The Vanvres Bestiality Trial of 1750,

In the town of Vanvres, France a man named Mr. Jacques Feron was caught in the act of copulation with a “she ass”, a crime under French Law which was punishable by death.  However, under French bestiality law both the human and the animal were to be punished, the animal being guilty for acts of seduction.  Both Feron and the donkey were charged and held trial for bestiality, and both were found guilty and sentenced to die.

For the local people of Vanvres, the law which condemned the donkey to die was unjust and a travesty.  With the help of a local priest, the people of Vanvres banded together, signing a petition attesting to the good character of the donkey stating, “that she had always shown herself to be virtuous and well-behaved both at home and abroad and had never given occasion of scandal to anyone…”.

At the last minute, the donkey was granted a reprieve and spared from execution.  Jacques Feron was hanged by the neck until dead.

Even with seven of his own appointees on the top bench, Harper can’t get the Supreme Court of Canada to submit to his will. It’s telling that so many of the government’s losses are complete blow-outs, where Harper judicial appointees have joined unanimous rulings against the government on prostitution, supervised injection sites, Senate reform, sentencing, assisted suicide, and even the Harper’s pet pariah, Omar Khadr.

In the prime minister’s fertile imagination, the Supreme Court is an activist bench that refuses to bend to democratic authority. But look again at Harper’s imperious message to his team in February, 2013, with its willful disregard of competent constitutional advice, and look at the record. It’s all there.

Canada doesn’t have an activist court at war with the prime minister.

It has a prime minister who is at war with the law.

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Ace,sanji,luffy,Zoro,kid,law and younger shanks having a fight for s/o because a man was touching her and flirting with her. Bonus a nsfw kind of possessive and jealous if you know what I mean ;)

- I know what you mean bubba =w=
Note: Female reader involved
Fight with s/o about another man getting close with a hint of possessive jealousy

To say he was a little hot headed was an understatement. Ace was a man devoted to his s/o and he would do anything to make them happy. He knew that [Name] would the same and she would never go astray no matter what happened. But there were times where Ace had to be close wherever [Name] was, especially since she was with him. Being the Second Commander of the Whitebeard pirates and all that made other men curious on why [Name] was so darn special. Eventually someone decided to bet on their life to see what made [Name] so damn beautiful.

[Name] did all she could to prevent Ace from burning the creeps face off infront of everyone. When she finally got him pulled away enough, he began to drag her before she could explain that the person meant no harm. Nothing was going to go through the angered thoughts of the pirate and all she could do was get herself dragged halfway through town, to the ship, and all the way to their working quarters. Finally getting out of his hold, [Name] glared at him with a disappointed look.

She demanded to know what that was all about only find themselves quickly pressed up against the bedroom wall. All the words and resistance was pushed aside with gropes and kisses by the black haired pirate. Becoming dazed at the affection she watched him cover her entire shoulder and neck with kisses. Her face completely went red looking at the smoldering eyes he glared at her with. Every part of herself just completely melted while he caressed her.

“I shouldn’t have let them get that close to you…maybe they will back off once they see proof that you are mine.”

The Strawhat cook knew for a fact that [Name] was his prized possession and absolutely no one had the right to take her from him. If anything he would kick any bastard that tried to get close to her right into the sun if he could. Unfortunately during grocery time between the both of them, one of the merchants decided to use a lot more charm on his girl than he should’ve. Sanji went inbetween the two of them before he tried anything else causing them to butt heads. Before all the customers made the decision to escape the developing fight that was occurring, [Name] tugged the blonde away offering to go to another store instead. Grumbling as he was taken, he joined [Name] to take on the rest of their shopping.

But once they got back to the ship, [Name] knew she was going to get an earful about the sleazy bastard that tried to get close to her. Of course it began once they were storing all of the food away. He was nearly throwing all the food in their rightful spots as he went on about how he hated the way that man looked at her. She told him that it was totally fine but that only made him angrier.

Proceeding towards the fired up cook, she wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his back trying to soothe his fumes. After a moment of relaxing from [Name]’s touch, Sanji turned around to face her and lifted her up in his arms. He deeply kissed her luscious lips as he placed her right on the counter. The more kisses he gave her, the more passionate and deep they became. Nuzzling close to her the cook took in her sweet scent and groaned.

“I’m not going to let any man near you [Name]-swan, I will show you how much you mean to me even if it takes all night to prove it.”

Luffy may have been oblivious to some things, but anyone that touched his nakama or his precious [Name] was sure to get a beating. Anything that discomforted or upset someone close to him, he would be on that quickly. Since he started being with [Name], it took him sometime to understand what bothered her.

One of those moments being visiting an eatery at an island. Luffy was eating up a storm as usual, but from the corner of his ear he could hear some men talking to [Name] on the side. Phrases like “go ditch the pig for a real man” and “how about I take you on a tour” were heard coming out of their mouths and it seemed to make [Name] look a little strange. She of course turned them down on the offer, but the looks on their faces showed that they were not taking no for an answer and started to get a little closer.

The change of awkwardness to straight up fear triggered something in the captain to get in with what was happening. When the men told Luffy to back off the captain took no time to punch them right out of the restaurant. The owners kicked the two out for disrupting the peace with the customers having Luffy be dragged off by [Name]. Later that night Luffy asked [Name] if she was alright from earlier. She told him that she was fine and thanked him for hitting those creeps that flirted with her. Remembering how those men did look at her made the captain a little bitter inside. Soon he found himself embracing [Name] from behind and giving her surprising kisses on the back of her neck. She blushed at the new affection feeling him get closer to her than he had ever been.

“No one hurts my nakama, especially you [Name]. You are my treasure.”

[Name] knew that anyone that got near her would be caught under the watchful eye of Zoro. She was very cautious when she was around other men, especially the ships cook, knowing that the green swordsman would interfere with any attempts to woo her. Of course Sanji took a little bit of his compliments towards [Name] too far having Zoro nearly cut the blonde in half. Pretty soon they were fighting and yelling at one another and all that [Name] and most of the crew could do was watch the two go at it.

Having enough with the cooks bullshit for one day, he took [Name] by the hand and stormed away with her up to the crow’s nest. In [Name]’s mind she figured he was doing to blow off some steam with some hardcore training. But as soon as the both of them reached the nest, [Name] was quickly captured in his hold. She was caught totally off guard feeling him hold her so tightly. Was Sanjis words really that hurtful? [Name] tried to ask if everything was alright but her words were found silent with a few kisses on the lips.

Zoro seemed very clingy and affectionate. It was a side of him she hardly ever saw aside from the looks he gave to other men that were near her or when they were in battle. It almost looked as if he had nearly lost her. Pretty soon he had her on the floor leaving soft bite marks on her. [Name] whispered his name causing him to pull away to look at her. A look of frustration but also jealousy showed on his face. Pressing his forehead against her he grunted bitterly.

“He had no right to say that I didn’t deserve you…I am the only one that deserves you and everyone will know it.”

Anything that belonged to him was his. Meaning that if anyone tried to get close or take what was his wouldn’t live to see the light of day once he got through with them. [Name] could count the hundreds of times where he nearly destroyed a building because a guy was looking at her in a funny way. In fact, anyone outside of the crew had no right to be in the same room as her. Kid would often keep an eye on his own crewmates but they knew better than to step in between him and his girl.

Another night at the tavern led to an incident with a few drunks that got to close. Just one stumble and smug look by an idiot that found [Name] quite a fine lady drove the captain over the edge. Having him with a few drinks in his system did not help either and he nearly beat the drunk into oblivion for what he tried to pull with [Name]. Killer had to pull the redhead away from the poor fool before his blood covered the entire bar. [Name] took this as the opportunity to get the captain out of the bar to get some fresh air.

But Kid had other plans when she took away from the rest of the group. He managed to take her to a back alley where he had already torn through some of her clothing to make his mark on her body. Trying so hard to not make too much noise, [Name] knew he wasn’t to let off after what had happened. Kid growled and bit down more into [Name]’s skin hearing her whimpering which riled him even more. They both were aware that this was going to be a long evening.

“That fucker had no right to breathe after what he did. You’re mine and nobody elses.”

The Surgeon of Death was mostly to himself about some things, but when it came to someone coming close to [Name], he wasn’t hesitant of disembodying them right on the spot. His crew was warned about it and they were given demonstrations on what would occur if they pulled anything with the new female crew member which was [Name]. Although she found it amusing, she also found it very harsh as well. But she had to admit that at least he really cared for her over his usual blunt appearance.

When running for errands, [Name] went on her own to get some of the supplies. During the time she cut through an alley to find a shortcut to a store she was told about. Walking through she came across some Marines that was blocking her way. She tried to be discreet while also trying not to show that she was a pirate. Of course they stopped her and asked where she was going. [Name] provided them an answer but it seemed that they wanted to stall her a bit longer to get to know her. They provided a lot of discomfort for her and she prayed that she could get out of there before they pulled anything funny. Luckily for her hope had arrived when she found herself pulled close to someone that told her that he was sorry for being late. The look of the Marines were fearful as they noticed that it was Trafalgar Law that came to her side. Being a recent Warlord they had no right to interfere with his work so all they could was scramble away before their hearts were turned in with the rest of the 100 hearts he captured. [Name] could only take one glance at the cold stare of the doctor before being swept away to the sub that await at the docks.

The evening of the incident was when Law finally confronted [Name] about it. By the way he pinned her on the wall, refusing her to look away from his glare, she knew she was in trouble. A couple of questions were asked about her reason for being there which also came with a few nips on the neck to make a few marks. No matter how hard she convinced him, he still kept marking her and peeling off her clothes. But no matter how teasing he seemed, Law provided more grip and a bit of aggressiveness to the affection. [Name] knew on the inside that seeing her cornered like that bothered him into thinking someone would take her away.

“Trying to make me jealous? You should’ve though twice before that. Now how am I going to punish you for it?”

Young Shanks
Shanks was usually laid back about most things, but nothing bothered him more than someone else giving [Name] more attention than him. [Name] was the most gorgeous woman that he had ever met, hence why he was going out with her in the first place. He made sure to keep an eye on her in case anyone pulled something funny under his nose. There were a lot of sleazy assholes that were willing to give their arm to be with her but he was going to have none of it.

They were at an outing and they thought everything was going to simple and sweet. But their group wasn’t the only ones around as a bunch of other men were pretty close by to where they were. [Name] was getting called at and whistled to but she still kept with the crew. The calling to her was starting to bother the captain a little especially when they started to hit on her. She tried keeping Shanks from doing anything until they started to trash talk the men when she didn’t pay attention to them. By then him and the rest of the crew were all ears on what they had to say. Anyone could tell that they were on the verge of shitting their pants. [Name] didn’t want a war to happen over a few words but the crew ended up having the cowards squirm off before they could pull anything else.

Not too long after Shanks took [Name] into their private cabin. He had already found himself wandering his hands all over her while providing sweet, tender kisses onto her body. The way he held her showed that she couldn’t resist his affection. Pretty soon he was stripping her until she was in the nude. Shanks looked at her with pure possession while he caressed her, knowing he was going to do so much with her.

“I don’t give a damn if I started a war, I won’t let anyone take you away from me.”
50 Dumb Laws From 50 American States - Uniform Stories
Did we actually need a law for that?
By Ben Pugh


Bear wrestling matches are prohibited

Alaska - Fairbanks

Moose may not be viewed from an airplane.


It is illegal to promote the use of or own more than 6 dildos.


It’s strictly prohibited to pronounce “Arkansas” incorrectly.


Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.


One may not mutilate a rock in a state park.

Connecticut (Waterbury)

It’s illegal for a barber to hum a tune while cutting your hair. 

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Mimi-swan!!! HC for Sanji*Law*Kid*Ace*Shanks*Doffy for husband, boyfriend and as a parent prwetty please? *blinks several times trying to look cute*

Omg, anon-chawn~ Sure thing!!

Boyfriend HC:

Ace and Law: Ace and Law are overprotective of their girlfriend and don’t let anyone harm her at all costs but understand when she needs her own space.

Sanji: Sanji is a sweet boyfriend and listens to her problems/does anything for her, he can be overprotective when she is hanging out with other members of Strawhat Crew especially Zoro.

Shanks:  Shanks loves to joke around with his girlfriend and is never too serious with her, however, if the situation calls for it, he will slash his enemies in half for hurting the precious jewel of his life.

Doffy and Kidd: Overprotective, possessive, and never let her out of their sight - everybody knows that she is Doffy’s or Kidd’s girlfriend. 

Husband HC:

Ace, Law, and Sanji: They have a sense of responsibility of protecting their wives at all costs. The boys tend to their wives’ needs as quickly as they can and are always there for them.

Shanks: Shanks is still the same with his wife as he was when he was dating her - he loves to joke around and is serious when he needs to be.

Doffy and Kidd: Doffy and Kidd are still the same as well but they get jealous more often and easily because of the change in their relationship status. They will kill anyone with ease who dares to steal/hurt their s/o.

Parent HC:

Ace, Law, and Sanji: The trio will be responsible parents, however, they will not touch their babies that often because they’re afraid to hurt such an innocent being. They will protect their families with their lives.

Shanks: Shanks is really protective of their child and does anything his offspring wants him to do aka the kind of father anyone would want.

Kidd: Kidd does not usually spend time with his child because of his captain responsibilities and mostly because he can’t be bothered to listen to his child’s demands/whining 24/7 aka the trash dad.

Doffy: Doffy rarely spends quality time with his child because of the amount of work he has but he makes sure that his child has everything he/she needs/wants and pampers them with luxury gifts/occasional surprise trips around Dressrosa/OP world aka the best dad ever.

Clinton’s destruction of classified files legally disqualifies her from ever holding office

Before we get to the legal statute, let’s review a couple of facts. 

#1 Hillary Clinton did receive classified information on her secret email server. #2 Hillary Clinton wiped that server clean before handing it over to the FBI.  We know this because her lawyer admitted it.  

Now, here’s the legal statute governing the destruction of classified materials:

Title 18. Section 2071.

Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

There isn’t any wiggle room in that statute.  The only way Hillary Clinton survives this (legally anyway) is that the Inspector General’s findings just turn out to be wrong.  The likelihood of that being the case is almost 0. This is the same guy who investigated and secured the conviction of General David Petraeus. 

Now, Hillary being a Clinton, and Obama being Obama, and Loretta Lynch being Loretta Lynch…anything could happen.  But we already know the legal side of this.  Hillary Clinton may not hold office, including the Presidency.  Any other outcome is lawless.