28/09/16 • 12:50PM • 6/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY // oh my god i’m so frickin’ bad at remembering to post a pic for the 2 studyblr challenges i’m doing rn \o/ anyway, i think i’ve almost given up on using my ban.do agenda for schoolwork… i’ve been trying to use my bullet journal for “personal” things and my planner for “academic” things but i just can’t really figure out how to lay out everything i have to do in a non-cramped manner in the ban.do planner. i’ll give it another couple weeks and then maybe i’ll switch gears and use the ban.do one for personal things and the bujo for academic things? idk idk idk (in other news i’m frigging starving i never have much of an appetite when i go to breakfast in the mornings but by lunchtime my stomach’s growling horrendously)