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5 tips that might help you study or do your homework better

These are some tips I’ve gathered throughout my law school journey, so I thought I’d share them. You may find some of these helpful :)

1) time yourself but don’t stick to timers - okay this may sound strange. What I’m trying to say here I will explain with something that used to happen to me a lot: I would use the pomodoro technique to track myself, but more often than not, when the timer went off I would either be super focused on what I was doing and couldn’t afford being distracted or taking a break because the alarm said so, or I would just be reading not really paying attention to the text, thinking what I would have for dinner, without being able to stop because the alarm hadn’t gone off. So if that method doesn’t work for you, what I do is time myself in the following way, for instance, if I start studying at 2pm, I write that in a piece of paper, and whenever I feel I start losing focus, I stop and write the time again. So this sometimes may be an hour, 40 minutes or 20. The important thing here is to listen to your brain and not waste time reading material if it’s not active reading, or interrupting your wave of focus because of an alarm. So don’t use alarms, just time yourself.

2) now you may ask why you should time yourself if it’s not to set an alarm, well what I’ve found helpful here is linked to many things, but the main ones are following: summing up all the time you have written up as I said in point number 1, will give you at the end of the day the most accurate result of how much you have actually activedly studied. This is because you are tracking only the really productive periods of time that you have completed, even if they were 40 minutes in 4 hours. In that way you will start being more realistic with yourself, and not feel like you have spent 4 hours doing hard work and achieving nothing, when in reality it has been only 40 minutes. Then, summing up all the hours of all the study sessions that you have accomplished for that subject will ease your nerves if you feel you haven’t studied enough, because now you would have real proof of how much you have actually studied.

3) listen to sounds of people writting or turning pages - I really don’t like listening to music, I know myself and I don’t focus at all if I listen to music, but listening to the sound of turning pages, writting or even crackling fire relaxes me and puts me in a good mood to be more productive

4) have a piece of paper for writing stuff that comes to your head while studying - This used to happen to me a lot, I would be studying and at the same time I would remember I had to make a phone call, or ask somebody something regarding another subject, or something I was missing in my grocery list, but at the same time I would keep on reading and not being involved with the text. So now, I always have a piece of paper, sticky note, something, to write everything that comes to my mind while studying, because it seems I only remember I have to buy tomatoes when I’m reading Contract Law. This way I take the thought out of my mind, I’m able to focus on what I’m studying at the moment and I actually do remember to buy my tomatoes because I have written it up.

5) don’t just highlight - make annotations in the margins, summarize   paragraphs in sticky notes and pace them on top, re-write the text books key terms in a notebook, make mind maps out of the text, or whatever you find helpful to stay engaged with the reading. This way you’re not just reading like you would read a newspaper, you’re actually encoding that stuff into your brain. Plus, when the exam is nearby, you will already have all of your material digested and it will be easier to go through it.

Hope these tips helped you :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


14.3.16 It really felt like spring today! The warm (by Leeds’ standards) weather really brightened my mood, so I went to the farmers market on campus after morning lectures and got an orange, carrot and apple juice! Mainly to match my kanken, ngl.

Fall is officially here with fog, clouds, and 60 degree weather 🍂🌰🎃
Today I’m focusing on review. My tip to anyone with a major or field that requires memorizing a lot of material is to outline as you go. I do a “class summary” for every class where I hit he high points from lecture, lab, and my casebook. They usually aren’t more than a page!
Doing this not only reinforces the material but makes outlining before finals so much easier because you have already memorized and condensed so much. Definitely with the time 👻

thatsthat24 has wonderful taste in music and everyone should be following his Spotify playlists because they are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Seriously. There’s a lot I haven’t heard before, but it’s all perfect and exactly the sort of stuff I like to listen to.

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You got this!

The Stages of Homework

So you start out so eager to get it over with:

But then you realize:

So you compromise– do a little bit then you can take a break:

Breaks turn into naps, which then turn into mini-comas:

And now it’s late and you have to do everything in a hurry so you put on some tunes:

And next thing you know– you’re done just in time to get a few hours of sleep and make it to class the next day

1. Write notes of lectures
2. Type up “good copies” of notes
3. Organize all notes by topic
4. Create an index of notes
5. Put notes and index into their own binder, like your own personally made text book!

*** when you are studying your notes, highlight important topics your instructor focused on or repeated in multiple lectures.. they are usually trying to get you to remember them for a reason! Also highlight any details you think are important or have a hard time remembering.
Keep a seperate piece of paper on hand to write down any facts you struggle to remember or need clarification on!

Straight A student tips! //bragbragbrag

11:34pm || Friday 27 March
Like all epic nerds, I’m hard at work doing my homework for class that’s due next Wednesday. It’s a fascinating topic, but the requirement for it to be handwritten makes me dread doing it each week. It puts a lot of pressure on me (and my poor little hand). It’s a great feeling to be almost done so far in advance.