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3 Steps To Attracting Your Ideal Friends

1. Clarity - decide what you want. Have a clear mental image of who you want your friends to be - what are their interests? Why do you resonate with them? What do you want out of your friendship with them? What are their values? What kinds of things do you do together? Where are you likely to hang out with them? How would you feel around them? 

Building a clear mental image of what you are seeking is an important part of the manifestation process - but it’s equally important to identify how it would feel to have what you are seeking. Once you know how it would look and feel - you can take action to bring the vision into reality.

2. Actions - become that which you seek. If you’ve decided that you want your new friends to be interested in art - align your actions with this goal and start spending more of your time in art galleries, creating art or going to exhibitions. Through doing this over time you will be more likely to meet those you resonate with because you are aligning your vibration with that which you seek.

This is essential for all manifestations, but particularly those of this kind - because they involve other people - you cannot attract others without placing yourself in the best position to do so.

3. Patience - anything worth having takes time. Be patient during this process and remember that you aren’t supposed to resonate with every single person you meet. Don’t settle for the friendships that present themselves in the early stage just because they showed up - be selective about who you choose to spend your time with.

Understand that you will outgrow some friendships because your vibration is changing and over time you may want different things. We need to distance ourselves from the relationships that no longer serve us in order to find the ones that do.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy & anything that comes easy isn’t worth having.

Peace & positive vibes.

On Good Friday 2017, someone chained a cross to the fence on Gay Street in NYC. 3 days later, they put it on Micah Latter’s gate- so she bought some Champagne, texted ‘we’re rainbow painting the cross’ to the neighbors, and over 50 people came to help. They also superglued the locks to keep the cross in place, because it 'belongs to the street now.’ Source Source 2

Get up early enough to set your intentions for the day in stone, a good morning is the beginning of a successful day. You are capable of everything you want to do today. You are strong, secure and able to achieve. There is no task too hard when you believe in every ability you hold, you are determined to hit every goal. Do not give up on yourself.

Morning Mantras by Amy Kennedy


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Wake up early enough to start your day peacefully. Wake up, ignore your phone, and take a deep breath, today will bring greatness. Stretch. Trust me. Spend your morning moving at a snail pace, caring for yourself and making time for all you need to do. The morning will decide your mood for the day, make sure you are at a place of happiness and gratitude.

The significance of a good morning by Amy Kennedy


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