lavern roberts

  • Turk: From now on, we'll be using code names. You will address me as "Eagle 1"
  • Turk: Laverne. Code name: "Been There, Done That"
  • Turk: Carla is "Currently Doing That"
  • Turk: Elliot is "It Happened Once In A Dream"
  • Turk: J.D. Code name: "If I Had To Pick A Dude"
  • Turk: Cox is "Eagle 2"
  • Dr. Cox: Oh thank God.

“Behind every powerful woman is a powerful mother,” Glamour’s Mother’s Day video states. While not every woman has a mother or has a great relationship with her mother, these accomplished women in the realms of politics, nonprofits and the arts describe how their mothers prepared them for and shaped their success.

Selena Gomez’s quote reveals the one thing everyone should have from a parent.