Solace: Interrogation - Rafael x Author!Reader

Word Count: 1445
Warnings: Rafael being a boss ass bitch, like a couple cuss-words? The f-bomb maybe? I don’t really remember. Honestly I write the warnings before I write the actual story. Maybe a little bit of angst if you squint.
Summary: This wasn’t how you were expecting to spend your day after yoga. Instead of sitting in a coffee shop online shopping, you were sitting in an interrogation cell for 5 hours until Rafael dropped in from visiting his mother. @miamorbarba might love this chapter

Walking out of your local yoga studio that wasn’t ravished with hipsters, or hot moms, you didn’t expect to be picked up by Rafael’s SVU team. The winter air nipped at your bare shoulders as Fin and Sonny stood questioning you, a coffee shaking in the younger officers hand.

“Maybe we should take this to the station, clear things up a bit, and it won’t be so cold there,” Fin placed his hand lightly on your shoulder and you were complacent enough to follow him to the back of the squad car, noticing how Sonny’s left hand hovered around his pistol.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
“I’m not going to talk without my lawyer present, and he won’t be back for a couple of hours. He’s out of town right now,” Folding your arms across your chest and leaning back in the metal chair, you were thankful Rollins had brought you a sweater, a shiver still running down your spine from the temperature of the slate grey room.

“Darling that sucks for you, I can do this all day, I grew up in Staten Island, I have superb perseverance and I don’t give up too easily,”

“That’s fantastic,” you leaned forward and placed your cuffed hands on the table, “But once you’ve survived what I have, you don’t know the definition of perseverance,” leaning back, Sonny glared at you before Fin walked in, patting him on the shoulder.“Can you tell us where you were last night?”

“I was at my apartment, watching Christmas movies on Hallmark and pigging out on Chinese food,” once you’d seen the two detectives raise their eyebrows you shrugged and bit your lip, “yesterday was my cheat day. I tend to go a little wild on my cheat days, that’s why I went through three rounds of yoga today and two rounds of pilates,” you cracked your neck and stared straight ahead.

“Your apartment security system says that no one has entered in the past month,”

“Yeah? And?”

Sonny looked at you and sighed, “You just said you were at your apartment watching Christmas movies,”

“Well, it’s not my apartment, it’s my boyfriend’s. I always keep an apartment in my name in case anything happens between my boyfriend and I or if anything ever happens to the apartment or apartment building,”

“You really need to clarify these things, they count on your statement,” Sonny glanced over at you and your cheeks turned a bright pink.

“Can I ask what you guys are charging me with? I really still don’t know why I’m here?”

“We think you’re linked to a series of murders that have been happening to wealthy socialites in the Upper West Side,” Fin looked up from the folder in his hands, casually glancing over to read your facial expression.

“Wait what? What makes you think that?!” All color drained from your face and you had to push the urge to vomit down. Murder? They honestly couldn’t think that you were capable of that kind of crime. Stabbing someone for taking your food? Yes. Hitting Rafael for putting himself in danger? Hell yeah. But murder? That was impossible.

“We have photos of you ar galas with everyone who was murdered, just hours before they were found. We can only assume you were the last person with them,” Fin laid photos out of the crime scenes out in front of you.

You were searching the faces of the victims, all of them bringing back what were now melancholy memories. Your hand scanned over a well-built young woman the same age as you, hair tied back, dressed in an elegant emerald gown.

“There’s no way I could have done this. Not now, not ever.” Your hand was placed over the woman in the emerald dress, “I could have never brought myself to hurt another human, especially Noah,”

“You know this woman?” Sonny looked at you skeptically, knowing you were an author, he always assumed you surrounded yourself with these people at parties to promote yourself and your works.

“Yeah, Noah and I met in high school, but we didn’t become close until college. She wanted Wall-Street, and I wanted a quiet life. To settle down after a bit well-off, not having to worry about constantly being beat out by co-workers or prove that I was still better than everyone,”

You smiled and shrugged at them, “we moved to New York together, found apartments a couple blocks from each other and proceeded on with our lives. Coffee on Monday, Pilates on Tuesday, Book Club on Wednesday, Yoga on Thursday, and Bars on Friday.” Moving uncomfortably in your chair, you wanted out of the room that seemed to get smaller by the second.

“So, you’re admitting you knew one of the victim’s routines,” Fin looked from Sonny toward you and folded his hand on the table.

“I refuse to say anything further until my attorney has arrived,”
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Rafael turned from his mother’s house with dishes stacked in his hands, knowing how happy you were going to be tonight with some of his mami’s homemade cooking, his bliss and daydreaming were soon interrupted by his cellphone ringing. It was Olivia. “Hello?”

“We’ve caught a suspect. I know you’re at your mother’s but it’s urgent. They aren’t speaking anymore and maybe you could ease them into some sort of deal.”

“I’m on my way, get all detectives out of the room until I arrive, it might help sweat the suspect out.” Rafael pulled away from his mother’s house and hung up his cellphone, trying to get to the team as soon as possible, while staying within the boundaries of the law.

Arriving in the bullpen, Carmen was waiting with a cup of coffee, Olivia must have notified her and everyone was preparing themselves for Rafael’s own form of interrogation, “What has been said and what do we know?”

“We know that she was last seen with the victims hours before they were found.” Olivia started.

“She also knew one of the victims by name and had a personal routine with them, making them a perfect target,” Fin stood and paced around his desk a bit.

“She said she was at her apartment last night, but after we mentioned security, she quickly changed her story to her boyfriend’s apartment,” Sonny had to lightly jog to keep up with Rafael as he made he way toward the interrogation room.

Staring through the window, Rafael saw you pacing back and forth, biting on your thumb nail, and chest heaving, he willed you to calm down so he could sort this all out, knowing how any innocent person would be stuck in an interrogation room.

“She said she was at her boyfriend’s? She’s clearly innocent. Let her go,” Rafael turned away from the window and waved his hand in the air.

“Rafael you can’t do that, she doesn’t have a lawyer and she doesn’t have an alibi for her story. Sonny protested with Rollins nodding her head along, crossing her arms over her shoulders.

Rafael pinched the bridge of his nose, he knew one day the team would know the intense relationship between you two, he just didn’t want it to be like this, “She’s not acting like a guilty person.”

“And she’s not actin’ quite innocent either Barba!” Rollins raised her voice, her hand dramatically falling from the air slapping her thigh, which pioneered everyone else to start bickering to Rafael.

“Oh Dios Mío, dejarás de pelear! Her lawyer is standing right in front of you! She’s innocent because her boyfriend’s apartment is my apartment! I’m her alibi!” Rafael slightly raised his voice, tugging at the pink and grey striped tie he wore.

“Wait, that’s your girlfriend?” Sonny stopped mid-step away from everyone and pivoted on his heel.

“Barba has a girlfriend? I didn’t know you could get them tiger!” Fin went to slap him on the back before stopping and stepping away, “We better go get our big lawyer man’s girl outta shiny bracelets then.”
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Sitting down to dinner that night, Rafael had opted for the couch instead of the dining room table, moving his leg so you could sit, you placed a kiss on his cheek before taking your place on his lap.

“What did my big bad ADA tell the SVU detectives?” Leaning down to munch on the delicious food Lucia had made earlier that day.

Only that I was your alibi. Now Olivia wants us to come over for dinner,” before you could open your mouth Rafael continued, “it’s not going to happen. I’m not ready to share you yet.”

The movie Rafael missed last night played in the background as you stared at him in amazement, moving further into his chest than seemed possible. This was definitely not how you planned your day to go.

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