"You're Still As Beautiful As I Remember." Nick Amaro

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Warnings: sad nick, also, this is literally the most perfect gif for this imagine.

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You had picked up a new job in Manhattan, working as an only slightly experienced detective. You were invited by an old friend, Olivia Benson, who was newly understaffed due to a death, and she said that it was brutal but you were fit for the job.

You started today, and you were more nervous than you had ever been. You had just transferred from Charlotte, and you didn’t know anyone in New York. You were currently staying in a hotel, until you could rent an apartment. How great.

Olivia said to dress professionally, but comfortably, which you struggled with, but managed to pull off beautifully. You liked this new side of you, and you could feel the confidence radiating off of you, until you reached the building.

As you walked inside you felt nervousness flood you, seeing almost no one else around. A pregnant woman, and a tall man. Both blonde, both sweet looking, neither of them even saw you. You sighed, and walked straight back to where you found Olivia in her office.

“Hi! You made it.” She greeted you happily, pulling you into a hug. “I’ll show you to your desk and your partner now.” She walked you out to your desk, noticing the desk next to yours. It must’ve been your partners. There weren’t any pictures, or name tags, and no partner.

“Your partner is probably in the bathroom or something, he’ll be out soon, welcome you, show you around, but I’ve got some work to do.” She smiled and placed a hand on your shoulder. “Welcome to SVU.”

You smiled and nodded. “Thanks, Liv.” You began to set your things up as she walked away, before hearing someone walk in your direction.

“Hey, you must be the new detective, I’m-” the whole word stopped when your eyes met. Nick Amaro, the man who broke up with you to move to New York and follow his middle school sweetheart, who had suddenly decided that she wanted to marry him. The man who decided that you weren’t enough for him. The man who was now divorced, and working in Manhattan. Nick Amaro, who just so happened to work at your new job in Manhattan, as your new partner, staring into your eyes like his whole world was in front of him, like he was going to cry or throw something or his whole life was going to slip from his hands.

“You’re as beautiful as I remember.” It was barely a mumble, but hearing his smooth voice, the way you used to, almost made you fall in love all over again. Feeling his hands suddenly gripping yours made you flush with a re-found sense of love.

“Nick… I can’t believe this. What are you doing here? Why are you here?” You snatched your hands from his and willed yourself not to cry, not on the first day, not in front of Nick. You would not cry.

“Look, belleza, I’m sorry, and I want to talk about this, but… Not here. Now, we’re partners and you don’t have to love me anymore, but you at least gotta pretend like you tolerate me.” His voice cracked and you could see the pain in his eyes, and it made you crumble. You knew what he had been through, and you could guess that Maria didn’t understand. You knew her in high school, and she was cold to the people she wanted to be.

You also knew that by the end of the day, you wouldn’t be able to say no to him, and that he was truly sorry. You knew that whatever Nick said or did about 8 years ago, no matter what it was, and no matter how much it hurt you, he would be able to make it up to you. There was no point in ignoring him, because you were stuck with him, and you loved each other.

“I know, Nick. I… I forgive you, and I love you, and I’m sorry, too. But you know that you hurt me, why? How could you do that to me?”

He gripped your hands and tried to pull you as close as possible. “You can’t ask me that,” he was whispering into your head. “I can’t answer it, I’m still not sure, but I want you to forgive me, if you can. Please.” He held you so tight you almost couldn’t breathe, but your heart was somehow warm with love.

“I do, Nicky. I forgive you.” You wiped your tear away and laughed, already causing causing a scene on the first day. “Please let go of me, this is sort of awkward for everyone else.” You heard his chuckle and he stepped away from you, his face spraying happiness and rainbows.

“You’re so beautiful.” He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead before Liv came out from her office.

“We got a call.”

There’s a surprising amount of sexual tension between Foggy and Matt in the flashbacks, beginning with Foggy pointing out that Matt is really, really good-looking when they first meet. He technically points this out because he’s excited about the class of female Matt opens up for him by being his sexy blind roommate, but there’s an enthusiasm about Matt’s beauty that you don’t typically see in straight male relationships. When the flashbacks jump to Foggy and Matt taking a drunken walk through campus, there’s an undeniable attraction between the two of them, and it almost feels like the scene is building up to a kiss as they sit on some stairs and talk about their future together. The flashbacks establish an intense intimacy between the characters, and the fight between Foggy and Matt in the present could easily take place between two lovers. Especially with Foggy asking questions like, “Was anything ever real between us?”

The pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen TV series, a spin-off of The X-Files, was about a greedy, U.S. arms manufacturer’s plot to hijack a plane and fly it into the World Trade Center to increase weapons sales by invoking anger and retaliation among Americans. The episode aired on March 4, 2001. Source

1) favourite foods and 2) least favourite foods of the supernova, excluding luffy and zoro

kidd: 1) rolled cabbage 2) curry udon
killer: 1) peperoncino 2) curry udon
apoo: 1) tom yum goong 2) mayonnaise
urouge:  1) adzuki beans, pork 2) vegetables
hawkins: 1) fortune cookies 2) meat
x drake: 1) chicken and rice stir fry 2) eggs
law: 1) onigiri, grilled fish 2) bread, umeboshi
capone: 1) meatballs/meat dango, tomatoes 2) tomato juice
bonney: 1) margherita pizza 2) carrots mom asked me to do a cute mug design for her to buy…this is the cutest I could do ^^’

Redbubble & Society 6

When I was a kid something bad happened to me. I was so ashamed that I didn’t tell anyone for years. I didn’t even know what I’d done wrong, or what was happening to me, but I thought it was my fault and there was no one there to hold me and tell me it was okay. It wasn’t until this summer that I finally really confronted it; my therapist had me go back and tell my past self that she would be okay. That it wasn’t her fault. I never cried so much in my life as I did for that little girl.

I think Launo derives from that little girl in me. I think we all have a kid in us somewhere who needs to be told that it’s okay, that we’re okay.

Wedding scenes? That was like .. seconds ago. So, more Judy and Nick in police uniforms!



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