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Hey, i'm really shy to come out not as an anon. I really love your kuzupeko fanfics. I haven't seen one with them as parents though? Would you write one with them being fluffy and happy?? Because i really need kuzupeko happy family AU ;m; my heart is breakinggg with all the angst!!!!!!

Hi anon!! No need to be shy, I don’t bite. 😊 I actually did write kuzupeko + children a while back – it’s here on AO3, in case you haven’t seen it, since it sounds like it’s probably up your alley. But! That’s not really parents per se, so… Here you go! I hope you like it, thanks so much for reading!

Peko is the first one up, almost every single day. 

So many years of work schedules and harsh punishments for tardiness trained her body to be restless before dawn, and no amount of peaceful mornings so far have been able to train it out of her. Most days she slips out of bed, careful not to disturb either him or Nozomi, and gets a head start on chores: laundry and sweeping and the beginnings of breakfast, to entice them up when it’s time.

But today, when he opens his eyes, her side of the futon isn’t empty.

She’s awake. She must have been for hours already. She has her right hand tucked beneath her pillow and her knees drawn up to better cocoon Nozomi between them. She’s smoothing her fingertips through Nozomi’s hair, gentle and repetitive, until the pale tangles unwind.  

He touches her ankle with the edge of his foot. Her eyes lift, and her smile spreads.

“Hi,” he whispers.

“Good morning,” she whispers back.

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