law enforcemet

Is it weird...

That I was on pinterest yesterday and saw a baby onsie and thought it was the cutest thing. It was pretty simple, just had some text on it:

Some hero’s wear capes, my hero wears kevlar. 

Kevlar is a material used in police vests, I’m pretty sure. The onsie also had a picture of a bulletproof vest on it, so I’m almost positive.

I thought it was ridiculously adorable and sweet… :) Maybe someday I’ll marry someone in law enforcement.

I’m such a dork…………………….

I just have to get this off my chest :S

I’m sitting here, tears streaming down my face.

One week ago today, 26 innocents, mostly children, were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary school. On the news, and all over the internet, are pictures of the police, firefighters and even the HELLS ANGELS with their arms linked, shielding the school and the funerals from the Westboro Baptist Church.

I’m all for freedom of religion- it’s what America was built on- but how sick do you have to be to protest the funerals of children saying it was “God’s will” that they be shot down just before Christmas?!!

Keep those 26 lost in your minds, thoughts, and prayers this holiday season, and hold on to your loved ones because you never know what the future brings.