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in mnm, luffy is 21 years old and wears hoodies with the sleeves cut off and loves aliens and law in his own weird way for some reason, and when they hang out in the house where luffy lives, i imagine him standing on top of furniture and things to even out the extreme height difference in certain situations

i highly encourage you to consider full-viewing this~

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Steve Rogers as the genius loci of America (or perhaps the American dream?): discuss. 

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A thought about Sonny’s future

I don’t know if this makes sense, and I especially don’t know if the writers are mapping out Sonny’s character arc in such detail, but something occured to me after rewatching this week’s episode.

Sonny seemed to be taking a separate position, more than once, compared to the other cops (even Benson).

First of all, like I said in my earlier post, Sonny asked for a warrant before he even went to search the poor guy’s apartment, and Benson practically said “find something linking him to the rape, forget about the warrant”. Then, as he was searching the apartment, he was acting all intense but it was clear he was fronting, it was clear that he was panicking because, after some point, he started realizing they had shot the wrong guy.

That’s why he asked about the guy’s haircut; because, even though Sonny was supposed to be trying to pin the crime on the suspect, he was actually trying to figure out if the guy was guilty. Which he wasn’t. That’s why Sonny asked about a warrant again, for a second time, on the phone with Benson (and she shut him down again); he knew they were searching that apartment of an innocent man. There’d be nothing there.

But Sonny stood apart one more time; at the end of the episode, when all the other cops were openly dissing Barba, Sonny was the only one who spoke up to defend him. Even Rollins was quiet, or just focusing on the ‘silver lining’ (for her and her cop friends), on the fact the cops would probably walk.

Sonny didn’t act like an angry cop; he considered the facts, and he correctly deduced that Barba never would have overcharged like that, so it must have been the grand jury.

So, twice in one episode, Sonny was shown to act differently than the rest of the cops. Could that be because he’s more than just a cop? Could this be a hint that Sonny might be considering becoming a lawyer? That he’s not as hardcore as the other cops, because maybe he doesn’t necessarily see himself as a cop in the long term?

Could that be why Sonny was the only one who empathized with Barba? What do you think?


Tao’s style: talk big, do shit!

Can we please talk about how in the episode Betrayals Climax at this moment Olivia tells Barba that the victim doesn’t want to testify because she is ashamed that she experienced an orgasm during her rape and Barba doesn’t even bat an eye. He just says “okay well I can get a half dozen experts to testify that that’s okay.” Like he completely just understands and doesn’t judge the victim. Shows how much he is really part of the squad.