law's finger!

Originally Melissa was going to be holding on to Zack’s ankles, but I ran out of room on the paper.


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Hold my finger Law../////// lololol 

Oh man, I have all these amazing  pictures of Law all over my jeans…. life can’t get any better than this..


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Songs I Listen To While Driving And Thinking About Daredevil 2/?- I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young

My past has tasted bitter for years now,
so I wield an iron fist.
Grace is just weakness, or so I’ve been told.
I’ve been cold. I’ve been merciless,
but the blood on my hands scares me to death.

Dedicated to @amaitsumi, who for some bizarre reason, watched the entire 5 hour stream of me drawing this image from start to finish and commented on it while it was being drawn. We also definitively found out which way Law’s finger tattoos were oriented, despite certain anime scenes drawing them upside-down. 

@pilawforhire source

He tough he felt tears come into his eyes, he thought his heart was going to burst into flames and burn him from the inside out. The happiness spread rapidly like a welcoming hug, a hug that he gave to his precious Law.

He clicked his fingers, an old habit. “Law.” He coughed still embracing him, not even noticing the snow that put out his flaming coat. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw him, all grown up and proudly holding his chin up.

“You survived.” Rosinante was definitely crying now, this was what he wished for, hoped for and dreamed of. He held Law tighter, afraid that it was a mirage about to dissolve from his grasp, he never wanted to let him go. 

“You’re not sick…you’re..” He choked “All these years…I…I” He had too much to say and no idea where to begin

Great News!!

US Games has decided to rescind their policy, but with stipulations.

-Images cannot be scanned, and that I believe protects the artists best.
-it has to be a photo that can’t reproduce the deck

Basically, don’t make it easy for our decks to get stolen.

Llewellyn seems to be of the same mind, and almost all publishers are. I am disappointed with prisma visions, but that was a gift for the hubby, I don’t use them.

I think we are suffering from “smartphone effect”. We have the world at our fingers, and laws/rules are being adapted to suit that.

Okay since we’re repping Trafalgar Law rn, I wanna show my first and (so far) only tattoo. I instantly identified with Law, since that middle finger scene, I knew I was gonna like him. The reason I got my tattoo is sorta corny, but people like hearing it so I’ll tell it here. Okay so I have a little brother, and I love him to death. When Ace died, all I could think of was my brother, what would he do if I died? When Law shows up, rescues Luffy, looks after him, and even now supports him, despite his aloofness you can see he cares. Long story short, Law was there for Luffy after Ace died, and I got my tattoo to show that absolutely no matter what, no matter how far away I am, or how cold I may seem, I will always care for my little brother until I die.