Imagine Rafael, your boyfriend, and your family, the Reagans, finding out you’ve been receiving death threats

(A/N: For @rumerlilarose who suggested this imagine. I can only hope I’ve done it justice. I hope you and everyone else enjoys it. Also side-note apparently this is my hundredth post!)

Imagine Rafael, your boyfriend, and your family, the Reagans, finding out you’ve been receiving death threats

“As much as I love you Dad, I do hate being your date.” you smirked as you walked with your Dad down the empty, street lamp lit street.

“I know you do but your sister was busy.” he smirked as you walked with linked arms.

“So I was your second choice?” you accused in mock offence.

“Fourth, your brothers were busy too.” he chuckled, as you shook your head in disbelief.

You and your Dad, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, were walking to his car after attending a charity event in the Lower East Side. Your Father had asked you to be his date. And you’d spent the whole night socialising with your Dad’s friends, old buarocats and other high ranking police officers all while simultaneously deflecting the evident gazes and poor attempts of flirting from other guests whenever you were separated from your father. A great night, you must say.

The event had ended and you and your Dad were walking back to his car. Your Dad lived to park a few blocks away after an event like this. Your Mom always said it was to ease the headache your Dad got from having to talk about non-stop politics for four hours.  

Either-way the walk was unappreciated especially as you were in heels and a dress. But it did you give you time to talk alone away from your usual Wednesday lunch date which was a rare occurrence. Even if your Dad’s detail were walking a few feet behind you.

“How’s the head?” he asked, glancing at your forehead momentarily.

Your hand went up, brushing your hair back and tracing your finger over the surgical tape that had ben placed over the small cut you’d sustained to the side of your head, in the hopes of healing it.

“Good, it didn’t even hurt much in the first place considering the amount of blood.” you informed, tensing at the mention of it.

“Mmm,” he agreed inspecting it briefly, “It will probably leave a scar. How did you did it again?”

“Uhh, me and the treadmill at the gym had a disagreement.” you reminded awkwardly, trying to hide the fact that you were lying.

“I thought you hated the machines at the gym. I believe they were easy broken and covered in sweat. I thought you swam anyway?” he began to question, the cop in him coning out in full force, he knew you had been lying and this was his first chance to confront you about it.

“I…” you mumbled unable to come up with anything to cover up the truth.

You never could lie to your Dad.

“Commissioner…a word?” one of Dad’s personal interrupted, gesturing so he could pull him to the side.

You let go of your Dad’s arm.

“You keep walking. I’ll catch you up.” your Dad suggested.

Relieved, you began walking ahead as your Dad hung back, talking.

As you walked you tried to formulate a sufficient enough excuse that he would believe. You wouldn’t tell him the truth, you couldn’t tell anyone.  They would start worrying and over react. You didn’t want to bother them with it. It was nothing. Nothing to worry about. No need to make them worry about it. You chanted that to yourself as if, if you said it enough. You could make yourself believe it. You got this sort of thing all the time but if you were honest yourself this one was different. You couldn’t just brush it off like you always did. This one left you with a bad feeling.

You were so wrapped up in your own thoughts.

That you didn’t actually hear the car speeding down the street.

Or the window rolling down.

And it took you a second to register what was happening as the first bullet sped past you.

A flurry of them followed.

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After Chilton, this the second sketch I made yesterday. I have a busy week so I don’t know when I’ll be able to color it. Wednesday is coming too and there’ll be tons of new drawing material as well. 😉

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requested by @sergeantguapo: omg imagine being olivia’s new babysitter for some reason and uncle nick is helping babysit noah but when olivia comes home nick and the babysitter leave together because they’re fucking on the low

word count: 1167

warnings: that thing where the babysitter invites the boyf over while the kid is asleep, mentions of sex

Noah was asleep and you were tangled with your boyfriend, slothfully making out with him, one hand threaded in his hair and the other dangling over the edge of the couch.

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@abrasivepersonalitytendersoul asked me to do Barisi for the OTP meme

Who sexts like a straight white boy? Sonny. Absolutely Sonny. Rafael constantly mocks him for it.

Who cried during a fucking Disney movie? Sonny again. Rafael made fun of him for this too, but it was a little nicer because he cried when Bambi’s mom died and he still remembers the pain. He didn’t tell Sonny that though, because you’re allowed to cry when you’re six.

Who put the fork in the god damn microwave? Rafael, but he had been working long hours, and it was Sonny’s fault for leaving the fork on the plate when he wrapped it with cling wrap. WHO DOES THAT SONNY?

Who does the silly hands over the eyes “guess who?” thing? Sonny did… once. And only once.

Who puts their cold hands and feet on their partner? Rafael, mercilessly, demanding that Sonny owes him the warmth when he complains. Sonny always yelps and squirms but never really pulls away.

Who had the embarrassing reality TV marathon? One Sunday they watched Flip or Flop for 12 hours on Netflix. They couldn’t stop. They agreed NEVER TO SPEAK OF IT AGAIN.

Who laughs more during sex? They both laugh a lot during sex, they are relaxed and really enjoy each other. If one of them laughs more it is Sonny, but only because Barba has a more dry humor.

Who is the little spoon? Rafael is the little spoon, and he FUCKING LOVES IT.

Episode seven guys! Good morning to all of you and thank you for the comments and opinions. You have no idea how much we love hearing you guys talk!! Check with @xemopeachx for episode 8!


You woke up at 6:00 am as usual, crawling out from between his arms and making your way back to the shower. For the last year this had been your routine on the inside, and it was almost like your body responded like clockwork to surrounding that didn’t exist around you anymore.

Nevada could hear the shower running and opened one eye to look at the clock. 6:34 am. He sighed softly, deciding to leave you be to your shower. He’d spent three years on the inside from 17 to 20, he knew showers in your own home were a luxury you likely wouldn’t be able to get enough of. Laying on the bed, he stared up at the ceiling, listening to the water running in the bathroom and wondering when he would take you to see your new tutoring center.

Would you even like it? You’d said just last night that you weren’t sure the old you was a person who existed anymore. Did that mean you wanted to turn your back on the career you’d worked your whole life for?

6:34 turned into 7:45 very fast, water still running in the bathroom. There couldn’t have been any hot water left on the planet at this point. Getting up, Nevada made his way into the bathroom, slowly pushing the door open and peeking inside. He could see you behind the glass, and he carefully went to open the shower door.

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Me as a detective