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Law School is like fight club, we never talk about law school

I don’t know what law school you go to but where I came from literally the only thing we could ever talk about was law school and tbh it made us insufferable human beings to all non-law people 

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OK so I have a kinda fun one. Mihawk, Crocodile, Law and Ace's s/o have a nightmare so they wake them up. And they wake up all calm and stuff and ask why they were woken up and told they had a nightmare they can ether be confused or just be OK with it cuz they're used to not remembering their dreams (Mihawk on the second plz?) I litarly almost never remember my dreams so I just think this would be fun. Plz and thank you

I hope I did this alrighty! tbh I wish I didn’t remember my dreams; last night I dreamt an old dusty ass lady bought a pair of my socks with a counterfeit 25$ bill… I hope u enjoy that info


  • When Mihawk was a school aged child he used to remember his dreams. Though after time he just stopped, he’ll snap out of his sleep if he has a really peculiar dream, but never remembers what occurs.
  • So when you wake him up, he’s slightly grouchy. Unless you’re about to die, or the room is on fire he needs his beautysleep.
  • Once he hears it’s a nightmare he kinda just scoffs and rolls his eyes.
  • He’ll then roll back over, and attempt to fall asleep. Though you slide your hand near him, and cling to the covers.
  • He’ll sit up
  • When he sees your tinted face, and shakey breaths, he’ll shift a little closer to you, and wrap an arm pulling you near him.
  • ‘I’m sorry dear, it’s just a dream. Don’t be distressed, it’s nothing to be afraid of.’
  • Kinda slides you down, to lay with him.
  • He’ll stroke your hair until you’re a bit more calm
  • Quickly you fall back to sleep, he stays up for a bit, making sure you don’t wake up to him coldly sleeping


  • dreams are for the weak & children
  • So when you wake up from one - he kind of shrugs it off
  • He’s not being a douche on purpose, but kinda is
  • When you express how shaken/ fearful you are
  • He’ll pull you up on his lap, and kiss your sweaty forehead
  • Pushes you near his chest, and strokes your hair
  • Does his weird ass deep chuckle
  • Says something along the line of “If anything came near you love, I’d make sure they suffered the pain of a thousand deaths”
  • Or something edgy and poetic
  • Tries to make out with you over a bottle of a classy alcoholic beverage - or goes back to sleep holding you close


  • Ace is the kinda guy who doesn’t remember his dreams
  • Never has
  • He wakes up with like, a sense of the dream??
  • If it was a nightmare, he’d wake up feeling scared, or angry, happy, etc etc
  • But! He does remember when Luffy would get the occasional nightmare, and would have to comfort him
  • (by comfort I mean call him a baby, and throw him outside)
  • So when you woke him up he just would wing it
  • He’d pull you super close, and pepper you with a few lil kisses
  • ‘Do you wanna tell me about it?’
  • For as long as possible he’ll attempt to stay awake as you ramble about a large lava monster devoring the ship, and many of the members with it.
  • And how you remember Ace sobbing as he went down with it.
  • He’ll just laugh a little bit, and somehow manage to pull you closer. Wrapping his warm hand around yours and bringing it to his face
  • ‘It’ll take more then some lava monster to destroy the ship. And definitely more to take me away from you babe’
  • Then he gives your hand one last final smooch before you drift asleep in each other’s arms


  • Whenever he had dreams they were nightmares
  • Eventually he was able to block out the dream experience - but he’d still wake up with the fear and anxiety
  • He’s occasionally a light sleeper, so he’ll wake up as soon as he feels you toss and turn. Or you’ll have to stab him awake.
  • He doesn’t exactly know how to comfort you, he’ll just awkwardly pull you close and listen to your rabbles
  • Wants to call you silly for being afraid of such an event taking place - but he can’t bring himself to call you stupid for being afraid
  • Massages your scalp/ mangles up your hair in hope of solace
  • Law doesn’t really respond except with “Go back to sleep” or a deep “Hm”
  • low key waits for you to fall asleep first - though he might lay there all night holding you

come to law school to watch a 1L argue with an actual 9th circuit judge about whether or not the 9th circuit is too political

Steve Rogers as the genius loci of America (or perhaps the American dream?): discuss. 

(RoL-style magic makes everything in the MCU significantly more logical, don’t argue with me on this.) 

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Can we please talk about how in the episode Betrayals Climax at this moment Olivia tells Barba that the victim doesn’t want to testify because she is ashamed that she experienced an orgasm during her rape and Barba doesn’t even bat an eye. He just says “okay well I can get a half dozen experts to testify that that’s okay.” Like he completely just understands and doesn’t judge the victim. Shows how much he is really part of the squad.

A thought about Sonny’s future

I don’t know if this makes sense, and I especially don’t know if the writers are mapping out Sonny’s character arc in such detail, but something occured to me after rewatching this week’s episode.

Sonny seemed to be taking a separate position, more than once, compared to the other cops (even Benson).

First of all, like I said in my earlier post, Sonny asked for a warrant before he even went to search the poor guy’s apartment, and Benson practically said “find something linking him to the rape, forget about the warrant”. Then, as he was searching the apartment, he was acting all intense but it was clear he was fronting, it was clear that he was panicking because, after some point, he started realizing they had shot the wrong guy.

That’s why he asked about the guy’s haircut; because, even though Sonny was supposed to be trying to pin the crime on the suspect, he was actually trying to figure out if the guy was guilty. Which he wasn’t. That’s why Sonny asked about a warrant again, for a second time, on the phone with Benson (and she shut him down again); he knew they were searching that apartment of an innocent man. There’d be nothing there.

But Sonny stood apart one more time; at the end of the episode, when all the other cops were openly dissing Barba, Sonny was the only one who spoke up to defend him. Even Rollins was quiet, or just focusing on the ‘silver lining’ (for her and her cop friends), on the fact the cops would probably walk.

Sonny didn’t act like an angry cop; he considered the facts, and he correctly deduced that Barba never would have overcharged like that, so it must have been the grand jury.

So, twice in one episode, Sonny was shown to act differently than the rest of the cops. Could that be because he’s more than just a cop? Could this be a hint that Sonny might be considering becoming a lawyer? That he’s not as hardcore as the other cops, because maybe he doesn’t necessarily see himself as a cop in the long term?

Could that be why Sonny was the only one who empathized with Barba? What do you think?