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Pinterest has a way of sometimes just giving you just what you want. 

So the other night, just for kicks, I search “Barisi”. What I get is a whole lot of nothing, but also quite a lot of Barisi-centric aesthetic things (and come on, really what else is Pinterest for besides making mood boards for your favorite ships.)

Anyway, ten minutes into scrolling and I found this picture. 

Not only is it so painfully accurate and also something so incredibly cheesy that Carisi would for sure purchase it, but look 

just look 

at the arm of the guy wearing the “Mr. Cooks It All” apron.





Imagine finding out how your parents, Rafael and Erika, met

(A/N: Hope you enjoy. This may seem like a filler chapter but it lays out the background and themes later on so pay close attention. Sorry, I’m posting here but I was dragging out as I’m getting some of my results tomorrow and I’m too stressed out to sleep) 

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Imagine finding out how your parents, Rafael and Erika, met


“Hmm?” You countered, looking up from your session of staring aimlessly at the surface of your desk.

“Do you have an answer?” Your physics teacher, Mr. Morgan, asked, turning to look at you as he stopped scribbling on the board.

“800,” You breathed, without hesitation as you quickly glanced over the problem, but you were still distracted.

“That’s right,” He smiled softly, writing it on the board for the class, “Well done,”

You returned his comforting smile with your own forced one, before looking back at your desk again. You could feel his eyes still lingering on you but you elected to ignore it as it wasn’t like him to select someone to ask a question twice in a row. So you knew that you didn’t have to pay attention anymore not that you often had to pay attention to his explanations of concepts but usually you enjoyed it, just not recently.

The class was over in around ten minutes, signaling the end of class, but that ten minutes seemed to go much slower for you. The bell rang and everyone got up to head to their next lesson which for you was Music, you had a showcase coming up and all your lessons were dedicated to preparing for it.

“Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Mr. Morgan waved off before everyone started to file out of the room.

You got up yourself, your friend waiting for you patiently. You turned to follow her when you were stopped.

“Y/N, do you mind staying back for a few minutes?” Mr. Morgan asked suddenly, appearing close behind you.

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A Little Lesson in Mornings After

Authors’ Note: Happy Sunday, sensational readers!!! Hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you enjoyed last night’s trip back in time with Rafael and Natalia!!! In keeping with that theme, join our two lovebirds again way back when. Specifically, it’s the morning after their first… well you know!!! And for anyone that’s interested, here’s two more blasts from the past, the big date leading up to the big night!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I hope that you enjoy!!!

        Rafael woke first. Not to sunlight pouring through his window but rather to the sound of a gentle rain smattering against the glass. Blinking hard for a few seconds, wondering where the fading vanilla scent came from, his eye caught the half-empty pizza box, and recollection slammed his senses at full force. He twisted quickly in the sheets to find Natalia still slumbering at his side, her honey-colored hair spilling over her silky shoulders, and the corners of her pale pink lips curled into the faintest of smiles. Not wanting to rouse her,  content to simply watch her sleep, he remembered touching her skin, the way her tongue tasted when mingled with his… the overwhelming sensation of expanding inside her until his body calmed and he did not, would not relinquish how it felt to be a part of her. He had watched her sleep then before chasing her into dreams, and he was careful now so as not to break the spell… even as he could not resist the urge to brush a few strands of fallen hair from her rosy cheeks.


           Damn! So much for keeping his fingers feather light. She started to stir, and Rafael inched back to his pillow, caught between wanting to hear her sweet voice and simply admire her sleeping form.

           But neither choice had anything on her eyes, her long lashes fluttering to reveal the light brown orbs so lovely. Holding his breath, he watched her face mirror his own most recent feelings, taking several seconds to understand her surroundings. She never flinched or scrunched her nose in confusion; she only focused on his stare, and he slowly saw her grin grow until she reached for his face.

           “Good morning, counselor,” she said, her smile intensifying with each syllable uttered. Rafael took her hand in his and let his own smile dot the tips of her fine nails, never leaving her eyes as he finally eased her to his chest.

           “Morning,” he started. “Did you sleep well?”

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vanessa-0188  asked:

65 with sonny plz bc this girls been panicking for two days straight (sucks, ugggh)

Prompt: “Look at me—just breathe, okay?”

A/N: i’m sorry this is late and i hope you’re feeling better !!  

Everything in the moment had become overwhelming; daily tasks and struggles becoming nothing but a chore. You couldn’t focus and at times you could barely breathe. It was almost as if you were suffocating, drowning in the one aspect of your life that you assumed you had control over. You felt powerless. There was no way you could tell anyone about this, the fear of being judged and humiliated was a far greater fear of yours than seeking any type of help. So you did all you could for the time being, which was keeping your head down and just enduring to the best of your ability.

Unbeknownst to you, someone has been quietly watching your struggles. He understood the toll the job could take on a person, understanding first hand exactly how you felt. Life was demanding, and so was this job, meaning that it left little room for relaxing and having personal time. Yet, somehow throughout the darkness you faced on a daily basis, you always managed to keep a optimistic and bright smile on your face. He admired you for that. Of course, he has had his fair share of demons–everyone has–but you made it seem as if inner demons were merely a simple struggle that anyone could overcome.

This admiration slowly but surely began to morph into something else. He didn’t notice at first, but he knew he felt something. It was in his personality to be overly friendly, the pure epitome of why chivalry was not dead. Upon meeting you as his new partner, he simply viewed you as a coworker, someone he was quite eager to begin working with. And while he has always been protective of his partners and fellow coworkers, something has changed in his demeanor. This sense of his was especially heightened after her noticed your seemingly constant state of anxiety.

It was his compassionate heart, since he hated seeing others in pain. He was your partner, and he felt as if it was his duty to ask about the types of issues you were facing. Lately, it seems as if he was walking around you as if you were made of glass, and you absolutely hated when that happens. At the moment, with the stress of the job and your own personal matters weighing heavily on your shoulders. You had tried your best to hide these insecurities and stressors, hoping they would not negatively impact your life as much as you would like—however, your demons seem to be a bit stronger.

It was yet another Monday inside the office and like you do every Monday morning, you placed your steaming hot cup of coffee down on your desk and opened a newspaper. It was becoming harder and harder for you to sleep, which essentially only left you one option, to actually start your day in the early hours of the morning. After going on a quick run, you usually picked up some breakfast and headed into the office showering there. You would sit in your chair, attempting to distract yourself from your nightmares by reading the paper and sipping slowly on your coffee. Most of your colleagues don’t usually get in till eight, which left you ample time alone with your thoughts—and that was not always the best course of action.

Unbeknownst to you, Sonny has been tracking your habits attempting to make sure that you never truly felt like you were alone. As he entered the precinct, he took in how quiet the office was, noting how the only sounds were coming from your desk. You sat there quite peacefully, thumbing through the paper and reading through the headlines. He approached you quietly as he hoped to not disturb your one moment of peacefulness, however as he came closer his footsteps alerted you to his presence. Carefully, he set a breakfast sandwich on your desk before giving you a bright smile. 

“Good morning, [Y/N].”

His accent curled around his words, and quite honestly it was hard to stay depressed when he was in your presence. Yet, there was always this nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that you didn’t deserve his kindness or the hope that he gives you. As preposterous as it seemed, it was times like these where you couldn’t help but agree.

You barely acknowledged his greeting, merely giving him a fleeting glance before returning to your morning paper. It was harsh and kind of cold, but at the moment you didn’t want to deal with his pleasant nature. That didn’t stop him, before you could even protest, he had placed a sandwich on your desk along with a steaming cup of coffee. From the aroma of the sandwich and the smell of the coffee, you could tell he picked up your favorite—even going the length to prepare it the exact way you like it best. You weren’t sure what truly triggered the onslaught of tears, but suddenly you could feel water dripping down your cheeks and splashing onto your desk, while your breaths coming out shallower and shallower. 

Sonny had kneeled down next to your desk, wrapping his arms around your frame—letting your tears soak into his suit jacket. He was warm, so nice and warm that you wanted to just stay like this forever. Rubbing circles into your back, he just held you, allowing you to cry out about every misfortune and emotions that you were feeling. After a few minutes, when you seemed to settle down a bit, he spoke. 

“Everything is alright, okay, look at me—just breathe, okay?”

You slowly pulled away from his chest and looked at him with your watery eyes, which caused his heart to break. It dawned on you how much of a complete mess you must look like, but in that moment he didn’t seem to mind—his eyes staring directly into yours with a gaze that looked past your physical appearance and flaws.

“I don’t know what you’ve been through or are going through, but I want you to know that no matter what happens we are all here for you; I’m always here for you. If you ever need someone to talk to or be with, don’t hesitate to call me. Because damn, it breaks my heart to see you like this,” his voice grew fainter towards the end of his confession as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and his cheeks became pinker. You merely tackled him in another hug, your heart swelling at his words. For once your insecurities were wrong, Sonny Carisi was certainly a man that you could trust, a man that truly has captivated your heart.

And as you hugged him, you knew you could always count on him no matter what.