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Your Preferred Username is Already Taken, D&D Alignments Edition

  • Lawful Good - Add an adjective
  • Neutral Good - Use it as part of a phrase
  • Chaotic Good - Append a “420″ or a “69″
  • Lawful Neutral - Append a “1″ (or a “2″ if “1″ is already taken, etc.)
  • True Neutral - Go with your second choice because you weren’t really that invested anyway
  • Chaotic Neutral - Deliberate and flagrant misspelling
  • Lawful Evil - Add a pun
  • Neutral Evil - Visually similar glyph substitution (e.g., uppercase I for lowercase L)
  • Chaotic Evil - Homestuck typing quirk
Say Yes to Distress (Rafael Barba x Reader)

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SHOUT OUT TO @mrsrafaelbarba FOR PROOFREADING THIS!! *insert gospel hands*

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! We’re gonna be late if you don’t speed up!”

How interesting it was for you to make such a statement, given that Rafael could only go as fast as your tugging from ahead allowed him. At least, it would have been interesting, had you not roused the man from his sleep in such an abrupt manner. Rafael Barba was a very busy man and one who had learned long ago to appreciate what downtime he had to the best of his ability. So if there ever was an opportunity to sleep in, he would sleep like a rock after capping a night out on the town with some hard liquor. And he was quite grateful to share such a trait with you. Curled up, your back to his chest, being the big spoon to your little spoon underneath the comforting shield of the duvet with the familiar sounds of the bustling city below your apartment playing in the background – that was how he liked his Saturday mornings.

Not being woken up to your cold hands smooshing his cheek after he failed to respond to your whispers or even shaking him. And certainly not getting marched out of bed, into the shower for only five minutes, a quick breakfast of Eggo waffles (weekends were usually the only time he could even get breakfast!), and out the door to the rowdy streets of New York. He much preferred this sound to be on the other side of the window, rather than up in his ears. However, the honking of car horns and rattle of construction and shouting of commuters was almost drowned out, if not for you taking up the most of his attention with your incessant command: “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.” You’d been saying it since he’d lumbered out of bed. And he’d been asking why since the Eggo waffles.

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(2/7) OPParty Chapter 10 Translation
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Chapter 10 “The 5 Competitions”

Luffy: “Puhaaaa!! I’m stuffed!! Sanji’s meal was delicious again today!”

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It took Kepler five years of mathematical equations and proofing, but he did eventually prove that planetary orbits are not circular, but elliptical. This was a radical discovery because it meant that the sun was not at the center of Earth’s orbit, but rather the focus. With this revelation, however, came the corresponding result: planets move at different speeds depending on where they are in orbit. The further away from the sun, the slower the planet travels.

I just want to say, since meeting you, that you may not be the center of the universe but you’ve certainly become a focus for me. Just like Kepler’s Third Law states, the planets move slower the greater distance between them and the sun, so let’s not drift apart, okay?