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“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” - Galatians 5:22-25

Christians, Grab a Drink

I recently heard about a friend of a friend who is a Christian and highly against alcohol. Now this is all second hand talk, and I’m not judging, but it led to a conversation between me and my wife about people who feel this way about alcoholic beverages. Now, I grew up in a home that was slightly anti-alcohol. My grandfather was an alcoholic, so my parents avoided drinking. If my dad had 1 beer a year, that was a lot. As I got older, I naturally avoided alcohol myself, knowing the effect it had had on my family. Also, it helped that I hated the taste.

The reason I bring this up is because I had a purpose in avoiding drinking. There was a legitimate reason. There a need to avoid temptation, drunkenness, and foolish mistakes. Also, like I said, I hated the taste (yuck). When we look at God’s law, there is a purpose for all His commandments. He wants us to wait to have sex because it creates a stronger relationship in marriage. He wants us to sacrifice for others because it shows love to our neighbors. He asks us to not steal because it shows respect and honor to our brothers and sisters and is morally just. If you read through the Bible, there are commandments against drunkenness because there is a reason. It leads to bad decisions and thus poor character. But against general consumption with dinner or a beer in the evening to relax, there is no such law.

Again I say, some people, Christians and non-Christians avoid alcohol simply because they know the possible effects, and that is great. Jesus tells us to cut out our eye if it causes us to sin, so do the same with the bottle. Those aren’t the people I am speaking about here. What I am talking about are the people who put every ounce of their energy into making sure the world knows the evil of alcohol. To those people who preach fiercely against alcohol, tattoos, and long hairstyles on men, let me remind you: everything can be an idol, even self righteousness.

What if you put that same amount of energy into sitting down with that person who is having a drink to show them some love, rather than yelling at them? What if you asked that person about what their tattoos mean instead of condemning them for what might be in their past? The answer is that you would do a much better job of representing Jesus to the world.

Let’s pretend for a second that alcohol and tattoos are evil (which they aren’t). Didn’t Jesus dine with tax collectors? Didn’t he show compassion to prostitutes? He didn’t welcome them into his inner circle as disciples or accept their wrongful choices, but He took time to show love to them and teach them about why He was there. Why? Because the Gospel was just as important for them to hear as it was for everyone else in the world. Jesus had no idols, including his own righteousness. The only thing He worshiped was God the Father, and one way (out of many) that He did that was by extending a hand of Grace.  

Christians need to have the law, for it shows us the path of right and wrong. But don’t forget that Jesus fulfilled that law. Put your time, energy, and effort into honoring Him, not into self-righteous and silly judgement. So Christians, grab a drink and sit down with the person who needs to be shown Christ’s love, and if your worried about alcohol, I recommend the virgin strawberry daquiris. They’re my favorite. 

One Truth

Religion-(Latin: religare- Union)  means that institutional realization of the existence of God,The Creator, and one’s relationship to it. Its your union with divinity.

Theology- ( Latin equivalent, theologia, as “reasoning or discussion concerning the Deity” )means the attempts of men to ascribe personality, qualities, and characteristics to it; their theories regarding its affairs, will, desires, plans, and designs, and their assumption of the office of “ middle-men” between The Creator and the people.

Philosophy- means the inquiry after knowledge of things knowable and thinkable.

Metaphysics- means the attempt to carry the inquiry over and beyond the boundaries and into regions unknowable and unthinkable, and with the same tendency as that of Theology.

Consequently, both Religion and Philosophy means that things have roots in Reality. While Theology and Metaphysics have roots in man made fantasy of things not able to be known, but given a feeble attempt to make sense.

Now that we have a foundation of meaning we can now speak on Religious belief in the Creator.

If Religion means belief in the existence of a Higher Power and Theology is our attempt to make sense of it …then is there a need for a middle man or religious dogma?

This is something I have been asking myself for sometime now. What am I?? or more to the point what religious belief system am I associated with?? I have children and I want to bring them up with the Love of the Creator but not in the context of religious dogma.

I realized that this is my Ego wanting to latch onto something. I am of a Christian background as is my wife. So coming from this system I feel the need to identify with a group. The New Age movement I felt might be the closest. After some thought, this is actually a cult or the beginning of a religion. They speak about the “path”, “the Law of Attraction” and “good vibrations” but I feel they are doing a grave injustice to the teachings that stem from Hermetic and Kabbalah schools of thought. There is no talk of God only channeled higher beings bringing messages. In reality there is no such group, only a school of religious philosophy that aligns your soul with your true purpose. 

See we are creatures of habit. It feels comfortable to go to Church on Sunday. Kneel, sit , kneel, sit ,listen to the sermon, sing, pass the plate, go up for communion … and TADA your soul is saved. HUH?! No work is required? No feeling or genuine prayer from the heart is needed?  The meaning to the ritual is lost in the mundane. We go up like zombies and think that if we say 5 Hail Mary prayers we are absolved of sin.

The other misconception is that we need a savior. Why? Jesus teaches us how to act and to leave worldly goods in order to get to heaven. He also stated on more than one occasion that “..The father is within me and me in the Father…” This is to illustrate that we all have The Creator within us. We are here to learn what it means to be human. There is only the repenting of the sin within our minds. The Devil mind.

We dont need someone to stand up on a pulpit and give us “his/her” interpretation of holy text. With a bit of reason and life experience we can read it and come to our own conclusion. This goes for all religions. Religions, or more importantly religious texts, are to be lived, read, experienced as a spring board to higher understanding. One cant grow if one does not think for himself.

It’s called a habit for a reason. I say this because we follow like sheep without ever know why we do it. “Well my dad is a (insert religion) and so is my father and his father….its just what we do.” I for one decided to think for myself so I share my understanding with all of you. The 1st step is to question. But we are not to question the Law of our chosen Deity now are we? Yes you are. For we have free will.

So I believe in One Creator, One Omnipresent Omnipotent being above all human and natural laws. This being manifests when it wants in the form of the masculine and feminine aspects of duality. This being we call God. A being that descends to us to guide us along a forgotten path. A path in which our souls choose to experience this unconsciousness in order to learn how to return back with knowledge of the Creator. We are to use holy books as a way to understand what we cant really comprehend for many half truths are displayed in plain sight. It is up to us to decipher via our personal experience. We are to use all tools provided to us.{Tarot,Cosmology,Crystals,Alchemy, other religious texts.etc} Do not think this or that is blaspheme or pagan. With the proper usage of these tools we are to go into our heart and feel God. Use the Laws of Nature and the Golden Rule to live a pious life of giving. Live with the intent to give back to others and in turn raise the vibration of love within you to come closer to The Creator. For I have no tie to any one religious dogma. I only wish to come closer to The Creator and to give back the love which is ever filling the cup of my physical being.

May you find the answers to your questions that you put forth with loving intent.

Namaste <3

Your Grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you.
—  Lalah Delia
What is the Pro-Life Argument?

I recently heard a pro-choice friend comment that the abortion debate is not about whether a fetus is alive or “not alive”. His said the argument has always been about if the fetus’ rights, whether alive or “not alive”, were more important than the rights of the woman who is carrying it.

The idea that this argument is about whose rights were more important really freaked me out, especially after the past couple years of hearing people yell, “All lives matter” (which doesn’t seem to put a preference on one life being more important than another) and “Black Lives Matter” (when the majority of abortions are done on African Americans in the US). If you don’t believe the fetus to be alive, I get it (even though I don’t agree with it). Of course in that circumstance the woman’s life is going to be more important. But this person was arguing that it doesn’t matter how you classify it. This person was saying that even if a fetus is alive, its rights STILL DO NOT MATTER. The pro-choice movement, it it takes this position is saying that it is OK the label the value of two human lives based on development. This mindset, if extrapolated, says that the life of an adult is more valuable than that of a child. I know you could find excuses for this (like the child’s life is not necessarily tied to the adult’s the way a fetus is to the mother’s) but you get the premise.

And yes, I know there are circumstantial exceptions such as incest or rape, but those instances make up a very small percentage (around 3% last I checked) of annual abortions in the US. And yes I understand there are instances where you can’t save both lives and you HAVE to make a choice about who to save, but again that instances are the minority. And finally, I understand the major critique of conservatives that we want the baby but we don’t want to support the mother, whether through aid or adoption, and I agree. There needs to be more love from Christians on this front, both for the child and the mothers who go through this. We are called to show compassion, not anger and judgement.

However, my point in this is that the root of the pro-life argument is this: All lives are precious and no person, mother or government, gets to decide when one is more valuable than the other, at least not in the vast majority of cases. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, not looking to start a fight. Just looking to at least be honest about what we are discussing. 

"We're Gonna Do It Again" Video Analysis (AKA: The Possible Plot of "Milo Murphy's Law" and Why You Should Be Afraid of Pistachios)

“Milo Murphy’s Law” may only have five episodes out, but you can bet your Vitamin C tablets that the lack of episodes isn’t gonna stop me from theorizing the heck out of it.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the MML promotional video, “We’re Gonna Do It Again.”

The rest will be under a Read More, because this is gonna get LONG.

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anonymous asked:

What is messianic judaism?

Hi anon,

Messianic “Judaism” is a branch of Christianity which preaches the New Testament in a way that claims to be Jewish.  Worshipers believe that they are Jewish followers of the teachings and miracles as attributed to Jesus in the Gospels.  For example, they celebrate typical Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot (scheduled off of a different calendar), while maintaining the typical Jesus narrative as worshiped in other Christian traditions. Leaders and many participants learn Hebrew, and refer to Jesus as “Yeshua”.  (Not to be confused with the Hebrew pronunciation of Joshua, “Yehoshua.”)

Although many messianic “Jews” are inherently good people, the movement is dangerous for the Jewish people due to its appropriative nature.  In the first century, two groups separated (the Pharisees and the Neo-Christians) and their traditions paved the way for Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity.  As you are well aware, the Christian-domination of the world was disastrous for the Jews resulting in horrific times such as the Inquisition, pogroms, the spreading of anti-Jewish slander such as the blood libel and well poisoning and the fabrication that the Jewish people killed Jesus.  The appropriation by messianic “Jews” erases and invalidates thousands of years of Jewish history and tradition.

A similar group are the “Hebrew Israelites” who similarly are ignorant to the struggle of the Jewish people and claim that they are the ‘real’ Jews, while claiming that all who do not follow Jesus are false. 

Often people ask, “what’s the difference between ‘Jews for Jesus’ and being a messianic ‘Jew’“?  It is my understanding that “Jews for Jesus” understands that they are Christians who preach the Gospels, where messianic ‘Jews’ believe that they are Jews.

I hope that this helps!


It’s 3:20am. I got picked up for work at 6:45am yesterday. I’m not good with math, especially after being up for approximately 61 hours but I think I’ve been up for over 77 hours. I did a table read for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this morning and then shot all day on Passengers and just now wrapped some 144 hours later. Weirdly both films, which iI'l be shooting back to back, are being shot in Atlanta at Pinewood studios. We have the best crew. Total rock stars busting their asses. And the stuff we’re shooting. My God. I can’t wait for you to see it. I go back in in about 8 hours to do more. I am doing what I love. It doesn’t feel like work. Even though it is. I’m having fun. I’m overcome with joy and gratitude. I felt like posting this to say to anyone out there chasing your dream… Fifteen years ago I felt the same passion I feel today, but I had very little opportunity. I had to hustle hard and go hungry. I had to eat sardines and figure out how to get gas money. And I never had a plan B. I never stopped believing. Ever. Don’t give up. Apply constant pressure for as long as it takes. It will break before you do. Go get it.
—  Chris Pratt

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. For if anyone thinks he is something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbor. For each will have to bear his own load.

Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches. Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

—  Galatians 6:1-10

I mean I don’t know about you guys but my favorite tv show is the one where

Benjamin Linus

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Loretha “Cookie” Lyon

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Carmen De La Pica Morales

Happy Computer

and Jesus

fight to take down baddies such as

Keith Mars

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Douglas Fredericks

an angry calculator



If “he who speaks evil of his brother, and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law, and judges the law” (Jas. 4:11), and the law of Christ is love, surely he who speaks evil of Christ’s love falls away from it and is the cause of his own perdition.

St. Maximos the Confessor

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.
—  Galatians 5:22-26

anonymous asked:

So you're not christian and yet here you are constantly praising jesus, reblogging christian posts and quoting from the bible to condemn gay ppl. if you're not christian, you wouldn't be doing that.

I’m not a Christian. I’m a Hebrew Israelite, from the tribe of Judah, one of the tribes that were scattered throughout the 4 corners of earth. I keep the laws and commandments, through Christ and worship the most high God “Ahayah”. I’m here to wake up my brothers and sisters who are asleep, the ones who don’t know that they are the children of the promise, the ones who Christ paved the way for. Look up the “12 tribes chart” and you’ll know what I’m referring to.

Matthew 15:24 “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

He paved the way so that we (12 tribes) can follow his example and rule over all nations when he returns. He also died for everyone’s sins (gentiles as well) so that they can make it to the kingdom.

Acts 13:47
“For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.”