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  • Law: Shouldn’t we take Zoro to the hospital or something?
  • Luffy: Hospitals don’t like to hear things like ‘our friend has been paralyzed from the neck down by the neurotoxin venom of a lizard monster’, and if Robin says it’ll wear off, it’ll wear off. Trust me, Torao. I am the last person in the world who would put Zoro in any sort of danger. He’ll be okay.
  • Law: Who the fuck is Robin? Okay. Wait. I met Robin. She was…I can totally picture her knowing all about venomous lizard monsters.

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I adore your blog and wanted to say that keep up the good work because truly rock with your writing!! ❤❤❤ Also if its no bother, can I request what you think Luffy, Law and Kidd would do when they find a girl unconscious on the sea?


  • Similar to who the crew found Apis on dragon island filler arc, he would have mistaken her for a large fish and used his powers to grab her and bring her aboard.
  • He’d be surprised to find it was just a girl, and then he would be disappointed because it’s not like you can eat girls!
  • After that, she would be dragged away by Sanji (because he’s in love) and Chopper (because she’s probably malnourished and injured).


  •  Considering Law’s Submarine is underwater most of the time the girl would be very lucky for Law to be on top of the water and to see her.
  • His crew would ask Law if they could bring the girl on board. 
  • I doubt Law would refuse. He’s not that cruel and he is a doctor so he could treat any injuries she would have.


  • Kid doesn’t seem to be the type of guy to take unconscious girls a board his ship.
  • Maybe if she was floating on a pile of treasure? Or she landed on the ship in a storm?
  • Sorry but Kid just isn’t that nice of a guy.

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Hello~~ can I have some HCS of Marco and Law finding out there S/O is pregnant?


  • Might try to be happy for his s/o, but might not be able to join in on the joy.
  • It’s just, the Whitebeard Pirates have been through some crap for the past two years, and while the rest of the crew may see this as a time of joy, Marco would see this as another thing in his life at risk.
  • Becoming Captain, especially after losing his father…
  • He’d try to be happy, but really he wouldn’t be able to hide his overwhelming fear.


  • He’d be in shock for a little while. Eyes bulging, rapidly blinking, unable to look at anyone straight in the eye.
  • Like, his whole crew and his s/o would be staring at him, waiting for him to either freak out or be super happy but getting neither.
  • If he was sitting down, eventually he would stand up and look at his s/o, then their stomach, then back to his s/o again.
  • “Law, honey? You’re kind of scaring me…”
  • He’d stutter out an apology, then say he has something he has to do and walks out, goes into his study, than lock the door.
  • It would be a few days before they can get the spare key/break the lock, his s/o goes in alone to talk to him.
  • Depending on what his s/o is like, they might slap him for scaring them or maybe just be concerned.
  • Law hesitates, but finally admits that he is scared.
  • “Ever since… Dressrosa, things have been, different. I don’t have anything to concentrate on anymore. Now I can truly see what a wonderful crew I have, but, that also I am constantly leading them to danger.”
  • “It’s even worse with you. I’ve never been able to… and then I met you… and then you fell for me and I fell for you… if something happened to you…”
  • His s/o would grab his hand, urging him to keep going, being supportive but also giving him his space.
  • “And now a child. I’ve always been so careful… I don’t know how…”
  • “I can’t be a father. I’m the Surgeon of Death! It would be so dangerous, and even if nothing happens to… I’m-I’m a killer! I can’t look after them.”
  • Before his s/o could say something in defence, Law holds up his hand.
  • “(Name), there’s more, I-”
  • And if he hadn’t before, he told them right there and then about his past and the White City, the disease that ravaged his home and country, everything.
  • “I may have cured myself but, what if that doesn’t stop our child from developing Amber Lead Syndrome. It should have died with me, who knows what would happen with-”
  • His s/o goes to hug him, he pauses, but hugs her back and starts to cry.

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I knew you meant the adult pair, but I just wanted to do one first/final favorite-trope-filled hurrah of:

  1. Daddymingo and teeny Law
  2. Napping
  3. Mystery Man (Corazon) in the scene
  4. Happy

–With less than 2 weeks left before Oda-Sensei smashes those hopes to dust. ;;