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icy--blondie  asked:

Headcannons or scenario<3) for Genji/Hanzo/McCree with a sick s/o. Their s/o being really sick barely breathing and having pains when doing so,occasionally getting dizzy and losing balance, having a fever and shivering. (Pls end me this is too much.) Even tho they are this bad they still try to practice their aiming since it calms them down.

@icy–blondie I’m assuming you mean archery aiming?? Honey this sounds as bad as when i had pneumonia WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO DO ARCHERY LIKE WTF I AM CONCERNED


  • You are stAYING IN BED DO YOU HEAR ME. Put those arrows down. Nope. Bed and blankets.
  • Is the kind of boyfriend to buy you special food while you’re sick to make you feel better. “It’s ramen! My father always used to get it when I was feverish as a child.”
  • He’s as bright and sassy as usual, or so it seems. Once you’re asleep he sits beside you and keeps checking your temperature. If you look like you’re struggling to breathe he panics until you catch your breath again. He’s a very concerned cyborg, okay. 
  • He doesn’t want to leave your side, so he just meditates next to your bed. 
  • I can see him kneeling next to you and intertwining your fingers if you were coughing badly and he got worried. You just give him that reassuring smile of yours, and even though he’s not entirely satisfied there’s not much he can do about it. So he pretty much stays chill for your sake.


  • “This is foolish.” Damn right, Hanzo. “You’re sick. Get in bed.” Upon you not agreeing, he walks over to you and sternly takes both your quiver, bow, and arrows. He doesn’t care how cross you get with him.
  • Once he has you in bed, he goes and hides those things he took from you. No overexerting yourself. You can barely stand!
  • Doesn’t like you to walk by yourself what with how dizzy you sometimes get. This man tries to be subtle but it really doesn’t work when he gets up to keep and eye on you to and from the bathroom in case you fall on the way. Sweet, but very unnecessary.
  • He’s not too touchy while you’re sick, since he doesn’t want to get it himself. But he’s fine with putting a wet rag on your forehead etc, and he caresses your cheek when your fever is really bad.
  • He goes about his own business, but if you call his name even once he is there in an instance. And if he has to leave home, he tells you to text/call him if you need anything. (You end up sleeping through his absence, much to his relief. You’re resting finally.)


  • “Darlin, this is ridiculous. Put the arrows down.” Jesse ain’t havin none o’ yo shit. Seriously though he will literally pick you up and carry you to bed if you don’t go with him willingly. He will, like Hanzo, confiscate your archery materials, but no one knows what he does with them…you’ll see them again though. Hopefully, anyway.
  • Classic soup remedies!! He makes sure you eat, unless you’re asleep. He lets you get your rest, then, and likes to run his hand through your hair as you do so. 
  • McCree is the kind of guy to suggest a movie marathon when you’re stuck at home with a fever etc. He crawls next to you and wraps and gives you one of his hands to hold while you watch old Western movies. (It’s just him watching; you’re taking a nap.)
  • Plenty of forehead kisses! Jesse doesn’t care if he gets sick from you, but I also headcanon that he has a pretty strong immune system after being in a gang for so many years. They don’t exactly live in the lap of luxury. Well, typically anyway. But if you complain of fever at all, that’s the first medicine he gives you, before anything medically useful. (Good job, Jess.)
  • Should you ask for it, his serape is yours to add to your collection of blankets surrounding you. And if he catches you snuggling it in your sleep?? Oh my lawd??? Why are you so cute?? You’re making his cowboy heart burst over here, darlin.