am I the only one that… whenever they start watching a new series… and they’re enjoying it and then… BOOM!

as soon as THAT character makes an entrance

they also entered your life

and you’re just like… yep, this is it

that’s the one I want… this is the one I have chosen

this smol bean

is simply perfect

the most beautiful soul in this entire world

and you know they’re going to be the death of you?

or is that just me?

If Barba were a real person, you know he’d be one of those guys who gets featured on the news or at a press conference or something for even a split second and the Internet just takes his looks and runs with it. And by that, I mean Google searches trending like:

“That One Hot Attorney”

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“Sharp-Dressed Lawyer”

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“Prettyboy Barba”

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Or, god forbid, “Counselor Cutiepie”

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You’d see Buzzfeed articles on your Facebook feed like “See the Lawyer Everyone Wants to Call!” and it’s just wild. And while Carmen and the Squad are yukking up how hilarious it is that the internet has the hots for no-nonsense Barba, the man himself is just

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(He kinda feels flattered, though.)

I just like to think about the fact that Barba is close to his mom and grandmother, heavily into fashion and classy eating, and enjoys musicals but is never portrayed as anything less for it.

He’s constantly surrounded by women, his closest companion from SVU is a woman whom he enjoys meeting up with and shares some pretty deep stuff with, and it’s never pointed at like “He’s less of a man because he surrounds himself with all this girly stuff.” He wears pink, takes care of his girls, still calls his mother “Mami” (or “Mommy” phonetically), and honestly couldn’t give a shit what others would think of him for it and deeply loves his job and that’s all that matters.

He’s hella manly not in spite of, but because he has all these things going on in his life and thinks nothing of it and doesn’t give in to the toxic masculinity ideal. And aside from his intelligence and driven personality, that’s what I love about Barba the most.

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I love to do colored drawings, but I know many of you really like the b&w with colored eyes or highlights.
His eyes are my fave thing to draw, along with his hands. So I decided to put some of them together for you. 💞 I also made up my mind about Raúl drawing 126, but I guess I’ll just make various sketches later, to see what I like most. So prepare yourself for a little sketch inferno later lol.


It’s been five years since Alex Cabot was last on svu. Five years!! I miss her so much, I can’t fully describe it. She means everything to me and has helped me through a lot with her witty and sassy comments which never fail to put a smile on my face.

I hope she makes at least one more appearance. I need to see her and Olivia again. I really really really miss them. I’d love to see Alex and Barba. They’d make an unstoppable team!

I need answers to some questions!!

Is Alex happy??
Is she okay??
Has she fully recovered from her shooting??
How’s her anxiety and insomnia??
Where is she now??
Is she still kicking ass??
Has she met Noah??
Do Alex and Olivia still go ice skating??
Do they still talk??
Does Alex miss Olivia??
Does Alex miss svu??
Are Alex and Barba friends??
Has he ever gone to Alex for advice??

I am actually pretty nervous to post this… May I introduce you to Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 151: Raúl at the Joyful Heart Gala 2017. ❤️

There’s hardly a drawing I had more fun to work on. I loved every second of it. If I may be so free to say, I think this is my new pride. The first time I saw the photo, I knew I had to turn it into art.
So many of asked me to draw this and I hope it is just the way you expected it to be.

May it bring you as much joy as it brought to me while drawing! 💕😘