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How to avoid “failures” as a student

Before starting, keep in mind I’m using the word “failure” to refer to an unexpected result due to a variety of factors that may not have been taken into account to predict a result. As students, we have all come across or will encounter ourselves with these failures, and knowing how to tackle them, and their causes, is the most effective way in which we can improve.

Such as a table needs four legs to function, I believe we need to take care of four pillars that are very important when we want to “function” in our full capacity. In my opinion, all of these factors tend to be related with oneanother :

  - Motivation

  - Self esteem

  - Perseverance

  - Organization

Now, I have previously dealt with Motivation here

To sum it up, I consider motivation the fuel that fullfills our aims, what we want to achieve. It is pointless to have an engine filled with aims, projects, plans, and things we want to achieve, if we dont have that motivation, that fuel that helps our engine run.

When I talk about self esteem, I refer to the way we see ourselves and to the way we judge the decisions we make, the results we have, what we say, the way we say it, and so on. 

I wrote the word “we” in bold, because it is important to state that it involves us and only us, it is not what others think of you or what others would like you to be, it is especifically whay you think of yourself. 

Now it is easier said than done, but think about that most of the times, we tend to be our worst judges, and in my personal experience, this attitude has never helped me to improve as a human being, to be a better person or to improve what I wanted to change about myself, it just tied me into a loop in which I would repeat, review, revise every single detail, and every single possible consecuence without reaching any destination. So think about it, it is great to revise what you think you did wrong, there’s no other way of improving, but after doing that, take the following step to become a better person, make a list of possible solutions to what you want to change, or whatever you think that will help you get out of that loop. 

Keep in mind, people are always going to judge you no matter what you do, so you should be your best critic, and work to be the best version of yourself, for yourself.

Perseverance comes in hand when we are lacking some motivation. We are human beings, so we don’t just switch our motivation button on and expect for it to function automatically. Perseverance will help us reach our aims, even if we are not feeling our best at the moment. 

See there’s a quote which says “motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”, well I agree with that in the sense that motivation is key to get anything started, but it is also vital for it to keep going.Nevertheless, we are not machines, as I said before, we feel, we have worse days, better days, and when the motivation leading to that aim is not quite there, habit or persistance help us get through the rough days.

Finally, organization is the easiest way to avoid failures. I don’t want to fall into the cliché and tell you “go get a planner”, because planners don’t work for everyone. So I will tell you go get yourself and organizing method that works for you. It took me years to find one myself, it may be easier for you.

Also, organization includes every aspect of your life, your room, your bag, your classes, your study method, etc. When you are an organized person, it’s more difficult for you to encounter with an unexpected “oh wait that is due tomorrow?!”

I hope this helped you in some sort of way, have an awesome 2016!

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