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I will do almost anything just nothing too gory (i am not that skilled yet on the tablet) and no porn.

Law Enforcement Practices You Might Not Know : Sugar babies and escorts

1. Officers will bait you to talk about sex. No, this is not entrapment on their part and they are allowed to do it.

2. They will contact you again if you flaked on an appointment or denied them all together.

3. They may stand you up on an appointment and contact you later.

4. They will get completely naked. They may even take a shower.

5. They will set up fake businesses.

6. They will let you massage and touch them, but most likely not in the genital area.

You have a website or ad where information regarding money is posted. You have not asked for money in person because you looked for it to be laid out.

If you get caught: The common bail for solicitation is $1k. It could be more or less depending on your location. This should be stashed away in an emergency fund. No matter what the charge, hire a lawyer. They can often reduce the charge to a misdemeanor such as loitering or running a business without a license. It is well worth your time to get assistance in the matter. Credit: The Courtesan Handbook

If you bring up money with the officer, it is solicitation. This is why negotiating “allowance” is more dangerous than escorting when it comes to legal ramifications.


Law Week 2016 ~ 5/9

Day 1: Past//Future

Headcanon that once they marry, Viktor and Yuuri both officially use the surname “Katsuki-Nikiforov”.

Privately though, Viktor prefers using “Katsuki Viktor” – because his husband is Japanese, because the law/practice in Japan may still be the same wherein one spouse takes in the surname of the other sans the hyphen, and because Viktor is just that kind of dork.

Bonus: Yuuri just uses Katsuki-Nikiforov (because he is a practical boy), but indulges his excitable husband in whatever crazy idea he has in his head. (Though he maybe also kind of likes the idea of Katsuki Viktor, too? Maybe?)

Not really a question: Today I realized I literally billed a client for time I spent scrolling through your tumblr. There's no question here. I just thought you may enjoy knowing that you cost a client roughly $39 of my half-assed attention during a conference call.

perhaps I need to stage a seminar…


27.10.2016 colourful revision notes for my legal english final and what my desk looks like at the moment - just another practice exam

Bad Experiences at the Abortion Clinic

Doctors have bad days.  So do nurses.  Doctors can be rude, unfeeling, and distant.  So can nurses.  Doctors and nurses screw up.  Maybe not in the procedure, but they sure can be cold, unfeeling, passive, not meet your emotional needs, etc. 

So can doctors and nurses that provide abortions. 

Abortion doctors and nurses, front desk and office staff, are HUMAN. 

Abortion care is, like all things, a job that they do.  A job that is stressful, not only because of the patients health, but because of outside influences (protesters, death threats, laws to shut down clinics, laws to make the practice of abortion illegal, community pressures, the list goes on forever) 

A job that can be stressful and a job that they do everyday.  A job that gets to be pretty routine.  Sometimes, you forget that what may be routine for you isn’t routine for others, and that it may be scary or stressful. 

I have to keep that in mind when I escort. 

I do this all the time.  I’m used to the anti’s.  The patients are not.  I can say “eh, its no big deal”, but IT COULD BE a big deal to them.  It is scary.  It is stressful. 

I screw up sometimes. 

We all screw up sometimes. 


I love and appreciate all providers and staff.

Abortion on demand is good for our society.

When people tell me they had a bad experience at a PP or an independent clinic, I will ALWAYS say to report it and talk to someone at that clinic.  

We aren’t perfect.  We all screw up.  

It is important that we are told when we screw up so we can get better and be mindful of our actions.