Kiddie Porn Cop Given 30-Day Jail Sentence

A Vermont sheriff’s deputy convicted for possessing child pornography has received a sentence so lenient it’s causing outrage in the community.

Former Grand Isle Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Moen was arrested in January of 2015 and given a paltry 30-day sentence for multiple counts of possession of child pornography. Prosecutors said Moen used file sharing networks to obtain and share sexually explicit images of young children on the Internet.

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office offered an extremely light plea deal to Moen, who agreed to plea guilty to three felony charges in exchange for 3-year sentence — but Judge Alison Arms suspended all but 30 days of the prison term.                                                                                  /source/

“When a police officer trading in brutal images and videos of small children being raped is given only 30 days in jail, that is a red flag of a corrupt judicial system. The judge who gave this sentence should, herself, be investigated.”

I can say that this case got no different from other cases involving cops. Motherfucker commit a serious crime for what another citizen would be ‘lynched’, but he avoids  the punishment, because shiny cop badge gives an incredible power and guarantee of impunity. In other words, they can do everything, we ain’t. I never liked child pornography, but when I see such an injustice by our justice system, I get mad, because it means that the police state is here, it sets its own rules around the country.  

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Hartford Police Caught on Camera Beating Bloody Man in Alley

A video uploaded to social media on Monday captured Hartford police officers brutalizing a man in an alley as horrified witnesses called out in the man’s defense.

The footage was captured and shared byLashon Wavey Byrd, who witnessed the entire ordeal.  He maintains that the officers were hitting the man in the head with a taser prior to him beginning to record the encounter.

As of Monday evening, 550 people have been killed by police since the first of the year.  Connecticut currently ranks in 48th place for the most police killings, with only one death so far this year statewide.  The death was caused by a taser, and marked the 16th time since 2005 that an unarmed person has died in Connecticut due to a taser weapon that was fired by police.

For almost all of the Supreme Court’s history, it has been terrible to workers, terrible to women, terrible to racial minorities.
—  Ian Millhiser, editor of ThinkProgress Justice and author of the new book, “Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted.” Watch his interview on Democracy Now! today.
July = Corazon’s Month

First, it’s up to July 15 when we’re gonna celebrate his canon birthday,

Second, we’ll survive every Sunday in this month by watching all Law’s flashback episodes.

So guys, how about event like Corazon Week like this?

  • Day 1: Donquixote Family (with either or both parents)
  • Day 2: Marine Commander Rocinante (single or with Sengoku, Bellemere, etc.)
  • Day 3: Donquixote Pirate / Elite Officer Corazon
  • Day 4: Nagi Nagi no Mi
  • Day 5: Donquixote Brothers
  • Day 6: Cora-san and Law
  • Day 7: Heart / Love / Smile

Or you have another idea?

anonymous asked:

Hi sorry I swear I'm not trying to be facetious in asking this but I was wondering what asexual's fight for in terms of legality? Like, what bills need to be passed that would benefit asexuals/aromatics? Sorry if the question offends, I'm not trying to be smart I'm legitimately curious...

Hi Anon,

This is not an offensive question, but instead something very important that I think can be helpful for people to know. These are heavily answered with advice from David Jay - thanks :)

Family Law - how are non-traditional relationships respected by the law, especially aromantic relationships and romantic relationships that don’t look like what people would expect. This comes into play with what happens when people breakup, inheritance, child services, and immigration law. Often ace and aro relationships do not look like what people have written laws for and so when these issues come up they can treat ace & aro relationships like “friendships” which do not have legal status most of the time. Friendships is in quotes because I would love to have friendships be an option for legal recognition, but the state currently does not.

Non-discrimination - there is problematic academic and anecdotal research that shows that aces (not aros yet) face discrimination in housing and in work environments. There’s a debate about whether ENDA should include mentions of asexuality.