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The King (6)

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T’Challa x Reader

Summary: Sugar Daddy Art Collector T’Challa

Warnings: fighting, angst

A/N: No smut this chapter, hope you guys still like it anyway.

When you woke up you were in a chair in a dark room, your hands bound behind your back and your legs to the chair. You choked on the hot, humid air as your tried to breathe. Apparently whoever had come to your rescue hadn’t done so soon enough. Your head was pounding as you clenched your eyes shut and tried to ignore the all over pain in your body.

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Roman Godfrey x Female Reader - The Godfrey’s (Rated M)

Hemlock Grove is one of my fave TV shows so I thought I would try writing a little Roman <3

You’re minding Shelley Godfrey while her Mother is out, unknown to you that Roman was to come home that night aswell.

Warnings- Fingering

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