one harms Hiro or even says anything cross about him, Tadashi will defend him to the death. The only person of his family that he has left and he will protect him, do anything to make sure that Hiro has what he needs to be happy and safe. 
  Going so far as to place trackers in his hooded sweaters, ones that track his heart rate and when it gets above a certain level or he sees he goes to an extremely bad part of town does he go and know where Hiro is and bring him back, though he wishes more for Hiro. He knows his brother is great, and holds talents not many possess. Great intelligence , and he can see it doing great work..even if Hiro can’t. 

  Trusting, Tadashi is a very trusting person he will give it freely until the other person proves him to have been a fool and he will shut himself off for a moment, but he is also just as forgiving. He isn’t one to hold a grudge as it puts a brings angst and anger which are negatives and doesn’t help concentration well. That and he’s not easily one to give up on someone, persistent and resilient as he is, he always sees the potential in people. The potential for good in anyone that’ most have given up on. 

  Witty, funny and heavily sarcastic makes him seem a little less stiff then most people with his work load. He still finds it important to relax, watch movies and such but he adores nothing more then to trade quips and go back and forth with his brother. He always finds it to be amusing to hear and see what he’s come up with..but being older and just as quick witted Tadashi normally gets the last word. 

  Kind and gentle, there is literally not a single mean bone in his body. He does or says something that hurts someone (intended to or not) he will apologize and make up for it. He hates to upset people, a gentle soul that always looking out for others even if he doesn’t know them. 

  Courageous, part of what comes with being saving those he cares for, willing to throw himself into the line of fire to make sure the others are okay. He doesn’t want to have anyone come to harm (Like Callaghan in the fire) so he will do everything in his power to save them, he says this so often people made it his motto, “Someone has to help”. Wanting so desperately to make the world a better place, he will do what he can to influence them to change for the better and never give up.

  Making him determined, always finding ways out of a hard situation by looking at it from a different angle. Finding a solution in every dead end he comes too.

  What he doesn’t show is he’s nervous, always nervous about not being strong enough, fast enough, smart enough to save someone in time. He’s always so dead set on making things right that he lets it hit him with anxiety to the point of him over working himself with little to no sleep. It’s not something he flaunts but occasionally he will show it and have his friends help him..where again he says he doesn’t need it but they do anyway.

  Tadashi is reserved, so he doesn’t allow himself to fall so easily in love, that or he’s just so focused that he doesn’t know really anyone even pays attention to him in that way. Clueless and slightly shocked when he finds out that someone is hitting on him or has taken interest in him. He has to literally be told that he’s liked or that someone has a crush on him. 

About: (B.F.) Tadashi is a hardworking ever diligent brother that makes sure his family has what they need when they need it before attending to his own needs. Still, as student Tadashi takes just a bit more time to get his studies done, though even with his projects family always comes first. 

  He is constantly on the lookout for Hiro, checking in to make sure the little guy is okay before he continues. It’s when he KNOWS he’s not that Tadashi gets anxious and goes looking for him, upset and angry that he gets himself into situations that lead him into trouble and possible life threatening danger that makes him finally give his brother the little nudge that he needs to get started. 

  So, he devises a plan to show him what his friends have been working on and what he’s been working on. To show Hiro that he can use his knowledge and intelligence to better the lives of others and even learn new things himself. Tadashi knows that Hiro is capable of great things so he has a hard time letting go of that single fact that Hiro is capable of great things. 

  Despite it not going how he wanted it to go, Tadashi finally is able to get Hiro to see the kinds of things that he can do with his knowledge and will inspire him. The icing on the cake is when Professor Callaghan shows up (a man Tadashi greatly admires and looks up too) furthering to prove his point of Hiro’s mind being put to good use. 

  Always encouraging, and never giving up, Tadashi stands behind Hiro as he and the gang help him to build the micro bots that will skyrocket his admission into SFIT. Tadashi always believes in Hiro, knowing he’s going to make the right choice on what to do with his talents (now that he’s on the right path) He’ll stand back and let Hiro decide (As he did with Krei, not wanting Hiro to give in but he says nothing and let’s Hiro decide. ((Though Hiro does look back at Tadashi before telling Krei no, which leads me to believe that he’s always seeking Tadashi’s approval (((Though he doesn’t have to do try to hard for that))) because he likes to know he did the right thing)) feeling more secure in decision he tells Krei no.) on the fate of his micro bots, and you can see the relief and pride on his face when Hiro smartly says they aren’t for sale. 

  He’s always been there for Hiro, and he always will be. 

(A.F. AU1) - Tadashi doesn’t die, but he is knocked unconscious by a piece of shrapnel where he was buried under. The fire never really touched him, but he suffers burns to  a fourth of his body as the heated metal seared his skin. 

  Since the fire fighters never found him, Tadashi was left under there for a few days until they were cleaning up the rubble and found him. Weak and still in a great amount of pain, Tadashi’s body put itself in a coma for a few weeks to recuperate, and since he had no id on him and was unconscious the doctors placed him under as a john doe. ((Which is why Hiro and the others couldn’t find him)) 

  After several weeks of recuperation (Making it nearly three months) Tadashi finally wakes up, and freaking out because he doesn’ t know where he is but the doctors calm him when they tell him where he’s at, in turn telling them who he is and finally knowing who he is they call Aunt Cass who is to shocked for words by rushes down immediately to find it’s true.

  He gets back home and it takes some adjusting for everyone but he eventually gets back into the swing of things. Though it’s not until a small blaze bursts in front of the gang do they find that Tadashi has a trigger and thinks his back in the fire causing him to turn the other direction and hide away from the other and Hiro is the only one that can pull him out of it. 

(A.F. AU2) - Tadashi never went into the fire, Hiro’s grip and pleading eyes prevent him a few minutes more so he isn’t caught inside but he is close enough to get a harsh back lash from the blast. It sears his skin and causes him to second degree burns on his face and hands and knocked out from the blast but he lives. 

  He is seriously upset at the loss of Professor Callaghan, as he admired him greatly, but he doesn’t want to let him down so Tadashi soon returns to SFIT as soon as he is cleared to and resumes his work with fervor. Though, on his way home Tadashi finds one of the micro bots caught in a root but trying to get away somewhere. 

  Certain that they were destroyed, Tadashi thinks nothing of it..until the pull from the bot get’s more erratic as he get’s closer to a certain area. Deciding to follow it, Tadashi discovers that someone has taken his brothers invention and made more, (making him the one to discover Yokai). Feeling sense of injustice, Tadashi feels he needs to get them back. 

  No matter what the reason, the microbots are his brothers invention and this person has taken them (and after attacking him)and Tadashi knows they are going to hurt and bring pain to people which he can’t allow that. He has to help, though he keeps it to himself, not wanting to get Hiro involved as it’s dangerous and he’s on the right path now and his friends don’t need more problems, so Tadashi just follows the clues to try and find out who and or what and why they’re doing this.

{{More to come as I think of it!}}

Key - (B.F. = Before the Fire)
(A.F. = After the Fire.)
(AU = Alternate Universe)

The Virtue of Prophet Muhammad’s Companions over the Companions of all Other Prophets

بـسـم الله والحـمـد لله والـصلاة والـسـلام عــلى رسـول الله، وبـعـد

Allaah تعالى mentions about some of the favors He did for the Children of Israaeel but how they still rebelled against Him تعالى:

{And We shaded you (O Children of Israaeel) with clouds and sent down on you al-Manna and al-Salwaa, (saying): “Eat of the good lawful things We have provided for you,” (but they rebelled). And they did not wrong Us but they wronged themselves.} [Surah al-Baqarah (2): 57]

Imaam Ibn Katheer رحمه الله commented in his Tafseer:

“Here it is important to point out the virtue of Muhammad’s صلى الله عليه وسلم Companions over the companions of the other Prophets عليهم الصلاة والسلام. This includes firmness in the religion, patience and the lack of arrogance رضي الله عنهم أجمعين. Although the Companions accompanied the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم in his travels and battles, such as during the battle of Tabook, in intense heat and hardship, they did not ask for a miracle, though this was easy for the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم by Allaah’s leave.

And when the Companions became hungry, they merely asked the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم - to invoke Allaah - for an increase in the amount of food. They collected whatever food they had and brought it to the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, and he صلى الله عليه وسلم asked Allaah to bless it, told each of them to take some food, and they filled every pot they had. Also, when they needed rain, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم asked Allaah to send down rain, and a rain cloud came. They drank, gave water to their camels and filled their water skins. When they looked around, they found that the cloud had only rained on their camp. This is the best example of those who were willing to accept Allaah’s decision and follow the Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم.”


"Yes hello, god of the dead here!" "yeah I found your son and would very much like to keep him" "what? no?" ffrssshzz "I can’t hear you" rshzzz "seems to be trouble with the connection" ffffszz "okI’mkeepinghimbye" 


i fight because i can: because this is my war too. i can be a hero.