The FBI Faked an Entire Field of Forensic Science
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Millions of people, mostly POC and poor people, have suffered or had their lives ended over this, with long term negative impacts on their families and communities as well.

Remember when I talk about how people with records face denial of basic services and massive discrimination, or how prisoners are enslaved, just how corrupt the US courts are and always have been.


Vico, BLM Nevada’s only K-9, retires

“Vico has always had dedication and persistence in his duties. He is probably the happiest BLM employee with just some dog food and a piece of hose,” said Dave Stolts, BLM Southern Nevada Supervisory Ranger. Stolts has been Vico’s handler since 2011 when Vico was brought into the BLM’s K-9 program. 

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katrinalaw: What do you celebrate today? Day 246 of 365. Today I celebrate the convention circuit family. We are a colorful tribe who follow a twisty little road that leads around the globe. We encompasses all walks of life. From new borns straight through to grandparents, we are all genders, all backgrounds, all skin colors, all ages. No one is looked down upon here. People’s differences are celebrated here. We dress up. We argue over the best superpowers. We lift each other up and we take care of each other. We are cosplaying nomads filled with love.


WATCH: Pres. Obama reported for jury duty today.

*Johnny Depp appears on the promotional poster for Fantastic Beasts*


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Jacob & Queenie touching 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍👏👏❤❤


JUDE LAW as Dumbledore

Ezra returning as Credence I’M SO HAPPY

Claudia Kim joining the cast (YAY an Asian in the cast!!)