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Instrumental case II

I made an introduction to the Instrumental case before with the tables and one of the functions of the case, and now I’ll tackle one more.

As cases of the nouns very often depend on the verbs, I’ll give you some verbs that produce Instrumental case. 

1) владеть (imprf.) - to own. It’s a formal style, used in business and law mostly. Они владеют компанией - they own a company. Company requires the Instrumental case.
2) обладать (imprf.) - also to own, also very formal, but more about some qualities or traits of character, but not necessarily. Он обладает сильной выдержкой (lit. he owns strong restraint/moderation) he is very restrained.
3) располагать (imprf.) - to have some knowledge, that others don’t have. Я располагаю информацией, я располагаю данными - I have the information, I have the data.

 All three verbs are connected with possession. So possession is the second function of the Instrumental case.

There are other verbs connected with moderation, management, administration:

4) руководить (imprf.) - to supervise. Я руковожу этим проектом шесть месяцев - I’ve been supervising this project for six months.
5) управлять (imprf.) - to manage. Она управляет отделом кадров в нашей фирме - she manages the personell department in our firm.
6) править (imprf.) - to rule, reign. Все хотят править миром - Everybody wants to rule the world.
7) командовать (imprf.) - to command. Генерал командует армией - A general commands an army.
8) манипулировать (imprf.) - to manipulate. Разве ты не видишь, что он просто манипулирует тобой? - Don’t you see, that he’s just manipulating you?

And some other verbs more or less connected with owning something:

9) дорожить (imprf.) - to cherish. Дорожи своими родителями - cherish your parents
10) хвастатья (imprf.) похвастаться (prf.) - to brag. Она любит хвастаться своей дорогой одеждой - she loves to brag about her expensive clothes. Вчера она похвасталась новой сумкой от Гуччи - Yesterday she braged about her new Gucci purse.
11) награждать (imprf.) наградить (prf.) - to reward with. Олимпийских чемпионов награждают медалями - Olimpic champions are rewarded with medals.
12) обделять (imprf.) обделить (prf.) - Средние дети в семье обычно обделены (passive plural) вниманием  - Middle children in a family are usually deprived of attention.
13) обмениваться (imprf.) обменяться (prf.) - to exchange. Они познакомились на вечеринке и обменялись номерами - they met at the party and exchanged numbers.
14) делиться (imprf.) поделиться (prf.) - to share. Она не привыкла делиться игрушками, потому что у неё нет братьев и сестёр - She is not used to share toys because she doesn’t have any siblings. Поделись пожалуйста ссылкой на сайт, о котором ты говорил вчера. - Please share the link to the site you were talking about yeasterday.
15) двигать (imprf.) to move, when talking about body parts. To move other objects is used with Accusative. Двигай телом - Move your body. Other verbs connected with body movements are used with the Instrumental case (тряси попой - shake your ass)

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You know what the world needs? Lawyers who understand immigration and institutional barriers. Lawyers who understand feminism. Lawyers who have a background in business and marketing and can revamp the legal business model.

In short, go to be Elle Woods. Study what you love, and make yourself a better lawyer than all those political science majors who never thought there was an option outside the box.


There’s No Such Thing As I Can’t

 If you are reading this you are alive in a day and age that has never been seen before. You are witnessing the dawning of the greatest technological age that the world has ever seen - and you have the audacity to say you can’t?

Twenty years ago there was no Instagram for you to post your latest selfie. Twenty years ago there was no blogging platform for you to reach out to like-minded individuals. Twenty years ago you had very limited choices.

Today, right now, you have the ability to click a few buttons and instantly communicate with people all over the world. This has never been the case until relatively recently - who knows how long it’s going to last?

With this in mind I want to encourage you to think about what is possible. What is it that truly matters to you? What is it that you could talk about for hours on end and never get bored.

Take that topic to the internet and Google it. Read every article, every blog, watch every YouTube video on it. Then think about what you could add to the reservoir of information on your topic - what’s your take on it and how does it differ to what’s already out there?

The way I see it - if people can get paid millions to play video games every day - I can sure as hell can make a living doing something I love. And I won’t stop until I find a way that works - because I’m alive in a day and age that allows me to do so.

If you feel like you weren’t “destined” to do what you truly love - take out your phone and look at it. This is your gateway into creating the life you’ve always wanted to live. 

The only time you can’t do something is when you’re dead.

Peace & positive vibes.

What the Hogwarts Houses study in college

Slytherin: Chemistry, Architecture, Law, Fashion Design, Business, Marketing, Anthropology

Gryffindor: Theatre, Engineering, Management, Criminal Justice, Communications, Exercise and Sports Science, Gender Studies

Hufflepuff: Dance, Energy Science, Cosmetology, Animal Science, Creative Writing, Public Relations, Botany

Ravenclaw: History, Astronomy, Literature, Language Studies, Research, Neuroscience, Fine/Studio Art




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This Is How You Start Winning

 Some people on the planet right now are incapable of change and that’s none of your business - why? Because every second you waste trying to change someone else is another second you could have deployed against improving yourself.

Self-awareness is one of the biggest keys to success because it allows you to audit yourself. In other words - you have to call yourself out on all the lies you’ve been telling yourself and others so far and decide how you want to proceed.

Take a look at everything you’ve achieved until now and everything you still want to achieve and ask yourself - why haven’t I done it yet? Only you will know the answer to that question and sometimes the answer is a hard one to accept.

I had to accept that I hadn’t achieved much because I was spending most of my time playing video games, watching TV and socialising. When you take responsibility for achieving your dreams and goals - you have to face some hard truths about your current lifestyle.

Self-awareness will keep you in check along the journey. Don’t start by pointing the finger outside, look within and understand what you need to change about yourself first. Once you’ve changed yourself you will see this change reflected in what you attract into your life.

Now is the time to make yourself accountable, now is the time to get up and start chasing your dreams. If you don’t check yourself on what your behaviour has attracted so far - you’ll keep adding to that ever-growing list of regrets. 

Choose to die with memories, not regrets - start making changes.

Peace & positive vibes.


Trump expected to drop executive order slashing Obama-era climate regulations

  • He’s already rolled back the Clean Water Act. It was only a matter of time before President Donald Trump came for the Clean Power Plan.
  • Trump is expected to sign a broad executive order Tuesday that will evaluate any rulings or actions on the books that “burden” domestic fuel companies, including coal, gas, oil and nuclear, Bloomberg reports.
  • Those found to be a “burden” will be changed, suspended or eliminated unless mandated by law, deemed pro-business or considered to be in the “public interest” by the administration.
  • The executive order will also do away with two Obama-era rules. The first ensures reviews measuring the environmental impact of an energy project will take climate change into account.
  • The second rule Trump is expected to eliminate is called the “social cost of carbon,” or the SC-CO2, which is a number that estimates the long-term damage that a ton of carbon does to the environment each year. Read more (3/27/17 12:13 PM)

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Personality of the Week: Coco Lili

Coco is a YouTuber & Blogger specializing in beauty, fitness and is an amazing motivator! Above is a video where she shares her top 10 favorite books, and goes into detail about what each book offers. Number 1 & 2 are my personal favorites and have shaped me to be the person I am today! I think the best part of this is to see industries crossing over which Coco does single-handedly. She’s made beauty and the law of attraction compatible and accessible to all her followers. Here is someone that encourages us all to live beautiful lives, inside and out!
You’ll find more of Coco here:

 If It’s Hard - You Can Quit.

 If someone told you it was going to take you 16 years to be successful - would you quit at year 12? If your answer is anything but no - you are lacking something vital for your success. The trait I’m referring to is resilience - which is being able to keep moving forward after continual setbacks.

My business mentor Gary Vaynerchuk said it’s like that Rocky movie where the guy gets punched in the mouth and spits the blood out and keeps going. This is the definition of resilience - it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

I’ve seen so many people give up on their “passion” after the first hurdle. I knew someone that loved to sing but rarely practiced - she went for an audition and they turned her down. Instead of becoming more determined to get better at her craft - she gave up and settled for being unfulfilled.

When you settle for your life instead of working towards something you want to achieve - this invites bitterness and resentment. My early journey was filled with people who were focused on tearing down others who were trying to achieve - purely because they had given up on doing so themselves.

I want to encourage you to think about what you want to achieve in this life and then think about how empty and boring your life would be without this sense of achievement. That boredom and emptiness is usually filled with dysfunctional behaviour like gossip, narcissism & self-destructive tendencies.

The idea that there is nothing more to this life than what people think of you, material possessions and money is ludicrous. You can fill your life with meaningful experiences, relationships and interactions that revolve around what you are passionate about. 

The question is - Are you willing to work for it?

Resilience is how hard can you get hit and keep moving forward.

Peace & positive vibes.

So I’m studying Legal Language for my midterm today, and our teacher absolutely freaking loves West’s Business Law, a very handy book that very neatly explains law in an understandable way for us dummies.

So here I am, reading through the Negotiable Instruments part and….

Guys. Guys

One of the authors is absolutely a Dragon Age nerd.

It’s a Latin@ Thing

Nursey Week Day 2

Prompt: Simplicity

Also on AO3 (with translations)

Nursey had a long day. He had four classes back to back on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester. He was ready to bail on his plans to paint and write at her studio (he’d taken to being her canvas when Shitty was busy with law school). He storms through the Haus, chucking his bag next to the staircase as he grabbed some custard pie from the fridge.  

He cut himself a slice as he hears chattering coming down the stairs.

“Mira, puto,” he hears Whiskey protest.

He hears someone, presumably Tango, snort. “No, lo único que quiero mirar es su chiquito culo corriendo hasta Murder Stop N Shop por mis refrescos.“

"En sus sueños, mi rey,” Whiskey chirps.

Nursey chuckles at their back and forth, garnering the attention of the tadpoles as they pass the kitchen. They stare at Derek quizzically.

Whiskey turns to Tango, “I knew it. I fucking knew he heard us on the bus last week.”

Tango shrugs, “¿quieres un desfile?”

“You see what I put up with?” Whiskey addresses Derek. “Pinche cabrón,” he mutters.

Nursey smirks, nodding sympathetically.

“¿Oye, es Puertorriqueño o Dominicano o Cubano o que?” Tango inquires.

“Cuban,” he admits awkwardly, “or my mom is.”

“¿Puedes hablar español?”

Nursey blushes, “well yea, but my accent’s shit.”

Whiskey and Tango give each other a look, quickly ushering Nursey into the living room.  They gently push him down onto the couch, flipping the TV on.

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This Is Why I Never Fail

 What is failure? Is it falling down? Is it not achieving a certain outcome? Is it not living up to an expectation? Or is it something else? When we’re babies we don’t give up trying to walk if we keep falling down - we get back up and try again.

Those who have achieved great things with the time they have on the planet have done so because they never stopped trying. Achieving something on the first try is very unlikely - but after thousands of executions your technique will improve and you will be more likely to succeed each time you try.

If you shoot 1 basket a day for 10 days you will become slightly better in your game - but if you shoot 1000 baskets a day for 10 days the improvement will be significant. This is the way to hone your craft and over time it will help you to achieve your goal.

Failing is easy, all you have to do is say “it’s too hard to keep trying, I quit” this usually happens because we don’t get the results we’re seeking in a short space of time. Succeeding is difficult because it requires us to keep in mind the marathon, rather than the sprint.

When you’re working towards a goal that will take time to achieve you must be willing to set aside all notions of instant gratification and devote yourself to becoming the person who can achieve the long-term goal. 

Modelling yourself after those who have achieved similar things is a great way to start checking yourself on your behaviour and to see if you’re on the right track to get to where you want to be. Celebrate the small wins in each day and see how they are contributing to your overarching goal.

This is a marathon, not a sprint - keep going and you won’t fail.

Peace & positive vibes.