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So, for your D&D AU, I think I know why Hunk’s spell didn’t work on Lotor, but I have to know if the Lion Goddess is LG. Cause I’m pretty sure I did kinda the same thing in one of my campaigns.

Yes, the Lion Goddess is a Lawful Good god! Though alignment doesn’t have quite as much to do with it as you’re probably thinking.

Like I said, eventually I’ll get to working on a follow-up comic or just general post about it.

unpopular opinion: steve rogers is not lawful good aligned because COME ON when has that man EVER respected rules or laws he jumped out of a plane without a parachute, went in alone to a nazi base to save bucky, and rebelled against the entirety of shield because he knew they were corrupt my boy is chaotic good and no one can convince me otherwise

Alignments of the Zodiac
  • Aries: Chaotic Good - independent, humane, goal-oriented
  • Taurus: Neutral Evil - practical, independent, achieving
  • Gemini: True Neutral - practical, realistic, unfocused
  • Cancer: Lawful Good - honorable, humane, benevolent
  • Leo: Chaotic Good - independent, humane, goal-oriented
  • Virgo: Lawful Neutral - honorable, realistic, stable
  • Libra: Lawful Neutral - honorable, realistic, stable
  • Scorpio: Chaotic Evil - independent, determined, hedonistic
  • Sagittarius: Neutral Good - practical, humane, universality
  • Capricorn: Lawful Evil - honorable, determined, secure
  • Aquarius: Chaotic Neutral - independent, realistic, hedonistic
  • Pisces: Neutral Good - practical, humane, universality

Everyone seems to interpret the alignment system differently, so I figured I might as well share my current views on the subject.

Lawful Good:  Truth, justice, and/or a code of ethics is the best way to do good for people.  Evildoers must answer for their crimes.

Neutral Good:  I don’t have any particular method of doing so, but I do good in whatever way I can.

Chaotic Good:  I will fight for personal rights and freedoms for all people.  By any means necessary, I will rebel against those who would subjugate the people, and crush any evils.

Lawful neutral:  There are some basic rules and/or laws which should never be broken, but aside from that you may do as you want.  However, order must be maintained.

True Neutral:  I care about myself and my loved ones.  If I’m fighting, it’s either for them or my own gain.

Chaotic Neutral:  My own freedom is the most important thing.  Nobody can tell me what to do.

Lawful Evil:  Order must be maintained by any means necessary.  Those who would oppose the authority who maintains order must be crushed.  There are still rules we must follow, but none of them come from an ethical basis.

Neutral Evil:  I do evil when I get the chance, but I’m not going out of my way for it.

Chaotic Evil:  I live solely for evil acts.  Whatever my particular brand of evil is, nothing can stop me from spreading it.

digital artists and alignments

lawful good: organized layer folders, each folder has a name, all of the layers have names, finished layers are locked

neutral good: names all the layers and locks them but doesn’t do folders

chaotic good: names all the layers but doesn’t lock em and doesn’t do folders

lawful neutral: layers and folders still have ther default numbers, no names

true neutral: no folders and all default numbers. no names. no locks.

chaotic neutral: sometimes uses names. sometimes doesnt. sometimes theres folders. sometimes theres not.

lawful evil: does everything in one layer

neutral evil: merges all layers as they finish them

chaotic evil: a million blank layers with nothing on any of them

In my personal experience playing lawful good in DnD doesn’t mean you have to be a stuffy knight who saves kittens from trees and never lies. It just means you follow a code of conduct that favors good. Doesn’t have to be the law of the land, or like the rules of the government, it just has to be a code of conduct that works to help people.

  • Religious code? That can be a code of conduct.
  • Knights code? That can be a code of conduct.
  • Societal code? That can be a code of conduct. 
  • Laws code? That can be a code of conduct.
  • Family code? That can be a code of conduct.
  • Personal heavily structured code? Yep, that can be a code of conduct.

And to be lawful good, you have to try to follow a code to help people. Doesn’t mean you got to always succeed. No person is perfect. Your traditional stuffy knight can lie as long as it’s clear they’re breaking their own code and feel shitty about it.

This might just be me, but I prefer it this way. Gives you more flexibility. 

That and it means you can play by viking code, which is just, always play viking code man, it’s a fucking blast.

who you want to punch, based on your alignment
  • Lawful Good: no one
  • Neutral Good: someone who's trying to harm them
  • Chaotic Good: nazis
  • Lawful Neutral: their computer
  • True Neutral: doesn't know how to throw a punch
  • Chaotic Neutral: fascists and communists
  • Lawful Evil: people who annoy them
  • Neutral Evil: people who punch nazis
  • Chaotic Evil: pretty much everyone
moral aligments behind the wheel
  • lawful good: Follow the traffic rules to a tee so everyone can get home safe.
  • neutral good: The rules are there to avoid crashes. Everything's fine as long as nobody's getting hurt.
  • chaotic good: Drives off road trying to dodge a squirrel.
  • lawful neutral: Follow the traffic rules becasue it's the fucking law.
  • true neutral: Avoids crashes because why the hell would you wreck your own car?
  • chaotic neutral: What do you mean I can't use an open draw bridge as a ramp fucking watch me
  • lawful evil: Causes a crash because of a traffic rule technicality out of spite.
  • neutral evil: The rules only apply in my favour.
  • chaotic evil: Fuck everyone on this road who isn't me.