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How To Manifest... Fast!

“Like attracts like”
“You attract what you are”
“Feel positive and positive things will happen to you”

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, then you’ve surely heard one of these phrases first. But, what if you aren’t feeling great at present? What if you’re feeling a negative emotion and forcing happy feelings feels fake? If that is the case then before you know it, you feel like the Law of Attraction just isn’t for you.

However, there is a very simple way out of this:

You may not be the person you want to be yet, but you can assume you are. For 5 or 10 minutes a day you can close your eyes, shut off from the world, and bring a loved one or a friend in your mind’s eye. You can imagine them looking at you and being amazed, envious or supportive of your New You. You can see them confirm the change in you that you want.

Wealth: They praise you for being so financially successful. They wonder how you became such an overnight success!
Love: They tell you how happy they are for you, how your partner compliments you.
Health: They tell you how healthy, happy and lovely you look! They’re now asking you for advice!

In your mind’s eye, you can hear a conversation that will imply it’s already done. Whatever you want, it’s already done. Take someone’s voice that you can hear internally clearly. This is the power of manifesting. Try it and write to me in a few days or weeks when you notice the changes in your world!

*If you would like affordable one-to-one law of attraction coaching, read this article (link opens in new tab)*


4 (And maybe 5) Grounds to Impeach Trump

By my count, there are now four grounds to impeach Donald Trump. The fifth appears to be on its way.

First, in taking the oath of office, a president promises to “faithfully execute the laws & the constitution.” That’s Article II Section 2. 

But Trump is unfaithfully executing his duties as president by accusing his predecessor, president Obama, of undertaking an illegal and impeachable act, with absolutely no evidence to support the accusation.

Second, Article I Section 9 of the Constitution forbids government officials from taking things of value from foreign governments. But Trump is making big money off his Trump International Hotel by steering foreign diplomatic delegations to it, and will make a bundle off China’s recent decision to grant his trademark applications for the Trump brand – decisions Chinese authorities arrived at directly because of decisions Trump has made as president.

Third: The 1st Amendment to the Constitution bars any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” But Trump’s ban on travel into the United States from 6 muslim countries – which he initiated, advocated for, and oversees – violates that provision.

Fourth: The 1st Amendment also bars “abridging the freedom of the press.” But Trump’s labeling the press “the enemy of the people,” and choosing who he invites to news conferences based on whether they’ve given him favorable coverage, violates this provision.

A fifth possible ground if the evidence is there: Article II Section 3 of the Constitution defines “treason against the United States” as “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Evidence is mounting that Trump and his aides colluded with Russian operatives to win the 2016 presidential election.

Presidents can be impeached for what the Constitution calls “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The question is no longer whether there are grounds to impeach Trump. The practical question is whether there’s the political will.

As long as Republicans remain in the majority in the House, where a bill of impeachment originates, it’s unlikely. Another reason why it’s critically important to flip the House in 2018.

Ahh yes, a classic case of I-haven’t-had-my-coffee-yet-and-some-moon-is-ascending-or-something-so-lets-get-angry-for-a-sec. It’s been a while. I saw this gem of a screenshot floating around earlier, being shared and enjoyed by some self-proclaimed feminists. If there’s one thing I am definitively not here for (lol there are a lot of things I’m not here for who am I kidding), it’s the larrie phenomenon of trying to pretend blatant misogyny is something else, and that these types of posts are not incompatible with feminism. This type of behavior upsets and angers me because there are a lot of people, especially young women, on this site and in this fandom, whose understandings of feminism are shaped by what they read here. I sure know mine were. And a lot of the most popular larrie blogs spreading this type of crap are older bloggers (relatively speaking) who can spread a type of faux-authority (-even if they don’t ~mean~ to, there’s no denying their influence within their fandom-) on making young women think this is compatible with feminism. 

It’s not. Of course you can critique women’s behaviors and not be a misogynist. But that’s not what this is doing. This is drawing a clean, sharp line between the “desperate, pathetic women” who are ruining Louis’s life, versus the “good, perfect men” like Harry, Steve, James (probably even Oli). It’s no accident. If (if) you think this is all one giant stunt– then Briana, Eleanor, Danielle, and all the other “desperate women” are doing their job. It is their JOB to be in his life. They have, no doubt, contracts about what they can and cannot do. Louis is a multi-millionaire– if this is all a contract-based rouse and he wanted to get them to stop posting pictures on instagram, he could

And for crying out loud, Eleanor didn’t even do anything! Louis followed her! How does that make her the desperate one? If she’s a fake-ex-girlfriend that he’s fake-rekindling with, then it’s, again, because of a CONTRACT. She is doing her job. Just like Steve and James and Oli are doing their jobs. But Eleanor and Briana are women performing conventionally female roles– of the supportive, feminine partner; of a mother. Steve has absolutely made the most of his association with Louis. Yes, Steve seems to be a wonderful friend and support system for Louis. But he’s also absolutely right now, and going into the future, going to profit off his business relationship with Louis. Louis’s name has helped raise his profile, even if he was decently famous before this (look at how much more successful Just Hold On was compared to his prior works). Those are deals made with Steve while under the same constraints he had when starting contracts with Eleanor and Briana. If Louis has no control over his life in the hiring of Briana and Eleanor, it’s hard to think he had total exclusive control over hiring Steve. It’s all business. 

Eleanor and Briana are making the most of their ties to Louis to advance themselves in the (largely-woman-dominated) social media/instagram industry. Steve is using his to advance his own music career. James is using his to promote his own show. It’s how the industry works. It doesn’t make any of those people bad people. Especially (!!!) if you really think Briana and Eleanor (and Danielle) are just contractually hired and playing a part. They’re just playing a part you don’t like, and they’re playing a part that has been degraded by a misogynistic society that has “entrepreneurial” men and “desperate” women. 

… okay back to my regular content now.
One in Every 137 Teenagers Would Identify as Transgender, Report Says
A study based on state and federal data estimates that nearly 150,000 American teenagers from 13 to 17 would say they were transgender if asked.
By Niraj Chokshi

The New York Times reports that 1 in every 137 teenagers would identify as transgender, data gathered by the respected Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

[access the NYT article linked for specifics into how the Williams Institute arrived at this estimation]

Think of it this way: in the densest jungle, only 1% of sunlight ever reaches the forest floor.
The forest floor is home to some of the most beloved animals in the world, from tigers to elephants to gorillas and more. Along the base of a tree, a fern’s fronds elongate toward the small trickle of light, dripping with fresh dew. Army ants – the world’s most dangerous – cross the expanses with hungry voracity. Mushrooms recycle nutrients from the rich soil. High above, birds of paradise sing.

With 1% of sunlight, the forest floor has created one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

1 in 137 young people is a significant number.

And if you’re trans and feel alone, know you are not. Our LGBTQ community spans across the entirety of the world we share.

So I reached out to my Filipino friends to see if they had family in Marawi/Mindanao, and it turns out that they hadn’t heard about what’s happening yet, so if you’ve got Filipino friends, and you know they have family back in the islands or that they might have family back there that they’re in touch with, please ask them if they have family on Mindanao or in Marawi and if they say, “idk” or “yeah, why?” please let them know what’s going on as gently as possible. The mainstream media has been overwhelmed with the reports of the Manchester bombing and haven’t reported on Marawi as much yet, and a lot of it only talks loosely about Duterte’s martial law order.

WaPo Article on it in case you need a source

anonymous asked:

Yeah I agree with the anon that there's no other celeb to compare Taylor with in terms of genuine hiding. Many of these celebs, including Anne and J Law mentioned in that article, have had periods where they've been less visible - but the key there is LESS. They've still had regular project releases, press, sightings, candids, etc. Taylor is legit not being seen by anyone the last couple months. Before that (Dec-Feb 4th) she was like the others - had SSN & IDWLF but otherwise much less visible.

no legit we had the following sightings & infos after thanksgiving: 

December: hung out at moms w/lily and abi for xmas party (PIC via abi/lily)
December: Cyrus’ place (PIC/VID)
January: filmed a mv on a saturday in london (not seen)
January: gym candid day x2 in LA (Pics)
February: in NY w/gigi in car (vid)
February: concert in Houston (obv lots of pic/vid of show)
February: camila says she hung with taylor and troye in January in LA
February: maybe-sighting in London (the dark hair/gym clothes/heard her voice) (debated) (no pics/vid). which somewhat coincided with below
End of Feb: LBT show in Nash, several instagram ppl plus a group of friends on twitter heard karen say she was in london (people debate this one, dont inbox me about it im tired of debates, just acknowledge its a thing that happened) (no pics/vid of her in london)
March: Ed tells us cherry and taylor have been hanging out (no timeframe provided)
March: ed visits her NY tribeca apt (no pics of taylor)
March: Taylor sings in car in nash (fuzzy vid)
April: nothing so far

Isnt this crazy? it’s 135 days since T-giving.  Cant wait to see how she decides to return and show herself. 

What is Synchronicity?

Recently, my best friend and I have been experiencing strange coincidences that seemed to be happening to us both simultaneously. We then felt this strong urge to look up the word “synchronicity”, and that itself seemed to be a synchronicity that has led to so much clarity. 

Synchronicities are patterns that repeat in time. Synchronicity refers to the gears or wheels of time, though the actual concept of synchronicity cannot be scientifically proven. One can only record synchronicities as they occur and watch the patterns of behavior that create them. The concept of synchronicity is currently linked more to metaphysics, yet physics (quantum physics) and metaphysics are merging, thus showing their interconnection and how we manifest synchronicities in our lives.

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How to study for two exams that fall on the same date

Recently I had to go through 2 exams on the same day and I figured I would have to modify some of the things I tend to do when I’m studying for just one of them, and adapt it to a “2 exams in one day” format so that I would be least stressed, while managing to stay on top of the material for both classes. 

So, to start with, I made a pretty accurate schedule one month ahead so that I knew every single thing I would be tested on. To do that, I took both of my study timetables from Civil Procedure and Contract Law, and checked how many classes I would have to do for both of them. 

Now, lets say for instance I had both exams on the 1st of August, I would start as soon as I could (at least a month ahead) preparing and summarizing all the classes I needed to cover until the week of the exams, because, at least in my case in Law School, we are given classes until the last day prior to the exam, and what is reviewed in those classes will be tested. 

Then, I would take a week, maybe a week and a half, to review and summarize ahead of time from my text books all the classes for both subjects. This helped me wonders because when I attended class during the following weeks, I already had all the material reviewed actively, 

Now we are reaching the end of week 2 or beginig of the third week. This is a crucial one, because it can define whether all of your hard work will be worth it or not, depending on how you manage your studies. Recently, I found a wonderful way of active studying consisting of condensing in a little notebook, both your text book summaries, as well as your class notes and, in my case, the application of several laws and articles of the corresponding Codes together with any given jurisprudence. 

So now, on week 3, I would have gathered a perfectly complete, yet synthesized version, of all the sources I had to learn from (i.e textbooks, articles, laws, jurisprudence, etc). The only thing I would be missing, is adding the relevant information from my class notes to my little notebook. 

The week heading to the exams is left purely to revise and settle your knowledge. The thing with this is that you are not starting from scratch, you have spent a week/ week and a half summarizing actively the relevant information from your textbook and revision materials, and another week making a very precise and complete outline which helped you connect all of your readings and class notes together to make a coherent document, so that now, you are just left with the revising/studying part which, by this time, may be way easier to tackle. 

Hope you guys have a very productive week!

ASOIAF AU: Jon Gets Arrested on the Subway

“Well?! Is it true?!” Dany demanded to know, as soon as they left the police station.

“Of course not!” Jon insisted. “What kind of person do you think I am?”

“I don’t know, Jon. I really don’t know.” According to Officer Grimaldi of the 8th Precinct, Jon was the kind of person who liked to stick his balls in children’s faces on the subway.

“Well, I’m not a pedophile, okay?!”

Dany was about to finish the scoop of vanilla ice cream with espresso poured over it that she picked up while “hurrying” from work down to the precinct. Offer him a bite. She looked at him. This cost eight dollars, and you just bailed his ass out of jail. Fuck that. She finished the last bite and threw it in the trash by a stop sign. “Okay, what happened, then?”

“So the girl was sitting, and it was crowded, and I was standing right in front of her.”

“Uh huh…”

“And I had these short running shorts on.” He gestured to his absurdly short shorts.

Why did I let him leave the house in that? “Yeah…”

“And I had to reach up to hold the bar.”

“Mm hmmmm…”

“Annnnnd I guess they kinda just…popped out.” Jon reached into the air. Besides being too short, they were way too tight around the waist, and it was hot enough to cause just enough droopage for a Class A misdemeanor.

“So you did put your balls in her face!” She hectored him as they descended back into the subway. Is he even allowed to be here?

“I didn’t ‘put’ them there, they just ended up there!”

He’s either an idiot, or a far better politician than I thought. “Well, what did you do about it?”

He shrugged. “Nothing!”

“Why the fuck not?!”

“Because we were still moving! I couldn’t let go of the bar, or I’d fall.” He paused, realizing the stupidity of what he was about to say. Let’s hear it. “Sooooo, I told her to close her eyes.”

Brilliant. “You told her to close her eyes?!

“What’s wrong with that?”

“She probably thought you were going to rub them all over her!”

“Oh, stop it.”

“You’re on the subway, dressed like fucking Richard Simmons, leaning over some kid, with your fucking balls out, going, ‘close your eyes, little girl,’ and you’re wondering why you got arrested for being a pervert?!” Dany noticed how many eyes were on them, but was out of fucks to give. That’s what he gets.

When the train came, she led him on by the hand, like a child. Jon moved to grab an overhead bar, but Dany sat his ass down. He sighed, and without thinking, opened his legs. Dany slapped his knees together. “What is wrong with you?!” She hissed.

After a brief stop at home to get Jon some proper pants, they made their way to Tyrion Lannister’s office in a law firm with a name that read like a combination of Schindler’s list and the passenger manifest of the Mayflower.

“You know, it costs $10,000 just to walk through that door,” he warned them, because his job was to be an arrogant prick to everyone at all times.

“Fuck you.” Dany sat across from him, and dragged Jon down into the chair next to her with her eyes.

Tyrion sighed. “You still have the dick pics.”

“Of course I still have the dick pics.” Tyrion was hoping to make Partner, and Partners do not send dick pics to women half their age; at least not ones who were smart enough to threaten to forward them.

“What dick pics?!” Jon demanded.

“The ones that are about to keep you out of jail, don’t worry about it.” They’re also why we never talk about what I did my first summer after college. Manhattan had surprisingly few job openings for entry-level Art Historians, so Dany did a stint at the Hustler Club to pay the rent while she came to terms with the fact that everyone in her life had lied to her about finding a job that paid well and made her happy. The result was a job in advertising that paid extremely well but made her hate herself, as well as a Google Voice inbox with a stream of dick pics and dollar amounts from gross old men. Tyrion was wealthy and funny enough to keep around until about four months after she met Jon, but Jon didn’t need to know that.

“Alright,” Tyrion cleared his throat. “What’s the problem?”

“Well,” Dany poked Jon’s arm. “Tell him the problem.”

“Balls out on the subway,” Jon grumbled.

“Louder, he couldn’t hear you!”

“Balls out on the subway!” He growled with a defensive, almost spiteful pride. Yeah, own it! Idiot.

Tyrion’s look turned more serious than either of them expected. “You took your balls out on the subway?!”

“They came out!”

“Into some 10-year-old’s face!” Dany clarified.

Tyrion was astonished. “Jesus. That’s–what–why did you do that?”

“It was an accident!”

Tyrion and Dany exchanged concerned, skeptical looks. I know, I thought his dark side would be much sexier, too.

Jon recounted his short shorts/bar-holding story to Tyrion. The dwarf searched his eyes for a lie, but seemed satisfied. “I could understand that, I suppose.”

Dany was miffed that Tyrion had the gall to care if Jon was guilty or not. “So waddle your ass down to the courthouse, hand the prosecutor your business card, and make this go away.”

The court date was two months later. Against her better judgment, Dany took off work to provide moral support.

“Ah, fuck.” Tyrion cursed under his breath as he walked into the courtroom. This was a misdemeanor, and he expected the prosecutor to be some pimple-faced 25-year-old fresh out of law school. Instead, he got the District Attorney himself.

“I didn’t know you were still on Balls-in-Face Duty.” Tyrion did his best to smile as he shook Stannis Baratheon’s hand.

“It was my daughter’s face. Imp.” The Rightful King did not bother standing up.

Well, he’s fucked, now I’m gonna have to get back on Tinder, Dany thought, as she flipped through her phone and re-downloaded Tinder.

Tyrion took a deep breath. His plan was now woefully inadequate, but it was all he had. “Look, my client is a nice kid, okay? It was an accident, and he’s really, really sorry about it. Can’t you just let him off with a warning?”

Jon gave Stannis his best ‘really, really sorry’ nod. I need a cigarette.

Stannis eyed the perp up and down. “He looks like a very nice kid. He’ll be the belle of the ball at Rikers.” Yup, Dany knew. Though if he brings his short shorts, he could earn me an endless supply of cigarettes. That was a horrible thought. No, but seriously. Men would pay many cigarettes for him. But then she would need an enforcer, and someone to count them to make sure he wasn’t holding out on her…it was too much to manage with her office job.

“You know,” Tyrion countered, “my firm is looking for a partner with experience in white collar crime. Maybe I could–”

Stannis pounded the table. “New York Penal Law Article 200.03!” He recited it by heart, because he was a fucking freak. “‘A person is guilty of bribery in the second degree when he confers, or offers–dot, dot, dot–to confer, any benefit valued in excess of ten thousand dollars upon a public servant upon an–dot, dot, dot–understanding that such public servant’s–dot, dot, dot–exercise of discretion as a public servant will thereby be influenced.’ Did I just hear you commit a felony? Or did you mean to say your client will plead guilty?”

Dany was trying to find the unicorn emoji for her Tinder profile when the commotion made her look up. Wait a minute. “You used to go to the Hustler Club.”

Stannis went pale. “Tyffani…”

“Yeah, that’s right, Sam Waterston, it’s fuckin’ Tyffani.” Dany scrolled through her Google Voice app. “Here we go. $700 to dress up like a nun, and–”

“Alright, alright, alright. Get out.”

Dany quickly deleted her Tinder app. There will be no unicorn emojis today.

“What just happened?!” Jon shouted as they descended the courthouse steps.

“Nothing. Buy me a carton of cigarettes and we’ll call it even.”

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I had heard the legends

i had heard the stories passed down from one fan to the next

but now i have witnessed the beauty of colin speaking italian


Sam Hose, a.k.a Sam Holt, was born under the name of Tom Wilkes in south Georgia around 1875. Eventually he would grow up and move to Coweta County, where he started calling himself Sam Hose. Hose was working for a man named Alfred Cranford, and approached him one day asking for some time off to visit his sick mother. Cranford, for some unknown reason, threatened to kill Sam with a gun pointed straight at him. Having an axe to defend himself he threw it and struck his target. Cranford was dead and Sam was on the run. As soon as Cranford was discovered the racists of Georgia wanted blood. These racist individuals made up a story about Sam sexually assaulting Cranford’s wife and assaulting his infant child. Eventually he was captured and on April 23rd 1899 Sam was sent back to Coweta County. A mob was waiting for him and in Newnan Georgia they removed him from the train at gunpoint. The Governor, William Yates Atkinson, pleaded with the crowd to release Sam into the hands of the authorities, but the mob continued to grow. They reached an estimated 2000 people and eventually, sadly, brutally murdered Sam Hose. Newspapers reported that his eyes, ears fingers and genitals were severed, and the skin on his face had been peeled off. He was doused in kerosene and tied to a tree and burned alive, an absolutely brutal way to go. Some members of this enraged racist mob kept souvenirs for personal gain, as souvenirs and to sell. The actions of the mob were condemned throughout most of the United States, probably more northern states than southern, and Europe. In Chicago a group of prominent citizens hired detective Louis P. le Vin to investigate the murder of Sam Hose. Although he only spent a week on the investigation, he concluded that Sam had indeed acted in self-defense and the allegations of sexual abuse were false, being made after Cranford was dead. He never named his sources due to fears of retribution from the angry southerners. His report was included in chapter IV of the Ida B. Wells Barnett article “Lynch law in Georgia”. Pictured above are a newpaper article from the time and Cranford’s grave. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of the real victim of this story, Sam Hose. Source Wikipedia

Los Angeles Times
July 22, 2016

Who wants to see Lin-Manuel Miranda get tipsy and tell stories about Alexander Hamilton? Well now you can because the Broadway star is bringing the stories he couldn’t fit into the musical to “Drunk History.”

“Drunk History,” for the uninitiated, is a show in which a narrator recites a historical (and oftentimes educational) tale from the past while rip-roaring drunk. That story is later reenacted by famous actors and comedians.

We spoke with Derek Waters, creator, director and writer of “Drunk History,” at Comic-Con and he clued us in on the details.

“We have a ‘Hamilton’ episode and Lin-Manuel Miranda is drunk, telling the story of ‘Hamilton’ that’s something brand new that I’m really excited about.”

What was his preferred poison? “Lin drank whiskey,” Waters said.

For the “Hamilton” details Waters had a specific goal. “I said I want you to tell the stuff that you didn’t get to put in the musical. Stuff that you can’t fit into that show. And it’s more Hamilton and Burr’s duel. Different duels that weren’t talked about in the musical. I never want people to feel like they’re doing homework. I want them to feel like, ‘Wow I’m getting to talk about something I truly love and no one knows it more than me.’ And he knows ‘Hamilton’ really well.” (x)

(x, x)

The Law of Polarity "Everything in life has it’s own polar opposite"

The Law of Polarity states that all things under the Universal Laws has its own polar opposite. Within every failure there is potential for success. Everything in life has an equal opposite. It is up to us as to what side of this pole to experience.

Our Perspective

As we discovered in the Law of Relativity, there is no good or bad, big or small. Law of Polarity is saying that these things are the same just on opposite sides of the spectrum. It is all in how we perceive them.

Without one we would not have the other. If we did not experience sadness we would not know enough to experience joy. Without pain we would not have pleasure. These polarities, or polar opposites all work together for the greater good. We need only to understand this and appreciate this fact.

Note: In reality there is no dark only an absence of light. There is no sadness, only an absence of happiness. No real bad only an absence of good. We create our own polar opposites by recognizing the lack of something good.

Examples of polar opposites

  • good and bad
  • night and day
  • sad and happy
  • pain and pleasure
  • failure and success
  • big and little
  • black and white
  • love and hate
  • yin and Yang
  • male and female

Without one of these, the other does not exist. Since all things are relative, without failure we would never experience success. You can relate this to all things in your life. Stop judging these things in your life and start recognizing them for what they are. Failure and success are the same thing on opposite poles. Within one, is the potential for the other.

Note: Failure is just an absence of success.

How to use this universal law to your advantage

As I said above, within one there is potential for the other. In every failure, there lies within it the potential for success. We need only to recognize it as it is. Since they are the same thing that lie just on the other side of the spectrum we need only turn our thoughts to the side of the spectrum we wish to experience.

Acceptance is the opposite of resistance and will bring more of what you desire. If we can accept failure for what it is and move forward, we will have the ability to except success. If, however, we resist failure then we are putting our main focus on that failure which in turn attracts more of it and we will never experience success. (refer to the note above)

Final thoughts on the Law of Polarity

The important thing to get out of the Law of Polarity is that all things have there own polar opposites and without one we would never experience the other. As we learned with the other Universal Laws, all things are relative. There is no good or bad, it is all in how we perceive it. Do not resist that which you do not desire. Accept it and move your thoughts to those things you do desire.

By: Steven Bancarz

Why I don't believe in the threefold law

Magic isn’t “magic”. Magic is just Nature. Magic follows the laws of physics, gravity, thermodynamics, whatever. That is why when we see a truth in magic, we know it is a truth in Nature. When we see a truth in Nature, we know it is a truth in magic.

So where in nature do we see the threefold law?


Imagine if it were true, though. That would be super awesome.

Buy someone a coffee and you are guaranteed to get three coffees back some time in the next couple of weeks. Give a friend a beer and a cigarette and you’re guaranteed six special gifts back some time soon! I would NEVER stop giving stuff away.

Or imagine if nature worked this way. Like you plant one seed, and three plants grow? Would it work like that? Or if a bear let a coyote live, it would be granted three extra salmon to eat? Idk. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t figure out how it would work in nature, because I’ve literally never ever ever seen this, ever.

Now the law of attraction – that shit is real! It for sure is. Let me explain why I think the law of attraction is real, and why its effects are often mistaken for the threefold law.

Like attracts like. It just does. That’s a law of the universe. Similar stuff goes together. It’s how our brain organizes things. It’s how nature organizes itself. I mean look at planet earth. Nature stuck all it’s conscious little organic lifeform babies on one planet. Because we all go together! Isn’t that rad? It’s not like ducks are off on Saturn somewhere. They’re right here with other lifeforms. I love it.

Energies also like to be with other similar energies, just how like you prefer to be with other people you know and like and get along with. When you are a generous person, you surround yourself with generous energies and more and more generous energies will bump in to you and ‘stick’, and the universe will start to give back to you generously as well. That’s not a cosmic law of three dictating that every action you do will rebound three times over. It’s just the law of attraction! When you are a shitty person and make it your goal to hurt as many people as possible, all those “get hurt” energies stick to you, and more and more of those energies will find you and stick to you, until eventually they crush you. It may take a few years, but it’ll happen. No doubt about it.

Some of the truest magic I know is living life according to how you want to be treated by Nature. If you want nature to give to you, first you give away. If you want nature to be kind to you, first you are kind to others. It’s not about ingredients and ribbons and rosemary and candles. It’s about deciding what you want, who you want to be, and living life according to those principals. That is some real powerful magic right there.

So yep… 3fold law, never seen it. But another similar law, the law of attraction, is one I believe in fully. It’s not dictated by numbers or order or structure. It’s dictated by the natural flow of the universe – things like to be around their own kind. So give freely and receive freely; hurt freely and be hurt freely. That is how it goes.

The Universal law of Gender "All Hopes and Dreams Have a Gestational Period"

The Law of Gender, the Universal Law that states all things have both masculine and feminine attributes and all things need time to gestate and grow.

Knowledge is Power

This law is the final law of the 12 Universal Laws and I think it completes the circle of laws nicely.

This Universal Law is one that is left out of many books. You won’t find many Law of Attraction books highlighting this law. The reason is, they are afraid that this law will scare you off. I think, however that knowledge is power. So, please keep reading.

There are two parts to this Universal Law. The first is that there are both male and female components to all things in nature. The other is that all things need a gestational period. This includes thought as well.

The masculine/feminine portion of this law

Even though we consider ourselves either male or female, we have both male and female aspects to ourselves. Some are more dominant than others, but they both exist none the less. The feminine is the soft sensibility and the masculine is the protective wage earner side. I am not saying that all woman are sensitive and incapable of being protective or to earn an income hear or vise versa. This just shows we are all capable of both.

Everywhere in nature you see both feminine and masculine aspects of the same. Plants, animals, minerals and many others. It takes both sides to create or to produce in nature. It is important to understand this so that we might become more in tune with the two sides and benefit from both.

The Most Important Thing To Know About this Law

The most important thing you need to get from the law of gender, is that all things need time to grow, time to mature, time to sprout into being. We see this all through nature. It takes 9 months for a child to grow and be born into this world. All seeds must germinate before sprouting up. All ideas need time to sprout and grow.

What this law states that is important, is that all our hopes and dreams, all our goals, need time to gestate. Nothing happens instantly. If this happened, we would think of an anvil and next thing you know it would be falling down on our heads.

Think of your ideas, your hopes, dreams, and goals as a seed. When we plant a seed we must water it, tend to it, give it sunlight and fertilize it. Our hopes and dreams work the same way. We must tend to them and if we do this correctly and have faith that when the time is right they will sprout and begin to grow they will.

If, however, we become impatient and start to disturb the soil before the time is right, then we will see that the seedling had begun to sprout, but now is disturbed and will need more time and more nurturing to survive, otherwise it will die.

Most people give up just before they succeed. Don’t let this be you. Have you heard the story about the gold miner that spent years panning at a location he was sure was full of gold, to stop panning only three feet away from payday. The next owner of the land of course, reaped all the benefits of this pore sap’s hard work. Don’t let this happen to you. Have faith in the Universal Law of Gender.

By: Steven Bancarz

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Electrical Engineering: More About Inductance

We’ve been talking about three-phase circuits of the kind you might see in residential systems, generally at 120 or 208 VAC. The voltage you actually see on a utility line is much higher than this, though, as it is more efficient (and consequently cheaper) to transmit over long distances at very high voltages. So how do you go from the very high voltage circuits on a utility line to the much lower voltages in a commercial or residential electrical system?

The device to handle this problem is a transformer. To understand how it works, we’re going to need to take a closer look at inductors and a little bit of electromagnetic theory.

At this point, we know that an inductor is basically a coiled bit of wire that stores and releases energy in a magnetic field. Let’s examine how that works a bit more closely.

There are two physical laws that will be relevant for us here. The first is Ampere’s Law, which simply says that any time you have an electric current, you get a magnetic field. So if we pass a current through a coil of wire, we’ll produce a magnetic flux, φ.

The geometry of the coils actually amplifies this effect - the coils in close proximity to each other “catch” more of the overall magnetic flux. You’ll see a term called flux linkage, λ, get thrown around. This is just a measure of how much magnetic flux is caught up in the coil, and it’s directly proportional to both the number of turns of the coil, N, and the overall flux.

We’ve already said that the presence of the magnetic flux is related to the current flowing through the coil, so we should also expect that the flux linkage is proportional to current. The constant of proportionality between the two is the coil’s inductance. This is all inductance really is: a measure of the relationship between the current flowing through a coil and the magnetic flux it generates.

The other physical law of interest to us here is Faraday’s Law, which states that anytime we have a changing magnetic flux, it creates a voltage.

We can substitute in our equation linking flux linkage, inductance, and current here. Applying the chain rule, we get something that starts to look a little familiar.

In most circumstances, inductance is a constant. We don’t have to worry about it changing over time, so for our purposes, this equation reduces to the equation relating voltage, current, and inductance which we’ve used before.