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Now that I have your attention, please get #NetNeutrality back on trending! Spears the word, share links, meme about it, just please get it back on trending because it’s important.

I will not apologize for spamming my blog with Net Neutrality related posts, because if it gets repealed; I will loose my internet. I will loose connection with my friends, family, and a huge chunk of my education. Please please please please please PLEASE! At least get Net Neutrality back on trending. Don’t wait until its to late to do it!

Because if we loose Net Neutrality, Bye Bye fanfiction, fan art, videos, and memes. We will loose it all.

Stop being distracted by the holidays for five minutes to get Net Neutrality trending again. Make a ruckus, stir the pot, just do something PLEASE!!!!

And yes, I’m hashtaging all these fandoms because then maybe more people will see this and listen to me. Because if Net Neutrality goes down, so does all of this!

Real talk tips for studying

1. Get up early.

I know, it’s easier said than done. But it is going to be hard for the first 15-20 minutes, maybe even the first hour, but make yourself some coffee, and get the fuck out of that bed.

2. Do 3 useful things right after you get up.

This doesn’t have to be ‘cram one lesson’ or ‘take 500 pages of notes’. No. Brush your teeth, make yourself something nice to drink, comb your hair. Wash your face. Literally whatever you find useful, do it. It may take 10 minutes, but you will feel instantly better when you see you’ve done something.

3. Organize your study space.

I don’t mean organize all your highlighters by color. I mean arrange everything so it is within your reach. That means when you sit down to finally study, there won’t be any need for you to get up and get something.

4. Take breaks.

It’s easy to start scrolling through instagram, or facebook when you sit by a 200 page book. Trust me on this. But set an alarm when you plan on taking a break. Make the break your instagram time, or facebook time, or just chill time. Whatever you do, organize your time so you don’t leave anything out.

5. Divide your shit.

So you have a 300 page chapter to read. Or a 30 page paper to write. Divide it into smaller parts. For example, I will read through the first 30 pages and then take a break. Repeat. Or, I will write 3 pages and then relax. Repeat. Literally whatever shit you have, divide it into smaller chunks and then just tackle the chunks.

6. Don’t listen to music with lyrics.

There are a ton of ‘study music’ or ‘motivational music’ playlists on Youtube. Blast that. That way, you won’t find yourself mouthing the perfect lyrics to Shape of you, and not knowing shit about what you’ve been reading. I’ve been there one too many times and it’s just wasting time.

7. Don’t feel bad about not responding to texts, or not hanging out with friends.

There is time to study and time to play. No between. By all means you should go out and have fun. But your work time can only be your work time. That text can wait, that coffee date can wait. During the break you will have more than enough time to catch up. And your friends should understand that, after all, this is important to you so it should be for them too.

8. Drink water! ! !

This is the most used tip, but trust me, you get tired much quicker if you’re not hydrated. Get a nice ass bottle of water and fill that shit up. Everytime you finish a paragraph take a sip. (At least!)

9. Don’t worry too much.

I’ve lost countless hours by panicking and trying to reason with myself why I should just quit. And let me tell you, it’s very easy to get stuck in that vicious circle. But when you begin to worry, take a deep breath, drink some water and just do. Read that sentence. Write the opening line to your paper. Underline that unknown word. Just do. It will not go in vain. No effort is ever useless.

10. Relax.

You are not the first one to have trouble with this. You are not the only one struggling with this material. But you can do it. It is possible. In 10 years you won’t remember that godawful task or chapter. But you will remember taking shit into your hands. And that feeling when you accomplish your goal is going to be worth all the while.

That’s about it, worked for me. Just be real with yourself. Good luck and may the odds be ever in you favor!

okay, but if you actually believed in democracy, you’d want the state to automatically register everyone to vote the moment they turn 18, and you’d allow prison inmates to vote, and you’d allow the mentally ill to vote, and you’d allow disabled people to vote and you’d make it as easy as possible for the population you supposedly believe in to vote instead of finding every sneaky way in the book to stop people’s votes from counting.
The FBI Faked an Entire Field of Forensic Science
For more stories like this, like Slate on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. The Washington Post published a story so horrifying this weekend that it w ...

Millions of people, mostly POC and poor people, have suffered or had their lives ended over this, with long term negative impacts on their families and communities as well.

Remember when I talk about how people with records face denial of basic services and massive discrimination, or how prisoners are enslaved, just how corrupt the US courts are and always have been.

Kids & teens hanging out at parties or certain events together:

So very adorable and precious!


[06.December.2017 - Dies Academicus ]

I have no lectures today, so I decided to use the opportunity to study in my faculties library. ~