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Are there any Legally Blonde inspired fics?

Hi Anon! Here are the Legally Blonde Au’s I was able to find:

And here are some other Lawyer/Law School Au’s that you might like as well:

Enjoy :) ~Alys

Colita de Rana

Guardian Angel continues! I’m sorry I haven’t been very active, I’m not in the best head space. It felt really good to write again though. A million thanks to @skittle479 for this idea. I hope you all like it!

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Days off were a rare treat for Rafael so he took full advantage of them. Today he hadn’t told Victoria that he’d be staying home. He was sitting at the table when she arrived she stopped in her tracks, “you’re not going to court dressed like that are you?” she asked motioning his polo and jeans.

Rafael laughed, setting aside his tablet and shook his head. “I’m not going to court at all, day off,” he pointed out.

“Day off? Why didn’t you call me?” she frowned and turned walking towards the door.

He shook his head, “no, don’t go. I didn’t call because I want you to come with us,” he said. Victoria asked where they were going, removing her messenger bag and setting it down on the nearest surface. “I’m taking Eva to the park today, I don’t get to spend enough time with my girls – er, you girls,” he corrected himself.

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Secretly dating Nick Amaro would involve:

  • He would probably be really bad at hiding it. Subtle PDA that people can pick up on if they tried hard enough. Bringing you coffee all the time. Using your first name or even a nickname
  • So it’ll pretty much be up to you to try to keep the relationship a secret
  • Of course, Nick would want to keep it a secret for as long as he could. But he doesn’t actively try to stop himself from showing affection
  • He’d be very protective of you while in the field. Always trying to be the first one in and last one out, if it meant keeping you safe
  • Always tries to team up with you, which isn’t exactly subtle
  • Nick is definitely the jealous type. So if a suspect starts flirting with you or something, then he has the perfect excuse to rough them up a bit. And then later on, he’ll brush it off as nothing
  • “Nick, you ran him into the wall.” “It was an accident.”
  • Always is really concerned about you after a rough case. He’ll come by your house with some food and watch a movie with you or something
  • He’d definitely leave hickeys and you’ll have to come up with an excuse for them while Nick is smirking over at his desk
  • And the little shit will relentlessly tease you about those hickeys, knowing full well that you’d never admit that he gave them to you
  • The relationship will probably be outed when one of you are in danger and the other is a lot more scared than they should be

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Ice cream mochi

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Saero and black and white sesame mochi ice cream sandwiches

Diana and a cupcake topped with ube mochi ice cream and adorned with purple and white sprinkles


Hello, everyone! I won’t beat around the bush here. Yep, that’s the first six pages of my very first LawLu doujin! There are only three more days left before pre-orders open for its English version. I’m very excited! And nervous, too!

For those who are interested, here’s a link to my FaQ and a link to a quick reference for pre-order date and time. I included a timezone converter reference for your convenience.

Reblogs are always welcome and your support is very much appreciated. I’m also open to feedback so don’t be shy to send me a message anytime. I don’t bite. :3



Archie Andrews and Valerie Brown in the Archie Comics’ “Archie Marries Valerie” comic book arc!

K.J. Apa and Hayleau Law star as Archie and Valerie in The CW’s new drama series, Riverdale. *Pilot Episode: S1E1*

Series Premiere January 26th!

Newt and Tina
  • Mrs. Scamander: So how did you two meet? *props hand on chin*
  • Tina: Uh
  • Newt: Err
  • Both: *flashback to the time in the alleyway arguing and being dragged to MACUSA*
  • Newt: It's a long story
  • Tina: Yeah, long enough to be a movie