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Okay two questions! 1) Apart from the heavy course load, how difficult would you say the readings are regarding content and complexity? 2) I'm new so forgive me if you already have children, but are you planning on having children? I heard it can be incredibly difficult with the demands of being a lawyer and it has become one of my cons about pursuing this career. Thanks in advance!

So first, with regards to reading, I think this REALLY depends on what course you’re reading for. 

Older course, like Property law, still reference ancient case law that basically makes you want to gauge your eyes out to read it. It’s all written in ancient drivel, and the textbook seems to like keeping that theme alive. 

Newer courses, like class actions, tend to reference newer cases, which have been written after the accessible writing movement. It’s a lot of information to digest, but the judges strive to write in plain language and it is considerably easier to read. 

I think law school basically makes the case for active reading, because unless you write down things as you read them, I don’t see how you could ever hope to digest a 100-page decision. If you are seriously contemplating law school, this is absolutely a skill you can start working on now. 

Second. Babies! 

I love babies. I want babies. I don’t have any yet (and have to satisfy myself with being squad mom to my irl lawyer friends) but it’s going to happen. 

I work in a firm where 3 of the 5 lawyers have young kids. And it’s absolutely do-able. I’ve spoken to a lot of female lawyers outside our firm who have kids. Still absolutely doable. 

But the biggest reason it’s doable is because these people have partners who commit to the parental role. My husband is a butcher. Aside from the days he brings me steak, he doesn’t really bring his work home with him. And that makes him the perfect Dad-partner for a female lawyer. Because we both know and agree that my job comes first, and his second. 

But as a female lawyer, you really have to plan your reproductive life. I knew I did not want to be pregnant/have young kids during the first year or two of practice because I wanted the flexibility of being able to commit entirely to my work. Once I’m more established, I’m going to make myself take my foot off the accelerator so I can be a mom. 

If this is a career you really want, go for it. Be a lawyer. Be a mom. Be exactly the type of woman you want to be. Just make sure you have the right people around you to do it. xoxo 

The exact person you’ve been looking for
Is on their way to you. 
And guess what? 
They are even more suited for you
Than you could ever imagine.

Be it love, friendship or career, 
Everything is dependent upon
Meeting the right people
At the right time.

And the Universe is taking care of that for you…

(TFW your muse has a very unhealthy relationship with himself)

What a waste; this salt in my eyes,
your angry claws clutching deep into my arms
lest I forget your hate for this feeling.

There are no laws in love, but the chaos
eats into you. The magician has his hands
in his hat pulling out cats instead of rabbits

and you’re welting in awe. Halt all life!
My time with you has come to an end.
Set your watches to a new day, let the sun drink ale

in my name and forget how I ever made you feel alive.


Untitled Ballad by aye rah

Words I’ve used using CWATSLEH: salt, set, halt, hate, hat, cats, claws, welt, ale, awe, eats, what, waste, laws, lest

everyone complains about constitutional law but tbh i love reading constitutions…did you know you can just google any country’s constitution and you can read it? wild

The Year 2017

The year 2017 is for complete and utter confidence in yourself and your actions.
The year 2017 is for cutting out all the negative people and energy that accumulated all through last year.
The year 2017 is for writing down all of your goals and having the faith and dedication to make them all come true.
The year 2017 is for being selfish with your time and your love and your thoughts.
The year 2017 is for discipline, in order for you to live your life to the fullest.
The year 2017 is for taking more steps towards the life you want to live. That you WILL live.
The year 2017 is for growth, in every area of life, wether it be maturity, love, career, thoughts, spirituality…everything.
The year 2017 is for dreaming BIG. HUGE. OUT OF THIS WORLD.
The year 2017 is for GOING FOR IT. For feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
The year 2017 is for going through the struggle and coming out stronger than before.
The year 2017 is for love, of yourself, others, who ever.
The year 2017 is for accepting yourself, and being happy with yourself.
The year 2017 is for financial abundance for all.
The year 2017 is for miracles.
The year 2017 is for the impossible.
The year 2017 is for an overflow is love, support, knowledge, wealth, and so much more.
The year 2016 was for all the nightmares. For all the struggle…but the year 2017 is for us.
The year is finally for us.
And we will make the most of it.

I appreciate the fact that the Disney XD formula has been “confident, over-the-top chaos-bringing optimist + soberer, more rational companion who keeps the former somewhat grounded” (Mabel : Dipper, Wander : Sylvia, Star : Marco), and then you have Milo Murphy, who’s so next-level in terms of destructive influence that he requires Two of them.