lawbringer set

Honor Games Summary

The Bloodbath
@official-lawbringer severely slices @lawbringer-unofficial with a sword.
@ninja-official and @rawbringer work together to drown @fem-warden-offical.

Day 1
@generaltozenoffical attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.
@kenseiayuofficial spears @kensei-official in the abdomen.

Night 1
@rawbringer catches @official-peacekeeper off guard and kills her.
@centurion–official dies from hunger.

Day 2
@kenseiayuofficial sets an explosive off, killing @valkyrie-official, @valkyrie-unofficial, @ninja-official and @SweatpantsGrampstheKensei .
@stab-pokepoke-official tracks down and kills @fem-orochi-official.

Night 2
@orochi-official overpowers @daubeny-official, killing him.

Day 3
@official-lawbringer sets an explosive off, killing @stab-pokepoke-official, @warden-official, @holden-cross and @apollyon-official.
@nobushi-official accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.

Night 3
A sheep dies from thirst.

The Feast
No deaths occurred.

Day 4
No deaths occurred.

Night 4
No deaths occurred.

Day 5
No deaths occurred.

Night 5
No deaths occurred.

Day 6
@rawbringer shoots a poisonous blow dart into @official-conqueror’s neck, slowly killing him.

Night 6
No deaths occurred.

Day 7
@official-lawbringer ambushes @rawbringer and kills him.

Night 7
@official-lawbringer unknowingly eats toxic berries.

Day 8
No deaths occurred.

Arena Event
The arena turns pitch black and nobody can see a thing.
No deaths occurred.

Night 8
No deaths occurred.

Day 9
No deaths occurred.

Night 9
@orochi-official falls into a pit and dies.
@kenseiayuofficial is killed by @orochi-official
The winner is @peacekeeper-in-training from District 3!

Please let me know if you enjoyed this, sorry to all the tributes that died early, better luck next time! I plan on doing a round two #Honorgames sometime this or next week, if you want to be in it please let me know I will do my best to put you in. 

Also I just found out that you can have up to 48 tributes per match so the next #Honorgames will be a bloodbath! >:D

I also plan on improving the descriptions as the randomized dialogue can be a bit… lame. (Keep in mind the randomized results such as death, wounds. etc will stay the same, just the descriptions will be improved upon)

Thank you heros and may the odds be ever in your favor!