Fútbol x Jorge Lawerta

Nestled somewhere between popular culture and a penchant for hard angles, Valencia-based illustrator Jorge Lawerta has a style that’s difficult to pin down. That said, no matter how he chooses to approach his subject, whether it’s a historic rivalry, a cultural representation of a city, or just a portrait of a player, Lawerta is always on point.

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Type Twister

this is the work of Jorge Lawerta, illustrator and typographer from Valencia, Spain. The versatile and extreme creative designer is a specialist when it comes to handmade typography. His posters and artworks are directly translated from mind to hand. His illustrational skill give him more power to make the artwork look more awesome. Enjoy it!

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Graphiste et illustrateur établit à Valence, en Espagne, Jorge Lawerta dépeint sa vision footballistique de manière géométrique, entre pop art léché et simplicité style vieille école française. 


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