law abiding to a fault

I love this saying from Assassin’s Creed as it relates to how I live my life.
Growing up, I had many people try to force religion and rules down my throat, I became so disillusioned to the idea of faith in god at all. I came from a family tied well into the police force as well, so as a result I grew into an honest and law-abiding person - to a fault in which if I don’t feel it is right , I don’t do it or I can’t be pressured into it.
‘Nothing is true’ to me means that I believe in what I choose to believe in, which could be anything. ‘Everything is permitted’ stands for my choices In life; I can choose to follow the rules, or I can break them because they aren’t right.

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Are you aware that George told D&D that Shireen is going to be burned in the future books?

I am aware that D&D claim that GRRM said “it” (thanks for the vagueness, guys) will happen in the books. That being said, I find “it” to be extremely uncertain as to what is being referred. 

  • Is Shireen purposely burned in front of a large audience (including her parents) or just sacrificed in some capacity?
  • On that point, is there a reason Shireen specifically is burned beyond the “king’s blood” stuff? Like is her greyscale become a threat and a factor?
  • How knowledgeable is Stannis of this fact? Does he consent? Is he there?
  • Why exactly is Shireen sacrificed? Because “weather” was a terrible excuse and made the scene a little laughable in all its horror. It didn’t feel anywhere near high stakes enough to have Stannis kill his heir over.
  • Continuing, the entire build up of the scene both in the season and in the episode was pitiful. I didn’t buy it from show!Stannis. If GRRM does do something like this, I’d bet anything he would provide a better setup that will allow me to at least understand why/how it happened.
  • Makes Stannis less likable than many villains on the show because even they won’t kill their children
  • D&D said it’s because Stannis chose “ambition” over his family- Stannis is not even close to the most ambitious character on this show, like he’d be way low on my list, and none of them are doing such terrible acts for power  
  • I don’t believe this is at all true to Stannis’ character.
  • Conveniently forgets that Stannis is stubborn and law abiding to a fault as he agrees to burn his innocent, only heir alive for ~magic~ in a society that deems kinslayers worse than trash asa result of comparatively (when you think of Stannis’ past) low stakes circumstances

Anon, I have guessed Shireen would die tragically for so long now. GRRM confirming that doesn’t shock me at all. But just because GRRM confirmed something along those lines does not mean the scene made any sense and wasn’t just an attempt at manipulating viewers’ emotions- I mean now we know why we saw all those cute Shireen moments this season, particularly the ones with Stannis.

It didn’t play out in a logical way. The show didn’t sell it to me at all to the point where I could not believe that this was happening. The setup was weak at best. (Balon Greyjoy is still alive and you expect me to buy that Stannis believes this is the option?)

And D&D’s reasoning (that it’s ~selective morality~ by the viewers because Stannis/Mel have been doing the burnings for seasons) is just irritating. Shireen is a child, she’s STANNIS’ child, and they can’t understand how this is a little different than him sacrificing adults/people unrelated to him. Note: Gendry is well older looking than Shireen, a bastard Stannis didn’t know, and even then Stannis was super hesitant to burn him alive despite Mel’s prodding. And even if he wasn’t, Shireen is his daughter that he fought for and protected and loved. 

None of this makes sense. Whatever GRRM told D&D, it’s not this. It may share basic similarities (to even the point that Stannis gives the go ahead to Mel to sacrifice Shireen) but it’ll be done in a much more understandable way I’m sure.

(Also, is this why Brienne is so big on killing Stannis in the show? D&D always knew they were going to make him unlikable and now Brienne will be very justified or something? I can’t even begin to understand what’s going on at this point.)

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Hi! Need someone's advice on my situation. I'm 17 and on long island, and I've been waiting to get my septum pierced for months now. I live with my aunt and she finally said I could get it. But I'm not legally under her roof or anything; so we don't have legal paperwork for her being my guardian. (although she does have my birth certificate- with my parent's names on it). I figured I'd call where I want to go and ask them, but I know its not legal. Is there any way around it?

If it’s illegal for you to get pierced without permission/consent of a parent or legal guardian, there probably isn’t a way around it…at least not one that doesn’t involve you putting your health and safety at risk as well as you putting someone else’s job/livelihood/career/business in jeopardy (more on that later).

The desire to get a piercing can be very, very strong. That is certainly something we understand. it can be a challenge to have the patience, and in-turn the maturity, needed to “war it out”. But, if you are 17, at the very most, you have 1 year to wait to get your piercing done; probably even less.  While a year probably seems like forever, it’s really not that long and that time will go by quickly. 

If you still want the piercing when you turn 18, then you will be even that much more certain about it and getting it done will be even more rewarding. If you don’t want the piercing at that point, chances are good it wasn’t really the piercing for you to begin with and you will have not spent the time, energy and money on something that you weren’t that into anyway. 

If you get the piercing done before you are 18, it sounds like you are going to have to do it illegally. Besides breaking the law (that will matter more to some people than others), you will really only have one of two choices for getting it done:

1) You will have to find a piercer/studio that will be willing to ignore the law/regulations and do it for you anyway. That might sound like a great solution, but we can assure you it’s not. There isn’t a singe responsible, ethical, professional piercer that is going to be willing to break the law to do your piercing. That means you are left with the irresponsible, unethical, unprofessional piercers. You might think, “So what? If they will do my piercing, that’s all I care about.”

Think about this: if a piercer is willing to ignore/overlook the law about piercing minors, what other things are they willing to overlook? Proper training? Proper sterilization of equipment? Proper cross-contamination awareness? Reusing needles? Proper and safe jewelry? 

Anyone willing to knowingly illegally pierce a minor is only interested in making money. Ignoring, or cutting corners, on all the things we mentioned above is another great way for them to lower their cost, and thereby make more money…which is clearly their main concern. 

While you might end up with the piercing you want, you might also end up with a poorly-done piercing with garbage jewelry…or you could end up with an infectious disease that could be with you for the rest of your life. Is the risk of harming your body for the rest of your life really worth it just  to get a piercing a few months early?

2) The other option is to get the piercing done by a responsible, ethical, professional piercer by misrepresenting your age (i.e., fake ID, lying about who your parents are etc). That might not seem like such a big deal either. 

Trust us, it is. Besides the potential legal issues you could create for yourself by misrepresenting your age, you are tricking someone who is trying to be a responsible, law-abiding professional into breaking the law. Even though it might be your fault for misrepresenting your age, it is still very likely they could suffer the consequences for unknowingly breaking the law. 

This might be something as simple as a small fine, but it could be as serious as having their license revoked, having their business fined severely and developing a bad reputation for their business. These are all things that could affect someone who has dedicated themselves to a career that allows them to support themselves, feed their family, pay their mortgage/rent, care for their pets etc. 

if you are willing to consider putting someone else’s livelihood and well-being at risk just so your can get what you want, then you need to sit down and take a hard look at what kind of person you are and what kind of decisions, you are making. 

So, after all that, we probably sound like somebody’s grumpy aunt who wants to keep minors from getting pierced. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We do a wide variety of piercings on 16 and 17 year olds. But, our younger clients are getting pierced by us lawfully and they are meeting all of the requirements set forth by the state as well as meeting our shop policies. Those clients whose parents/legal-guardians won’t consent for them to have a piercing done usually wait, because they want an awesome piercing done safely by skilled professionals. 

We love piercing and we want everyone who wants a piercing to get one. But, we want them to get pierced by an experienced professional who is going to do it safely and provide them with a great experience. 

If you wait until you are 18, you can choose exactly who you want to be pierced by. You don’t have to settle for the piercer that is willing to duck the rules and who is willing to potentially put your health and safety at risk. 

Hopefully you will consider the things we’ve said and simply wait until you turn 18 if that is the only legal option left to you. 

Diplomat-verse Twilight is the castle warden. She’s the de facto No. 3 in the ruling hierarchy, should Celestia (and Luna, though not many people know that) become unavailable, but is currently content acting as a secretary to the empress and making sure everything around the castle works as intended. As such, quite a few people have already tried to get to the princess through her, but she’s not only law-abiding to a fault, but absolutely refuses to partake in any political ploys floating around court, sometimes literally covering her ears so as to not violate her personal ethics. The few times she still gets wind of them, she either stays out as far as she can or acts in the way that she believes is best for the empire. 
Many a criminal’s sentence has already started with the words “Dear Princess Celestia…”
When she isn’t doing anything else, she likes to spend her time locked up in the castle library so as to avoid the hustle and bustle of court life and the various agencies acting in it. Said agencies have mostly written her off as Celestia’s pet, being either irrelevant or dangerous to the various schemes going on. The only one who doesn’t seem to care is Pinkie, who likes to stop by for a nice cup of tea and some light theological debate.