law of emotion

When you find the emotion of it, you have found the vibration of it” ~
Abraham Hicks

Jason Todd is an emotional crier.

Little Jason feeling sad over his mom’s death? Cries himself to sleep most nights.

Bruce takes him to a baseball game to connect with him? Big wet tears drip into his cracker jacks

Robin Jason reading about all the terrible things happening to people in his ugly, beloved city? Weeps with frustration over being unable to help

Bruce won’t kill the Joker for him? Angry tears everywhere

Dick makes a lame pun? Crying behind his hood but he’ll deny it until the day he dies (again)

Anytime Jason get a little worked up, bam, tears just appear out of nowhere. Totally embarrassing when he’s trying to keep up this bad boy reputation.


The Only Way To Break Through Emotional Blocks 

When you put on a fake smile with the intention of “trying to be positive” you’re ignoring your true feelings. Caging our emotions and repressing them causes them to manifest over time in poor mental and physical health - this is because emotions are energy in motion and you can never destroy the energy, it must find a way to be expressed.

Ignoring our emotions will cause them to manifest in other ways - for example if you repress your feelings of resentment toward someone in your life you may find yourself lashing out at those who don’t deserve it. Similarly if you’re ignoring a deep sadness it may express itself in situations that usually wouldn’t bring you to tears.

Observing our own behaviour can reveal a great deal about who we really are and what we’re struggling with internally. If you are expressing a lot of anger towards everyone in your life - this anger is coming from a deep-seated sadness that was not expressed or went unresolved.

Emotions are fluid, they will find a way to move through you - regardless of how much you try to obstruct their flow. Just like if you try and hold water in your hands, it will eventually drain through the gaps in between your fingers. We must learn to accept & embrace our feelings because they are our inner guidance system that guides us toward what we love and away from what doesn’t serve us.

Many of us who are finding out about the law of attraction are being led to believe that expressing negative emotions will attract more negative situations to us as a result. On the contrary - ignoring the negative emotions is what will result in more negativity showing up in our lives. 

Expressing our emotions is surrendering to what is - rather than trying to resist it and this is how we break through emotional blocks. Sit with your uncomfortable feelings and allow them to flow through you - cry, laugh, shout, scream - express the emotion and you will be free of it’s hold on you.

Emotions are energy in motion - they always find a way to be expressed.

Peace & positive vibes.

Powerful Self-Love Affirmation

Today is the day I set myself free, I let myself go forward,
I let people in, Realizations in, Growth in,  Awareness in.
I educate myself to sense resistance, emotionally unlearn conditioning I’ve been brought up with Unaware, asleep.
I break down the programming, build a system of beliefs for myself from the ground up. I feel the weightlessness of my Being now I have dropped the baggage of labels. Labels of gender/ conforming / settling/ but this is what is expected of me/ I can’t do this/ that/ the other/ because *they* said so.
I understand “they” don’t know what makes me happy, what keeps me up at night looking for direction, on a quest for inspiration.  I will keep seeking for myself - WITHIN- myself. I know the questions and answers and the galaxies are all within that beautiful mind and soul of mind. Source:

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The first manifestation of what you want coming to you is the emotion. When you feel confident, when you feel sure, when you feel expectant, then you are on your path to what you want. After the emotion you begin to receive thoughts and ideas and visualisations and then you will begin rendezvousing with people who will help you get what you want.

Abraham Hicks


‘Real Men Cry’: Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood photographed some of Hollywood’s leading actors in an intimate and rare moment. Taylor-Wood said, ’Some of the men cried before I even finished loading the camera’. Pictured in order here are some of her subjects, Hayden Christensen, Daniel Craig, Ben Stiller, Jude Law, Michael Masden, and the late and great Robin Williams.

Endeavour is a show about people Having Emotions At Morse.

Morse is embarrassed and discomfited, as his emotions don’t Happen to him, at least not in public.

Then there’s crime. And Inspector Thursday has sandwiches.

Later, Morse listens to opera on a record by himself, and has all of his emotions AT ONCE.


The Law of Attraction and Happiness:

The Situation: Happiness is never a goal people normally set. But when you ask them why they want anything in life, they will say “it will make me happy”. The burning desire behind everything you want to be, do or have is that you will be happier as a result of it.  

The Problem:
So long as you believe your happiness will come after a goal is reached… you will delay the goal and delay your happiness too. This is because the vibe you put out is “I cannot be happy now”. So even if the goal would make you happier, it cannot manifest smoothly because “I cannot be happy now” is the message you’re actually giving out.

The Solution: 
Like Esther and Abraham Hicks teach, seek out happiness now. Seek happiness right infront of you, seek it daily. When you come across anything that makes you feel lighter and joyful, write it in a Gratitude Journal. 

Scientific Facts:
Did you know your physical senses work better when you’re happy?
Russian psychologist K. Kekcheyev confluded that when his studies thought pleasant thoughts see, taste, smell and hear better!
Dr. William Bates proved eyesight improved immediately after a person visualized pleasant thoughts. 
Vision educator Margaret Corbett found memory is greatly improved when a person thinks positive thoughts. 
Psychosomatic medicine proved our stomach, heart, liver and internal organs function better when we are happier.

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Remember to also set goals that will make you happy not only in the moment when they’re being achieved, but after that as well. Remember to strive for patience, calmness and inspiration - feelings that will ultimately help you a lot when setting new future goals, and manifesting them. Remember to take care of the soul too, not only the ego. Strive for nonmaterial things as well - clear mind, vibrating higher, being kinder. Don’t forget to take care of what’s on the inside too 🌸💫💕


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