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My study space & materials today, complete with a toasted graham latte ☕️ (first time trying it & I thought it was pretty good!). I’m spending today and tomorrow studying for a contracts law midterm so if I take longer to respond to messages, don’t fret, I still love you!

I hope you are all staying warm and dry in this Joaquin weather! ☔️💨


The Wonderful, Complicated POV Ladies of ASOIAF. Arianne Martell is represented by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Belle; everyone else is represented by their show counterpart.


8th person voted out and the 1st member of our jury: Hali

This is my second week in Glasgow and I am so very impressed with how beautiful this city is. I won’t have a pen tablet for these following months, so more traditional art to come (unless if I am buried neck-deep with law school stuff)

Have some Ghost King Nico Di Angelo (really missed drawing this babe)<3

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Youtubers au in which Javert has a law orienting channel and his videos are like "Civil Code Explained", "How To Succeed In Law School", and stuff like that and like, even if he sounds a bit too passionate sometimes all the lawyers from les Amis they're like "thank you god for our exams" or those who have study or cultural channels are like "we need to do a collab with him !" (I think Ferre would say that). And like, awkwardly Jav begins to han out with them and then he's their dad basically.

Also on the Javert youtuber AU, I see that he would have a sort awkward deadpan kind of humor but he doesn’t even realise it and then whenever Enjolras or the law students Les Amis watch his videos for help, there’s Grantaire in the background, laughing, while the other shot daggers at him because “damn R for once we understand what our textbooks and professors are trying to teach us”. And R just want a collab with him for his art and cooking channel just for the humor and laugh his ass off.

R thinks he’s hilarious 

Les Amis are just grateful they are passing theri classes thanks to him

R is all “Collab! Collab!” “SHHH he’s explaining something really useful”


Also the first time they met Javert face to face they were at a protest or something and Grantaire just gasped at the dude handcuffing Enjolras “SPACECOP1800????”

Don’t date a law student.

I have been there from the start. From the moment he had his doubts about pushing through with it, to getting accepted, to his first day – I was there. Entering a relationship with a man knowing that the next 5 years of his life will be dedicated to sleepless nights with his codal, writing hundreds of cases, time and stress management, and preparing for legal war in class was and still is hard. It gets harder everyday. 

So, here’s why you should not date a law student.

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This is what my day looks like (or more like what my bed looks like)… I’m working on a company law assignment! Its so much fun I really love company law! 🤓 I really don’t like reading legislation and case law that much (it involves way to much reading and especially not the type of reading I like to do) but it comes with the territory and it’s absolutely necessary in the law profession, regardless I have to kinda force myself to like it… 🤓