So we were discussing washington’s administration and political parties in history class and it took my life and soul not to scream “SOUTHERN MOTHERFUCKIN DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICANS!!”

Just listened to the most beautiful Nahuatl song.

Probably because it’s the only one I’ve listened too but it’s so beautiful.

It makes me so sad because I just want to give up this Mexican culture and just take up all the Nahua culture ): but you can’t just remove yourself.

As @kararikue told me “I think the beauty/tragedy of being mestiz@ is that we embody both the colonized and the colonizer. It’s so much easier to pick a side, but that’s not who we are. We are both. A contradiction. A paradox." 


I’m still recovering from Phaedra’s read on Kenya ahahahah FIX IT JESUS! 

Behold The Manliest of Men!

Customer (who is a man): Yeah hi, I’m looking for a lip balm, do you guys carry that?

Me: Yes we certainly do, they’re right over here!  Tell me, what kind of a lip balm were you looking for?

(Super manly) Customer: Oh you know, something not effeminate 

Me: Well there’s nothing wrong with effeminate stuff

Customer (MANLY OVER 9000!!): Well I have a penis and I need a lip balm that says that



                                         Baby Shower Bash🌷🎊

        I wanna thank everyone who showed up today! We took over the park for a few hours and had so much fun. I’m still shook at all the gifts and all the people who showed. You guys honestly made this moment so memorable and I’m glad to have such amazing people in my life! 😭 I got to meet new faces and see old ones. We @mysimbrotherskeeper appreciate you all for traveling far and near, my baby girl is so loved already lol. Hope you all had a good time!❤💞 next stop is the actual birth and lawd jesus help me.

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