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Bahorel v. His Inner Lawyer
  • He has to throw away an entire month’s worth of notes because he realized he was writing them on a legal pad.
  • He uses the phrase “I object!” in conversation and then stares into the mirror for five straight minutes until he whispers “who am I?”
  • He refers to the law school as “Hell” or “The Dark Place” or “The Dragon’s Lair.”
  • He refers to the dean of the law school as “Satan” or “The Dragon” or “The Destroyer of All That Is Good And Pure In This World.”
  • He doesn’t say “lawyer.” Instead, he says “the l word.”
  • Feuilly uses his law textbook against him much like one would use the Bible against a vampire.
  • Every time he touches his law textbook, he has to immediately wash his hands.
  • Whenever his friends need legal advice, he leaves anonymous notes, cut-out-letters ransom note style. Everyone knows that it’s him, but they don’t say anything. They don’t want to offend him by acknowledging the fact that he goes to law school. 
  • Mike: I love you
  • Harvey: I love you more
  • Mike: I love you most
  • Harvey: I love you more than my hair
  • Mike: I just got closed
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anonymous asked:

Wait so I'm Canada it doesn't matter what law school you go to? Like you have the same chance in the job market regardless?

Here is how ranking in Canada works: 

1) University of Toronto 

2) Literally everyone else 

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Okay so I don't know who this Professor McTinyDick is but I just want you to know I love you and you will be super successful in spite of crusty ass dudes telling you that you can't. XOXO <3

PROFESSOR MCTINYDICK I’M ACTUALLY SCREAMING HAHAHA oh my gosh thank you for the support I love you Tanya sdjfhsdkjf



Today I decided to start new life here.

• My name is Arina

• 18 y.o.

• From Kazakhstan, Qaraghandy

• First year law school student

• Loving everything that I’m doing

• In love with language learning

Native language - Russian. 

Second best - English.

Currently learning - Slovene, Macedonian, Kazakh, Hebrew, Spanish, Ukrainian, RSL. 

Want to learn - German, Icelandic, Japanese, ASL, Estonian, Finnish.

• Play flute almost my whole life

• Vegan since 18.4.16

• I love my country, but planning to live in Slovenia in the future

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I also have studygram @kamorkoli.gres and my personal ig @po.zimi_pomlad
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Studyblr (Re)Introduction

So I tried to maintain this blog about a year ago, but that obviously didn’t go well. But, I’m back again for a second shot at keeping up the motivation to update regularly. So, a little about myself:

I’m a freshman college student at a smallish school in New England. I’m technically a psychology major at the moment, but I’m going to speak with my advisor soon about switching to a political science major. I’m also playing around with the idea of adding a minor in journalism. Longterm, I think I’d like to go to law school. I love reading, writing, playing sims, and playing with cats. 

I’m open to talking about anything, and giving advice is something I really enjoy, so please send me messages!

This blog is mainly here to help me hold myself accountable for my goals, and document my experience through the remainder of my schooling.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but I have social anxiety and gosh, I am so scared of going to Court. I'm scared, I'll get into law school and not succeed well. Whenever I think about it, it makes me doubt about my choices. Right now, I'm thinking 50% lawyer and 50% I want to do something else but I just don't know what I want to do besides becoming a lawyer. Is there some fields that do not required a lot of litigation?

There is a LOT you can do as a lawyer that does not involve going to court. Basically, if you do solicitor’s work (estates, commercial transactions, real estate, etc.) you will never ever see the inside of a courtroom* 

Check out these other posts about law school and anxiety/mental health (because, honestly, law school is a whole other ball game compared to the practice of law) that might help you make your decision (x)(x)(x)

*unless one of your files goes to shit and you have to testify as a witness

Woke up at 5am and couldn’t quite bring myself to start studying just yet so I decided I’d draw. 

I really like Ameripan… No idea why. I just do.