law school grades

I had my exam in contract law today: it was nine hours long and sooo stressful! We had to answer three essay questions and were limited to 1K words. It went pretty well but I’ve never been more stressed in my life! and I can’t even be happy that it’s over because we start studying for the next exam tomorrow lmao 

I want you all to remember that your grades do not define you. Your grade in this class is simply one measure of how you performed in one particular task on one particular day. So when we run into each other after this semester, I don’t want you to think that I see you as just your grade in my class, like it’s plastered on your forehead. Because you are much more than that. I see you as the talks we had, the questions you asked, the points you brought up in class. The things you were curious about, the things you enjoyed. That is how I know you. You are not your grades.
—  My professor said this today on the last day of class and I think everyone deserves to hear it