law & order challenge

So... many... prompts!

Ahhh! This page called @otpprompts is giving me so much inspiration to write these as challenges… #halp. These are the prompts I want to do so badly. Send me a number and I shall try my best to accomplish them. I’m gonna pick my OTP at random unless you give me a specific pairing (and I have quite a few so beware). This should be fun!

1)  Imagine your OTP starting a food fight.

2)  Imagine your OTP finding out that their child is dating. They soon get to meet this date, and realize that this person is the perfect match for their child. Cue them gushing over the younger couple, embarrassing their child but amusing the date. 

3) Your OTP has a child/children that are supposed to be picked up from school. Person A thought Person B was going to get them and B thought the exact opposite, leading to A overreacting. Bonus: The child has already walked home from school safely.

4)  Person A and Person B are in a heated argument.  Mid-argument Person A starts to get the hiccups and Person B is trying their best not to laugh.

5)  Imagine your OTP having shower sex. When it gets too tense person A ends up slipping and hitting their head off the soap tray. Shower cuddles ensues. 

6)  Imagine your OTP/OT3 lying on a hammock together. 

7)  Person A has had feelings for Person B for a long time, and is ready to ask B to be in a relationship with them. Person A has no idea how to tell Person B, though, since they’re not good at expressing their feelings.  So instead, they come up with a written document that’s written like a contract/terms of conditions paper, explaining in detail what being in a relationship with them means and what they have the privilege to do. A gives B the document and says it’s okay to decline the offer. B’s reaction is up to you. 

8) Person A is trying to be responsible and go to sleep when Person B joins them in bed. Person B’s nipples are slightly hard because person A’s air conditioning is crazy. As person A wraps B in their arms to spoon, A notices the nipples and starts to…

9)  Your OTP is sleeping in their bed. Person A wakes up from a nightmare of something tragic that happened years ago. They start to cuddle up to person B. The dream was too much and they start to cry and this wakes up person B. Person B holds Person A. 

10)  Person A and Person B have to spend half an hour consoling their child who was crying because they weren’t invited to their parent’s wedding.

11)  Imagine person A, the smaller one, sleeping on top of person B. Person B believes that Person A makes a very fine blanket.

12) Imagine Person A offering Person B a stick of gum, but B opts out of the offered piece and instead leans in and kisses A to take the piece they have.

13)  Person A is asleep. Person B decides to prank them by spraying shaving cream onto person A’s hand and tickling A’s face, expecting person A to wake up and scratch their nose, getting shaving cream on their face. Person A, who was only pretending to be asleep, slaps person B with their hand full of shaving cream.

14)   Imagine your OTP going for a midnight swim together. Bonus: Person A surprises Person B by skinny dipping.

15)  Imagine your OTP doing their morning routine together.

16)  Imagine two of your OTP+ on Family Feud. 

17)  Imagine your OTP getting into a heated argument. Person A looks at Person B with fire in their eyes and says “shut up”. Person B replies with “make me”. Sexual tension and possible anger sex ensues.

18) A of your OTP flirts with B by telling them they’ve always liked [insert B’s hair color].BONUS if they have been in an established relationship for some time and A is just being cheesy.DOUBLE BONUS if B replies with something like “tbh I’ve always preferred [insert something that is not A’s hair colour] a bit more.”