dating calum would include:

● being woken up at 3am because the boy can’t sleep but had an amazing idea for a song and needed to write it down right that very moment
● shopping together and him being pouty when you tell him he’s not allowed in the dressing room with you, but being partial to everything you showed him
● him begging you to play with his hair all the time, spinning his curls around your fingers and ruffling it tenderly
● subsequently, once you’re comfy enough with each other, non-sexual showers together where you would wash each other’s hair and maybe have a karaoke battle
● also i think he would really be into shower sex so basically i think dating him would involve a lot of time in the shower
● before turning off the lights at night, he would ask you to read to him because he absolutely adored your voice and when you read it just calms him down so much
● planning monthly fancy date nights, like, he wears a dark suit and you wear a new dress (maybe that he picked out) and you’d go to some swanky new restaurant and look very old-school hollywood
● then steaming up the car windows from the backseat in the car in the parking lot after
● “love, do you think if we were like, bugs or something, we’d feel the same way about each other?” “um… i don’t think bugs really have feelings cal, but sure, we can say that” “…you don’t thINK BUGS HAVE FEELINGS”
● calum wouldn’t be the best at verbally expressing how much he loves you, but i bet he would still find ways to tell you, like notes or poetry or songs
● actually spending whole days in bed in your underwear with him, watching reality tv reruns and eating whatever you could scrounge up during bathroom/commercial breaks
● protective calum, him always having your hand in his or his arm around your shoulders and holding you close while you’re in public
● when you visit him on tour, you’d go visit a ton of museums because he’s so fascinated with art but you wouldn’t be able to stop looking at his concentrated face and thinking it would always be the most beautiful thing in a room
● eating breakfast with him in the morning and seeing his sleepy smile from across the table
● “hey love, look at this puppy” “cute” “no really, y/n, look at his sweet eyes” “i see them calum, he’s cute”
● getting you the said puppy for valentine’s day and being so excited about having a dog with you that you can’t even think about saying no
● you stealing so many of his shirts that he starts to do it back to you and one day you find him in one of your crop tops and he thinks it’s funny but you nearly jump his bones bc you can see his v-line and cute tummy and it’s so hot
● just think about his plump lips on yours, kissing you softly when he gets home from a tough day at the studio, his mouth soundlessly whispering sweet nothings against yours
● telling each other bad pickup lines just for the sake of making each other laugh
● luke crashing your date nights sometimes just because he’s bored and being incredibly oblivious to the increasing sexual tension between you and calum
● seeing his nerdy side, like when you catch him watching pokémon or reading the lord of the rings books (and he’d probably be wearing glasses yikes my heart)
● becoming best friends with his sister and his heart just swelling whenever he sees the two of you interact, even if you’re teasing him, because he’s always seen you as part of the family
● cal working outside and getting all dirty and sweaty and then coming in and wants a kiss of the cheek and you just roll your eyes and tell him to go shower and before you know it, he’s chasing you around the house demanding a hug and a kiss
● when you are upset, he’d take you up to bed early and hold you really close in his arms and sing stuff like “you are my sunshine” and “let me call you sweetheart” all while stroking your hair and letting you rest your head on his chest
● “i know i don’t always say it, love, but i just… i really love you y/n and i can’t imagine a life without you. thank you for being my rock, my muse, my love… i love you eternally”

calum looks like a kind of person that’s always warm like he would always sleep shirtless even on cold mornings and it would always confuse you as to why he was never cold and on one particularly cold morning you’d wake up to him sleeping beside you in nothing but a pair of boxers with the duvet thrown off him and you’d cuddle up to his bare chest and feel the heat radiating off him and you’d never need a blanket or a hoodie on cold days when you have calum to cuddle and NOW IM SAD STOP ME

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Hiii do you know any other good 5sos smut? or just smut blogs in general btw can I just say I love ur blog and your writing like literally I want to give you the tightest hug for your writing. GOD BLESS DJENMS

Aw thanks a bunch, babes!!! Since I know everybody wants to know everybody, and this question always pops up, I’ll try to compile as many blogs as I can think of. FEEL FREE TO ADD ON / ADD YOURSELF TO THE LIST!

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