law school homework

Best youtubers to watch for study inspiration/motivation!

→  Law Students

• LilyLikeCom - Law school vlogs: 

• Caely Yo - Law:

→  Science and Maths Students

• Chenling Shi - Studies A LOT:

• Holly Gabrielle - Cambridge vlogs:

→  Medical School Students

• The Strive To Fit - Med School Student combined with fitness:

• America - Pushes you through your stress:

• Thebrittnyway - Motivating for exams:

• JaneandJady - Med School Couple:

• Twinklinglena:

→  General Studiers

• Study With Jess - Everything you need for motivation:

• Ways To Study:

• Studyign - This girl is on point with her organisation:

• Thomas Frank - Everything you need to know about studying:

I hope this helps some of you, they helped me a lot! I will update as I come across more. Good luck everyone!


14.3.16 It really felt like spring today! The warm (by Leeds’ standards) weather really brightened my mood, so I went to the farmers market on campus after morning lectures and got an orange, carrot and apple juice! Mainly to match my kanken, ngl.

11:34pm || Friday 27 March
Like all epic nerds, I’m hard at work doing my homework for class that’s due next Wednesday. It’s a fascinating topic, but the requirement for it to be handwritten makes me dread doing it each week. It puts a lot of pressure on me (and my poor little hand). It’s a great feeling to be almost done so far in advance.

thatsthat24 has wonderful taste in music and everyone should be following his Spotify playlists because they are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Seriously. There’s a lot I haven’t heard before, but it’s all perfect and exactly the sort of stuff I like to listen to.

Fall is officially here with fog, clouds, and 60 degree weather 🍂🌰🎃
Today I’m focusing on review. My tip to anyone with a major or field that requires memorizing a lot of material is to outline as you go. I do a “class summary” for every class where I hit he high points from lecture, lab, and my casebook. They usually aren’t more than a page!
Doing this not only reinforces the material but makes outlining before finals so much easier because you have already memorized and condensed so much. Definitely with the time 👻