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The Night Before Your Exam

Hello, hi there. Recently I made a post about what to do the day of your exam and it’s still getting notes which is amazing. Thank you all. So now, please enjoy these realistic tips for the night before your exam that do not involve perfum, gum, or cramming. Please don’t cram.

  • Get a good night’s sleep. I know that for many of us this is a major challenge because we deal with insomnia or anxiety disorders that keep us awake. Try taking a warm bath in Epsom salts. Stay in the tub until you break a sweat. Pick your salts wisely because some of them are more energizing (i.e lavender salts are more energizing I have found).
  • If you are having trouble sleeping because of tension in your neck/back, try to relieve the tension by rolling out your muscles on the floor, or conciously tensing them up for about 10-20 seconds before slowing releasing. The Epsom salt bath really helps with any sort of tension. I have chronic nerve pain from a car accident and it’s one of the few things that help me that is more holistic.
  • Don’t shy away from melatonin. It works wonders and you won’t feel “hung over” in the morning like you may with Z-Quil. They have melatonin gummies too!
  • Try lowering your body temperature. Sleep naked. It’s life changing. If you can’t sleep naked (because you live in a dorm) still do your best to keep it cool. Our bodies get tired when their temps are lower.
  • Additionally, do not cram for any exam. The night before your exam is not the time to be learning any new material. We are way past that. Gently refresh the material that you already know; however, do focus on items you may struggle with. Remember, althetes don’t go crazy hard the day before a game - treat your brain the same way; no heavy lifting.
  • You may take this time to rewrite your notes. It’s a simple act that can definitely help you to remember.
  • Try teaching the material to someone else, or if no one else is available - stand in the mirror and give your own personal TedTalk on the subject. Hey, if it works for Sims, right? Remember that if you can teach the material, you know it. Reiterating in your own words is so helpful.
  • This should go without saying, but eat a good dinner.
  • Use the “Match,” “Test,” and “Spell” functions on Quizlet. Very helpful.
  • Have I said do not cram yet?
  • Lay out your clothes for the morning. The fewer decisions the better.
  • You’re going to want to wake up with enough time to review your study materials a couple more times, get ready for the day, and leave for the exam early (so that you have time to review when you get there and to ensure you are on time!) So set your alarm in advance.
  • Make sure that you set out your blue book, calculator, etc. so that you are prepared for the exam tomorrow and you aren’t sprinting across campus to find somewhere that sells blue books.
  • Triple check that alarm.
  • Try to limit your use of electronics 30 minutes before you need to fall asleep. I know that isn’t always reasonable though. Just make sure your phone is plugged in so that it is well charged and ON when you need that alarm to go off.
  • Drink some water.
  • Don’t drink any coffee or other caffeinated beverage/over induldge in nicotine/or take your *prescription!!!* adderall after 8 PM. Really for the Adderall don’t take it after like 5:30. You will be up all night long, my friend.
  • Okay last time: do not cram for any exam. That’s like over extertion for your brain and it will take you time to recover. If you continuously pull all nighters to cram you will crash and burn eventually. So just start early on your study plan. You can make time for it, I promise.

Happy studying, realistic students!

here’s a list of my favourite playlists that i listen to when studying. only one playlist has lyrics so if you find that distracting you can skip it!


- Clean your backpack and organize your books, notebooks, laptop and study materials you will be needing for the week

- Clean your pencil pouch in case you have random things that have ended up there

- Meal prep- if this is something you don’t do at all, maybe see how it works for you for a week. If you are not a meal prepper, try setting aside the food you’ll have for breakfast the next day

- Clean your bedroom and study space- this will help clear your mind. Having a clutter-free space will relax you aswell

- Update your bujo/agenda with the upcoming events of the week- also, remember to re-write any tasks that you haven’t done from the previous week

- Make a to-do-list for Monday- categorize according to priorities. Also, try starting your list with a task you know you will easily accomplish, such as “eat breakfast”, so that you are motivated to keep on crossing tasks

- Work out- maybe go for a walk to breath some fresh air and fuel your brain with oxygen, or do whatever helps you move a little bit more than what you usually do during the weekdays

- Have a set beauty routine- paint your nails if that’s what you like, apply a hair or face mask, exfoliate your skin, have a bubble bath, or do whatever you know that will relax you and set you in a good mood

- Review your goals, short, medium, and long term- if you have not written any, this is a good time. It’s always a good thing to check your accomplishments and remind yourself of your future plans. This will help motivate you and will give you an extra boost of energy for the start of the week to keep yourself focused on working on your dreams

- Check the weather for the next day and prepare the clothes, makeup, perfume, etc, that you’ll be wearing for the week- having some extra time in the morning is always nice, as you don’t end up wasting 30 minutes of your time deciding what to wear (as it has happened to me plenty of times)

- Have a tray dedicated to store all the necessary things you can’t forget before leaving your house- gather all of them, such as your keys, your wallet, a water bottle or anything you know you will be needing and place them on the tray

- Water your plants- if you don’t have a set schedule for watering your plats, Sundays are the perfect days for that

- Empty your binders, notebooks or bag from lose pieces of paper and place them where they should be- this way you’ll make sure you’re not misplacing any important information that you might need in the future

- Check your fridge and pantry, make a grocery list and go shopping- by doing this, you’ll be certain that you won’t be running out of the foods you mostly eat in the middle of the week. If your grocery shop is located at a walking distance, you can take advantage of this and use that opportunity to breath fresh air

- Finally, have some time for yourself!- watch a movie, catch up on your favourite show, watch some youtube videos, read a book, write on your journal, play your favourite instrument, have some tea, or do whatever makes you happy. Taking care of yourself will never not be a productive thing to do.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


manifestation tip: manifesting is kind of like playing a video game, it happens in levels. if you’re manifesting from level one, you’re not going to magically jump to level 50. want to manifest your future spouse? start by manifesting a date. trying to make a six figure income? start by manifesting your first five figure month. start small, move through each level, and then you’ll win the game! ✨ ✨


ive trying to consciously make studying enjoyable, but also rigorous and productive lately. started by downloading forest and tidying up my desk (a very good mix of art and law obvs). today is day one. hope everyone is staying safe.

Why the law of attraction is not working and how to fix it

First things first, the law of attraction is always working. Whenever you claim that the law of attraction is not working, you’re actually using this very law to convince yourself that indeed – it’s not working for you. And that, my friend, is a vicious cycle. 

However, you have to understand that there’s so much more to the law of attraction than those hyped steps: ask, believe, receive. It took me some time to fully comprehend the crucial principles, and now I’m going to share them with you.

So, why the law of attraction is ‘not working’?

  • You don’t practice detachment. Pretty often, people become too obsessed with their manifestations. They think about the thing they want to manifest 24/7 and complain about the lack of it. Wrong! Seriously, don’t you have better things to do? Whenever you put something on a high pedestal, you create resistance. Actually, an ocean of resistance. Learn how to detach and trust the Universe.

  • You don’t do shadow work. Take care of the quality of your canvas before you start painting. Oftentimes all of the past traumas and limiting subconscious beliefs are holding you back. Let go of them. Heal them and then move on. You can’t hold on to this kind of negative energy forever. 

  • You don’t express gratitude. If you’re not grateful for the things you already have, you’ll never be able to upgrade your life. Lack of gratitude keeps you entangled in the lower vibration. Gratitude is the magical frequency. The more you are thankful, the more you attract things to be thankful for.

  • You’re not specific. If you change your mind all the time, you send mixed signals and receive mixed results. Maybe for the first time in your life, ask yourself these questions: What do I really want? What does my ideal life look like? Vision boards and scripting can be very beneficial because they show the Universe your perfect blueprint.

  • You’re not living in the present moment. If you always think of the past or worry about the future, you lose all of the precious possibilities the present moment can offer. Now is the only existing time in this Universe, so learn how to be more conscious.

  • You don’t work on your vibration. Everything that surrounds you is in the vibrational alignment with your state of being. When your vibration is low, you attract more things vibrating at the same frequency. It’s super important to raise your vibration and to learn how to maintain the higher state of being.

  • You don’t nurture self-love. If you don’t love yourself, if you’re constantly criticizing yourself, it impacts your energy and your entire belief system. This self-hate is going to manifest in every aspect of your life. It’s almost impossible to create anything if you’re devoid of the most important thing: love. And love starts within you.

I would highly encourage you to try some of these strategies. They’ve had a profound impact on my own reality. One of my current goals is to manifest a book deal for the novel I’m working on, and thanks to these strategies, I’ve noticed a huge positive shift! I’ve started to attract the right people and circumstances into my life. It’s like having a magic wand!

Things I wish I already knew going to University

Here are some reminders to myself. Hopefully, they are also helpful to some freshmen or anyone who’s curious:

1. University is not school.

You can’t shilly-shally around, take your sweet time and expect to just roll with it. Trust me, you will be in for a rude awakening. Find a goddamn studying method early in and stick with it. Flashcards and quizlets, whatever works for you. The deadlines and exams will draw closer faster than you think they will.

2. Your profs are not decoration.

Ask. Questions. Seriously. And go to office hours if you have any particular problem to resolve. Make use of that time. A lot of them will actually be thankful anyone is showing up. Against popular belief, professors indeed do make a mental note of a lot of their students. Don’t be one of those 20 people standing infront of their office for the first time a week before the exam.

3. Get as much work as possible done until noon.

It’s 12 and you have already studied for three and a half hours? Amazing. Look, I know, I am not a morning person either. But at least try it out. Get your sleep schedule in check. It will feel so much better than to procrastinate until evening and then you HAVE to do it anyway.

4. If you can explain it, you have understood it.

Done studying? Bet you’re not. Try explaining yourself the material loudly like teaching it to a clueless person. Or get yourself a study buddy and explain your subjects to each other. It’s even better if you don’t have the same majors. If you are able to explain the topic and have the other person understand it, you actually know the topic. If not, you now know where the shoe pinches. It’s also great practice!

5. You may feel a bit lonely at first.

Okay, I don’t want to scare anyone. I did find a lot of friends. Especially at first, everyone is your friend. Because everyone is scared of missing the boat and feeling left out. There will be so many people around you. Still – or maybe that’s the reason – you will probably feel a bit lonely at first. I want to tell you that this is normal. It’s because everyone is still a stranger to you and maybe you’ve just moved out! Maybe you are far away from home for the very first time. I’ve struggled with this. That’s fine! Everything will be fine. You will feel at home eventually.

I hope everyone is doing well. Take care! :)


I received my final grades today and I’m happy to say I’ll be graduating law school with an upper second class honours degree.

Thank you to the many coffee shops that supported my studies over the years and to my partner who probably knows as much about the law as I do after listening to all my “want to know something cool” statements. We did it!

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This year I wish you…

  • abundance of health, abundance of love, and abundance of success.
  • clear skin, clear head and clear boundaries of what you no longer allow into your life.
  • blazing confidence and blazing strength to smash those goals.
  • and most importantly, may you be surrounded by loving and beautiful people who support you in every way.

Gratitude works. Period. When you’re grateful, you’re on the frequency of receiving. You show the Universe how abundant you are, and the Universe is like, ‘Yes, you’re right, know what? Let me give you more abundance’. The thing is most people count their problems instead of their blessings, and then they wonder why they don’t experience the desired outcome. If you’re not grateful for what you already have, you can’t attract more. You’re in a state of lack, and lack creates more wanting and needing.

One of the greatest tricks to speed up your manifestation is to be grateful before any physical evidence. That’s how you magnify your power, that’s how you become a super-attractor. Everything is energy, everything is vibration, and when you embody the frequency of gratitude, suddenly everything becomes possible. 

Teach your body how to feel gratitude, teach every cell how to fully experience this state. Be grateful for everything, for your life, for your loved ones, for a cup of coffee, for the fact that you have a roof over your head. Gratitude is a magical frequency. It amplifies everything in your life. The more you embody this state, the better things you can attract into your life. 

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Make gratitude the most important quality of your life, and soon you will start to witness unexpected synchronicities. The doors will start to open, opportunities will occur, right people will just come your way. Why? Because you show the Universe that you already have everything you need, so she gives you more of what you focus on.

The Two-Cup Method- A method of manifesting✨🔮

This is another Law of Attraction method of manifesting, which is based on the concept of dimension jumping. “Anything that can happen, has happened, and is happening”. The theory of multiverse or many-worlds implies that “we are potentially living in countless others dimensions at the same exact time as we live in the current dimension, living lives that are completely different or even just bit a different”.

“Dimensional jumping is moving from one dimension to the next. When we use the law of attraction, we set an intention that will move us to the dimension we desire IF we align to that dimension’s frequency with our own vibration and energy.” Says YouTube Leeor Alexandra

And here is where the Two-Cup method comes in.

What you need:

Two cups



What do you do?

1- Fill one cup with water (suitable for drinking), and keep the other one empty.

2- Label the two cups. The one with the water is your current situation. The other one which is empty, will be your desired situation. Like this.


The water filled with water has to describe your current reality and what you are feeling. For example ‘Lonely, single, unemployed, poor social life’ idk. The empty cup of water will describe your desired reality 'working at my dream job, in a loving, healthy relationship, successful social life’ for example.

3- Once you’ve labeled the cups, sit with them for a while and think about how you feel about your current reality. Then, meditate about how you will feel when you manifest your desired reality. Try to hold on to that positive, good feelings, and take the full cup of water and pour it into the empty cup. Be present, mindful, and notice the sound and feeling of filling the empty cup.

4- Now, contemplate the new state of the cups and keep holding on to that good feeling. All you have to do next is drink the water until the last drop, and feel happy and excited that now you have attracted to you what will lead you to your desired reality.

5- Rip up the label of your old situation and keep the one of your desired situation. That’s it. You’ve just shifted your reality.

How many times do you do it? Just once, for each manifestation.

Reminder: Make sure that you are keeping high vibrational thoughts when you are doing this. If you feel doubts, or anxiety that you are not doing it right, stop and try it another day.

If you have any questions, hit me up on my askbox. I’ll be happy to answer and help in what I can. Do not repost without permission.

Happy manifesting, everybody ✨!!!

How to level up your affirmations

Yes, affirmations can be a great tool. However, you have to know how to use them correctly. Mindless repeating leads nowhere. There are some things you must do to activate your affirmations. Remember that your affirmations have to enter the subconscious mind.

  • Always state your affirmations in the present tense. Don’t use I’m going to or I will, use words that refer to the present moment. Also, avoid I want. Instead, use statements such as I have, or even better I am.

  • Activate positive emotions.  Emotion is energy in emotion. Emotion is what creates your reality, so every affirmation must be connected with an appropriate feeling. If you say I love and am loved, but you don’t feel like you’re surrounded by love, this affirmation is not going to have much impact on your life.

  • Record your affirmations and listen to them on repeat. Hearing your own voice repeating the affirmations will help convince your subconscious mind that it is the truth, that it is the current reality. Also, listen to your affirmations while drifting off to sleep. This is the time of the theta brainwaves, and during this state, the subconscious mind is like a sponge and absorbs everything easier. 

  • Say your affirmations in front of the mirror. Sounds weird, I know, but there is a direct connection between you and your subconscious mind whenever you do this. Make sure to look directly into your eyes and be confident.

  • Write them out in a journal. Make a habit of rewriting your affirmations every morning. This will help your subconscious to remember them automatically. The subconscious mind is like a computer, so you just have to create a new program.
  • Repeat them in your head. When you’re driving, running, cooking, etc. use this time to your advantage. We often harm ourselves with negative self-talk during our everyday activities, so being conscious of your affirmations is going to help you control your thinking patterns.

And that’s it, just remember that it is going to be a gradual process. It usually takes about 21- 60 days to reprogram your mind and create new beliefs. But trust me, it’s worth it!

What Did You Say? A guide to writing good dialogue

(Remember all pieces of advice are meant to help guide, that is all. They are not dogma.)

Ever read something and heard the dialogue in your head, and you just stopped. There was something off about it and for a solid minute there you couldn’t tell if the character was supposed to sound like that or if the author just didn’t have dialogue down. Chances are some mistakes were made. 

Dialogue can be tricky. There’s no doubt about it.

You need to make it sound like the characters are having a real conversation but if you write it exactly like people talk it can get confusing and sound even worse. 

“So how do I write good dialogue?!”

You can usually sense when your dialogue needs work. So here’s a set of some dialogue trick that might help you. When you think something is off with your dialogue use this to help you figure out what and make some changes.


All about that Flow-

It’s said all the time about your first draft, the important thing is to get the words on the page, you’ll refine later. This technique applies to your dialogue, and you’ll even come up with lines you never would have if you spent your time trying to be perfect.

You can even try writing the dialogue first. Get down what your characters are arguing about, planning, revealing, etc. Do it fast, pay no attention to who said what. Just get the words out.

This dialogue can give you a good idea what the scene is about and it might be different than what you thought. Then just go back to it and fill in.

This can be good for when you’re in a slump.

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been feeling a little lost, unmotivated, and down lately. but seeing this reminds me to remember that, in the end, it’s my life and no one can help me but myself. hope this brings some motivation to all of you as the semester is coming to an end 💕

Teachers in school: When you go to law school, things aren’t going to be as easy and chill as they are now! The professors take their job’s very seriously.

My US common law professor: *with a paper plane in his hand* This is the airplane of knowledge. I am too lazy to pick one of you to answer, so whoever gets hit by the airplane of knowledge is going to answer the question.