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hiiii! love your blog already :D I don't find any rules page so I'm gonna ask first: do you do yandere scenarios? if yes, could you do law? this blog needs more lawwww he's so precious ;w; if you don't want to do it, then any fluff scenario is ok too :3 Thaaaaank

Thank youzand hell yes this blog needs more Law I loves him XD Precious Doctor Trash stealer
I’ll do the Yandere scenario, although Yandere and precious do not match there hun
Yandere Law scenario
[Name] had just become a more recent recruit of the Heart Pirate crew and things have been slightly different since they agreed to join. They were aware that the captain paid extra attention to them (even if he didn’t fully admit it), but it got to the point where anyone that tried to take the time to get close to them would be under the watchful eye of Trafalgar Law. By that they meant that anyone within the crew tried to find a way to get close to [Name] or even wanted something from them, he would literally force whoever was near away from them or made a threat to the person.

When it was someone in his crew, it would be less harmful, but when it came from a stranger or an innocent civilian, [Name] would do everything to make sure that he didn’t cut the bastard into small pieces. Like the prime example they just encountered a moment ago, where he nearly beheaded someone for looking at [Name] for too long. Enough was enough and this time, [Name] had to take Law to the side and give him a good talking to. He leaned back against the wall with folded arms and his trademark pout while [Name] stood in the middle of the alleyway they chose to take him with a glare.

“What the hell was that?” they demanded glaring at him unimpressed.

“He was staring at you,” he huffed bitterly, “I thought he was going to attack you so I made sure he wouldn’t.”

“Oh bullshit,” [Name] spat shaking their head, “do you really think someone like that was capable of harming me?”

“You never know [Name]-ya,” he glared at their unamused by them not letting this go, “being a pirate is different. People will be after you more than you expect.”

“Do you think perhaps it is because you are being overprotective that you are turning into a serial killer to others??” [Name] knew they hit a sensitive spot when they noticed the captain holding back some anger. But all he did was approach [Name] practically looming over them with an intimidating stare.

“I am only being this way because I care about you [Name]-ya.” he growled causing [Name] to step back a little from the tension.

“Can you do it where it doesn’t look like you’ll manslaughter an entire village for being in my presence?” they muttered only to find him grabbing their hand. [Name] tried to pull away only to be pressed against the surgeon getting more of his stare that caused a shiver down their spine.

“I’m afraid that it doesn’t work that way [Name]-ya,” he whispered bringing their hand up to brush his lips against their knuckle, “people have to understand that you are mine. If they don’t know that, then they begin to try to get to you. I don’t like it when someone who belongs to me gets harmed. So I need you to trust me when I say I am only doing this because I love you, understand?”

[Name] swallowed a little bit at the gentle kiss he provided after that cold statement. His smirk eased them a little, but they did not like the thought of him killing everybody that seemed like a threat to their relationship. Law wasn’t one to let go of something he planned on doing and [Name] wasn’t going to talk him out of it at this very point or moment of the relationship. Sighing they gave Law a kiss on the cheek gently.

“Fine, but if I see one decapitated person, then you are in trouble.” They grumbled. Law chuckled and proceeded to walk them out of the alley.

“Very well…but I’m going to take your word on that last statement.” The smirk never left off the surgeons face and that concerned [Name].

“And why is that?” they asked in curiosity. He looked to them with that intimidating look causing them to shudder.

“I won’t decapitate them…but you never said anything about the rest of their body.”


We did it! The lower chamber of the Polish Parliament passed the gender recognition legislation! 


(Go to Trans-Fuzja’s media statement for details)

Photos by Sławomir Kamiński for Agencja Gazeta

Black Lawyers Group Wants Members to Take On Brutality Cases

Members of the National Bar Association called on black lawyers to advocate for victims and protesters of police brutality by representing them in civil cases and pushing for reforms of the criminal justice system.

At panels on Monday and Tuesday, prominent black leaders in the legal community told hundreds of lawyers at the group’s annual convention in Los Angeles that they should take more civil cases and advocate for both legislation and politicians who support reducing police brutality incidents.

“This is our audience. You are our family,” said Nicole Lee, who started the Black Law Movement Project, which has been training attorneys since the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the police shooting death of Michael Brown. “We think black attorneys can play a unique role in this movement.”

Police brutality dominated the group’s annual convention, which featured prominent Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Milton Grimes, CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson and civil rights advocate Connie Rice.

NBA President Pamela Meanes told The National Law Journal earlier this week that police brutality issues became pivotal to the group’s agenda after the death of Eric Garner in New York a year ago.

On Monday, U.S. Representative Bobby Scott, D-Virginia, urged support for The Safe, Accountable, Fair, and Effective (SAFE) Justice Act, which he introduced in June to enact criminal justice reforms that could reduce the prison population. And supporters of the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, also asked lawyers for help in representing hundreds of people who have been arrested.

“We have the contacts in the national civil rights world,” Lee said. “We need to be using those contacts for the benefit of this movement.”

On Tuesday, several attorneys who handle police brutality cases talked about the challenges of such cases, both procedurally and in using the media to dispel the images portrayed about their clients.

Milton Grimes, of the Law Offices of Milton C. Grimes, who represented Rodney King in his civil case against the Los Angeles Police Department, said that his client had several prior incidents with law enforcement at the time of his videotaped beating in 1991.

“He looks like Hannibal Lecter to a lot of people,” he said. “The media had made him look that way. I set out on a mission to change his image.”

They also talked about the challenges of getting prosecutors, both state and federal, to pursue criminal actions against officers. John Burris, of the Law Offices of John L. Burris in Oakland, California, who handled the civil suit over the Bay Area Rapid Transit police shooting of Oscar Grant in 2009, said he had referred incidents of police brutality several times to federal and state authorities, who have declined to prosecute.

“Prosecutors are not accustomed to prosecuting police,” he said. “They don’t have experience making that adjustment.”

Many called on reforms of the grand jury system and suggested that special prosecutors, rather than local district attorneys with ties to the police force, should pursue criminal investigations against officers.

Source: National Law Journal


For university students, we all know that lectures are most often the worst thing in the world. Most of the time they are early in the morning (ugh, didn’t even have time for coffee!) and can often run as long as 3 hours (snooze!) So Ive complied a bit of information that may help you in preparing for lectures! 

Preparing for a lecture: 

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If you have a disability in the U.S., you’re twice as likely to be poor as someone without a disability. You’re also far more likely to be unemployed. And that gap has widened in the 25 years since the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted.

“Every man, woman and child with a disability can now pass through once-closed doors into a bright new era of equality, independence and freedom,” President George H.W. Bush said when he signed the bill into law on July 26, 1990.

The ADA banned discrimination based on disability and was intended to ensure equal opportunity in employment — as well as government services and public accommodations, commercial facilities and public transportation.

But it hasn’t always worked that way, especially when it comes to expanding economic opportunity for the 58 million Americans with physical and mental disabilities.

You just have to look at what 27-year-old Emeka Nnaka of Tulsa, Okla., goes through on an average day to understand some of the reasons why.

Six years ago, Nnaka was playing semipro football for the Oklahoma Thunder when he went to make a tackle and broke his neck. He was paralyzed from his chest down. Today, Nnaka gets around in a motorized wheelchair, and has limited use of his hands.

But he still has big dreams. He plans to finish his undergraduate education this summer and start working on a master’s degree in human relations. He wants to become a licensed counselor, and hopes someday to have a home and a family he can support.

Why Disability And Poverty Still Go Hand In Hand 25 Years After Landmark Law

Photos: Kenneth M. Ruggiano for NPR

Please sign the petition to stop the Oprhan Works copyright act!

Especially if you are an artist! 


The Orphan Works Copyright act basically states that big corporations and businesses can take your work and use it without your permission and without paying you. 

Further more this act would require you to register each and every one of your work to avoid copyright infringement. Who wants to deal with that???

Here is more information about this act [x]

Here is the PDF of the Orphan Works and Mass Digitization copyright act [x]

Here is another post talking about it please reblog it as well as this one [x]

If this law passes artists are basically screwed.