0515 - Breakfast - oatmeal, boiled eggs, milk.

0720 - New suit, shirt & tie given to Bundy.

0850 - Taken to court.

0915 - Sgt. Kratz conference with Judge Cowart.

           1 - Typerwriter - court will rule for now - no

           2 - Extra table for interview room - no

           3 - Yard - if we have manpower

           4 - Time limit on interview room & law library - 5 hours maximum per day                 if manpower available.

0930 - Security check inside & outside.

1203 - Returned from court - fed lunch & given commissary

1225 - To interview room for legal work.

1500 - Given Bible by Chaplain

1625 - Inside of cell and plates, water closet checked by Off. Parks - all secured

1745 - Back from court - McLean, Clemmons - returned to cell and strip          searched by Off. Wiggins

1805 - Bundy fed dinner consisting of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, cake, bread, Kool-Aid

1855 - Bundy to court - McLean, Clemmons

2130 - Bundy back from court - returned by McLean, Clemmons. Returned to cell and strip searched by Wiggins, Riesco

2130 to 0130 - Reading

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1979          

0130 - Sleeping till 0515

0515 - Breakfast - eggs, grits, bread, butter, jelly, coffee

0600 - Writing

0710 - Court clothes, razor, shaving cream

0810 - To court

1210 - Returned from court to interview room for lunch - soup, sandwich, cake, Kool-Aid

1235 - Returned to court

1800 - Back from court by Off. McLean & Clemmons

1805 - Bundy given dinner - 2 fish, noodles & cheese, beets, cake, bread, Kool-Aid

1910 - Bundy to court - McLean & Clemmons

1920 - Inside & water closet & end plates of cell 405 checked by Off. Parks - all secure

2035 - Bundy back from court - returned by McLean & Clemmons - returned to cell and strip searched by Cpl. Fresco. At this time Bundy requested law library and a long distance phone call. Shift commander Ziarno Ok’d phone call after visiting but could not OK law library due to unavailable manpower.

2210 - Bundy pulled for long distance phone call (Floor cleared of visitors) to his mother.

2235 - Phone call completed - Bundy back in cell

2245 - Reading

2355 - Sleep till 0515

Going to spend the entire afternoon in the library preparing for classes and reading my two textbooks. Did all my chores and planning during the morning, now off to fetch my new glasses and then it’s time to find a cozy spot in the library!

Ps: I have been practicing piano lately, something that I haven’t done for the past four years and it feels soooo amazing to play again!


Halloween mega post pt. 1! You guys are super creative and adorbs! Me and my lazy witch-hat-headband salute you!

1. Halloween Costume. Competitive Intelligence Librarian, Law Library, New York. I needle-felted the planets (and Pluto!) for the crown. Everything else, I already owned! First place in the office costume contest!
2. Young Adult Librarian, Public Library, Georgia
3. VPL Special Collections - Halloween. Public library, Canada
4. Library Services Specialist, 6th-12th grade library, California. Steampunk!Captain Marvel.
5. Emily Davenport, Librarian, Carter High School, Strawberry Plains, TN USA
6. I am the YA Library Associate in the Southeast Anchor Library of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, the public city library serving the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland. I’m here channeling Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day!
7. Sally, Snow White, a back cat and the Grim Reaper. We are all part of the Publishing and Depository Services team with Public Works, Government of Canada. Sally is our Systems Librarian and the rest of us are Cataloguing and Acquisitions.
8. EVE celebrates Halloween at the Freeport Public Library with tiny WALL-E at my belt, plant in boot, and glowing green plant badge.
9. Dressed as Belle for my archivist job at an academic library in MA aujourd’hui. #bibliophile
10. Library Director, public library, Tennessee, USA. My goth tendencies made a Minnie Mouse costume very easy to throw together.

Please reblog to expand the list. Message me if you want to be added! x

Ted Bundy was quite the escape artist, having successfully escaped from prison twice. The first escape took place on 7 June, 1977, when Bundy had access to the courthouse law library - he was serving as his own attorney. When in the library, Bundy jumped from a second story window and fled into the Aspen Mountain. He was a fugitive for six days. His second escape occurred on 30 December, 1977. Over the course of a few months, Bundy lost 35lbs so that he could fit through a hole in the ceiling of his cell. He fled to Florida where he resumed his murder spree, killing three more.

Bundy had attempted one final escape before his execution. In July of 1984, prison officials discovered that a bar in his Florida State Prison cell had been cut and was being held together with soap. He and another inmate, Manuelle Vale, had planned to escape together. Death Row inmates at Florida State Prison each have their own cell; the bar in his cell had also been cut in the same place. Inside Bundy’s cell, they also discovered hacksaw blades and gloves. He was sent to solitary confinement. Who knows how many more women Bundy could have killed had he successfully escaped once more.