• some people: omg sansa not remembering the words how TYPICAL of these sexist, terrible writers, of COURSE they would have the MAN tell her the words!!!
  • me: ...or she's a teenaged girl who has never done this before or seen it done often enough to memorize the speech, and she half-hypothermic from crossing a river, and exhausted from running pell mell from Winterfell, and unprepared in this exact moment to give this speech, and it would be a weird writing choice and characterization for Brienne to be the one to presume to tell her liege lady the words Sansa needs to say to bind Brienne to her service, and Iron-Islander Theon probably has no fuckin' clue what the words are, but Pod is already there and Pod is from the South and Pod is been a squire for a while, and Pod would know the words to say, so they had Pod gently remind the tired, wet, cold, exhausted, young, emotionally fragile young woman of the precise word she was looking for only when it was clear after a moment she was blanking.
Behold The Manliest of Men!

Customer (who is a man): Yeah hi, I’m looking for a lip balm, do you guys carry that?

Me: Yes we certainly do, they’re right over here!  Tell me, what kind of a lip balm were you looking for?

(Super manly) Customer: Oh you know, something not effeminate 

Me: Well there’s nothing wrong with effeminate stuff

Customer (MANLY OVER 9000!!): Well I have a penis and I need a lip balm that says that